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miracles occur, but almost never to atheists

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Started: 4/14/2013 Category: Religion
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please show something that happened to an atheist, that would have been called a miracle had it happened to a religous person, because of its scientifically inexplicable nature.
no semantics pleas

what are thought of as miraculous events are heavily documented and readily available. someone can see with no retinas even though this seems scientifically impossible etc, just to use an example.

the common objection of atheists and skeptics is that things just happen to occur by probability, that a genetic deviance, or random chance etc has caused it to happen to them. (that's how evolusion occurs, someone with a genetic deviance getting their genes prominent in the population)

but I don't see these things happening to atheists.
I see plenty of evidence from chrisitans and to a lesser extent other religious folks. but I don't see it from atheists etc, why is that? they might claim that it's just not as newsworthy or interpreted that way given the lack of religious context etc.
but you'd think there's at least be noteworthy evidence, or something, at least, that shows it happens to atheists etc

also, even if i acknowledged that they may occur, as a favor from God, it would be extremely very small percentage wise.
as of now i'd be happy with just couple or a few examples.


I will be debating you on this.

I would like to tell you about the placebo affect.

This is normally done with medication. One person is given the real medicine and the other person is given the fake one. Scientist check back in a few days to see how they are doing. Most of the time the person with the fake pills acts happy and acts cured. This is because of mind over matter.

This is how some miracle workers do there thing. They pick people who are not super sick and make them think they are healing them with the power of god. This person thinks that god is so very powerful and heals them. They then act better when there are infact not better. They just feel happy.

That is how miracles work. atheist are very scientific. They do not believe in god so they don't believe in miracles. So it is hard to get an atheist to experience this affect.

atheists are just very scientific and would not
Debate Round No. 1


that's not a bad argument, I can give ya that.

but it's hard to imagine the placebo affect accounts for the as far as I can tell complete lack of things happening to atheists that would otherwise be called miracles to religious folks


That is an untrue statement. Like I said before atheist are scientific and tend to only focus on logical things happening so the mind over matter is harder for them to concive.
Debate Round No. 2


the placebo effect is known for only working sometimes. at its core, recovery is hard core body healing etc not mental stuff etc.
that means most of the healings that occur to religious folks is probably something body related, not mental related. second of all, some of the healings etc are not things that could be mental, seeing out of eyes w out retinas etc, it's something hard core physical.

you need to find at least some examples, or your argument holds very very little weight


loveu157 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MassiveDump 4 years ago
You could just be the reason Atheists don't like us...
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