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Gay marriage should be legalized in the United States


No marriage should not be legalized because that is not moral. I got nothing wrong with gays being a couples but marriage is beyond does morals. later they will want to have babies and the babies will grow up within that environment and then want to continue the cycle and that is grown....

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wendigos are better than witches


i believe that wendigos are better. because of there speed any hex bags that the witch places will be exterminated before they can take effect. also the wendigo would easily eat the witch because the witch would not be able to use a potion or cast a spell in time....

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Resolved: The Unwind solution is a better solution to abortion than a Modest Purposial.


This debate shall be about these two pieces of satire. The Unwind series by Neal Shusterman and A Modest Purposial by Johnathan Swift. Rules Round 1 is for definitions by Pro while Con will make his opening arguments. Round 2 Pro will make contentions and rebuttles, while Con Refutes. Round 3 is rebuttles by Pro and Con makes rebuttles and Conclusion....

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Planet Earth has 6 continents.


BoP is on me to show that planet Earth has six continents.There shall be no strict defenition on the word continent since this is likely to be what determines the number of continents in the world and the defenition is likely to be primary issue that will be addressed and debated. Rules Con must either leave the First Round or Last round Blank so as to keep the number of rounds equal.

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DDD's 30th debate: Physical Education SHOULD be a requirement in schools


INTRODUCTIONl can’t believe it has been 30 debates! Anyways, On to the debate! The resolution is “Physical Education should be a requirement in schools” I am pro, or for this resolution. IMPORTANT THING...

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History Debate!


This will be a debate about a historical topic. This debate is impossible to accept, so write your proposed topic in the comments and I'll invite the person with the best proposal to debate. Please include all definitions and assumptions you'd like to use in your comment. No WWII topics please. Structure will be as follows: Round 1: acceptance only, no arguments Round 2: Opening statements for each side (no rebuttals allowed) Round 3: Rebuttals and additional arguments Round 4: Final rebu...

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Given the uncertainty of the survival of anything after death why do we pontificate so much. "


It's unlikely our soul survives death. No ones ever came back to say otherwise. Perhaps it's logical to assume that annihilation the most obvious outcome will visit us all. Wishing otherwise might be just that , a wish . Religious dogma tries to give meaning and fails by its exclusivity....

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Rap Genius Challenge #1


The Con for this debate NEEDS to carefully READ it. Acceptance is blocked until a competent opponent PMs me or applies in the comment section to be the Con. NO Purple Circles, NO DDO avatars, NOR any opponent with less than 8 debates allowed. This challenge will demonstrate the superiority of lyricism. Each opponent will have 48hrs to respond. In the following series, time lim...

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Debate.org should maintain it's policy of deletion


Thanks in advance to my opponent for accepting. In the forums, my opponent has contended very strongly that DDO should implement a policy he terms "Free debates" where no debates or threads are deleted. I invite him to defend this proposition. Since my opponent is the one advocating a change in the status quo but I'm the affirmative, the burden of proof will be shared. What a shared burden of proof means is that rather than the judge defaulting to one side, both sides are obliga...

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DDO's ELO Scores are more reflective of Popular Opinion than they are of a Member's Performance


This debate should be near impossible to accept. If you are interested, please make yourself known in the comments section. As an on again off again participant on DDO I have mixed feelings about this website, its members and specifically, the ELO system. It has been my experience that the vast majority of voters do not objectively critique the performance of the debaters in the debates that they weigh in on. They (most voters) instead begin with their own bias and or preferred outcome and l...

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