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mechanical teachers are better way of schooling

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Started: 1/26/2014 Category: Education
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there are many advantages behind a mechanical teacher it will be having no errors at all
and wont be ill as today's teachers who may get ill while the mechanical teacher is on the right track all the time and can be checked up in the holidays while the normal days the mechanical teacher runs perfectly by this we can have benefits and study . also we get the chance to study anytime so there's not much of stress and pain to the child.


I will list the definitions as Con did not list any :

Mechanical Teacher : Teachers using using machine parts only.

Better: Greater in excellence or higher in quality.

1. The problem with robots are that robots are not reliable, they can break down any time no matter how much their taken care of.

2.Robots do not have the feelings and the brains of a human being. If a child is hurt in class or is sick, the teacher will continue teaching.

3. I would not like my teacher to have a voice like SIRI.

4. The teacher will not be able to take doubts that are of higher intelligence (i.e. questions that are sometimes not related to the topic)

5. Battery. You would be paying more money for charging the battery then you would be paying salary for teachers.

6. Experience. Robots do not and will never have the same amount of experience that teachers have.

7. Passion for teaching and knowledge. Robots can not be programmed to be passionate to teach. They will only hold a certain amount of knowledge in them.

8. The level of education would be better from teachers as they know their subject.

Robots can be used for certain things but not anything and everything that we need or require in our lives.

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Posted by kbub 3 years ago
Well, I still think we should consider cyborgs XD
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Reasons for voting decision: It was very difficult in understanding Pro's case due to poor presentation while Con made it clear the problems of Robots and Why it can't be used as a teacher? and as for the Source provided by Con, I could not find anything related to the topic in the site and thus I'm not awarding any points for that