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miracles occur, but almost never to atheists

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Started: 4/16/2013 Category: Religion
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please show something that happened to an atheist, that would have been called a miracle had it happened to a religous person, because of its scientifically inexplicable nature.
no semantics pleas

what are thought of as miraculous events are heavily documented and readily available. someone can see with no retinas even though this seems scientifically impossible etc, just to use an example.

the common objection of atheists and skeptics is that things just happen to occur by probability, that a genetic deviance, or random chance etc has caused it to happen to them. (that's how evolusion occurs, someone with a genetic deviance getting their genes prominent in the population)

but I don't see these things happening to atheists.
I see plenty of evidence from chrisitans and to a lesser extent other religious folks. but I don't see it from atheists etc, why is that? they might claim that it's just not as newsworthy or interpreted that way given the lack of religious context etc.
but you'd think there's at least be noteworthy evidence, or something, at least, that shows it happens to atheists etc

also, even if i acknowledged that they may occur, as a favor from God, it would be extremely very small percentage wise.
as of now i'd be happy with just couple or a few examples.


Based on your argument miracles occur thanks to god, not Christians or atheists EEEEPPPPIIICCCC FFFFAAAAIIIILLLL,
Debate Round No. 1


yes miracles occur due to the favor grace and mercy of God. I don't know what this has to do with anything.
you've still not shown any examples occurring to atheists


I was responding to how your debate was titled by the way prime example of how not to name your debate.
Debate Round No. 2


you are losing me. try to form arguments that make a little more sense


your title- miracles occur, but almost never to atheists you should have said miracles never happen to atheists, and please stop debating the same topics I already beat you in the last debate we had about the exact same topic- You were unable to answer my question why were the desperate African Christians the ones who need miracles not receiving them.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TN05 5 years ago
Looks like you found a new topic to endlessly debate. Why not just contact the banking concept of education guy? I'm sure he'd be more than happy to endlessly debate that with you.
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Reasons for voting decision: BOP failure by pro yet again.
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Reasons for voting decision: Generally, I do not vote on debates where one party is clearly trolling or not providing sufficient effort. But this topic is simply absurd, Con accurately pointed out the logical fallacy that exists within the title. I cannot speak for Pro's aversion to capitalization or spell-check but arguments are rendered invalid when they cannot be understood. This topic does not warrant a debate, especially multiple debates with arguments copy and pasted to all of them. Divine miracles do not occur and making a grandiose claim towards the contrary requires a large amount of evidence, absent of evidence all assertions can and should be dismissed.