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modern day feminism does more good than harm

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Started: 2/29/2016 Category: Politics
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The first round is for accepetance only.
I will be representing the 'pro' side, for moder day feminism please answer the following questions:
1. Political party (and what canidate you're rooting for)?
2. What country are you from (because this mostly has to do with America)?
3. What is your gender/sex?
No trolling
2. No forefits
3. No use of racial slurs (sad I have to say that)
Debate set-up
First round: Acceptance
Second Round: Introducing your arguement (no reply from con!)
Third round: Debating the others arguement (no new arguement)
Fourth round: Conclusion and finishing thesis statement


Hello, my name is Ben. First, to answer your questions.

1: Democratic, and Bernie.
2: United States of America.
3: I am a white male.

I do not understand the second round.. Do I not refute until the third round?
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry for the confusion Ben, I meant you don't refute until the third round and only refute one round and then do your closing statement.

I am making the claim that modern day feminism does more harm than good, when I mean modern day feminism I mean intersectional feminism which is more known online due to the fact many of them are online activist who create gofundme acocunts and raise awareness then doing sit ins. Modern day feminism, better known as intersectional feminism, is more than just equal rights it also fights for LGBT+ rights & racial rights. Intersectional feminism is more about the social double standards both woman and man face. With many men looking down-upon for being feminine or having feelings. While women in third world countries are still facing forced marriages, sexual abuse, being poinsned for speaking out against their sexual abuser. Even women in America, Canada, & The United Kingdom are facing social standards as far as free the nipple & even multiple sexism jokes.
One thing that I shouldn't have to point out but the things intersectional feminism does for men. When Jaden Smith wore a skirt and was the headline of Louis Vuitton's womens clothing [] many people dragged him but the intersectional feminist family was there to encourage him because we advocate for letting boys be feminine. Another thing intersectional feminism did for men was when the NFL cheeleader was evicted because she raped a 14-year-old boy the victim faced a lot of blacklash and comments like "I would've let her rape me", "I'd like to be raped by that", etc. The feminist family [modern day] advocats so much for rape and sexual abuse victims.
One of my last claims is about what the intersectional feminism does for racism & for the people in third world countries espically in time of the middle east wars. The feminist family is one of the most involed people in #blacklivesmatter movement in the time of Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, etc. We've also advocated for letting in the migrants understandgint that America itself was based off migrants. Although we have plenty of radical feminist who are referred to as 'white feminist' meaning inclusive to women, white, black, chiristian feminism.
In conclusion, I believe modern day feminism, better know as intersectional feminism does more harm than good and I'm sorry for the short paragraphs I'm writing this in school. Bes of luck.


[Intersectionality] is a concept often used in critical theories to describe the ways in which oppressive institutions (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, classism, etc.) are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from one another.



Modern day feminism does more harm than good, and within my speech I will prove this.

Feminism may have started out as a good cause, fighting for equality and women's rights. But modern day feminism is focused on female supremacy and the hatred of man.

"Apparently, mysogyny is reprehensible and evil but misandry is virtuous and laudable. I could probably list 1,000 quotes from leading feminist theorists that are extraordinarily offensive and deeply sexist. If the same feminist quotes were altered such that the word "man" was changed to "woman", the quotes in question would be construed as horrifyingly sexist. I am sure that most readers are familiar with the words of Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon to the effect that all men are rapists, and that heterosexual sex is nothing short of rape. I should add that according to many feminists, men who consume pornography are at the very least "rapists-in-training." I wonder how we might go about reproducing given that heterosexual mating is apparently "violently penetrative." I suppose that with the advances of artificial insemination, men are disposable (some feminists have incidentally argued for this position). Or perhaps men might learn to inseminate women via "no touch" tantric sex. Alternatively, we can explore the possibilities of human cloning as a means of extending our genes. Anything will do as long as we eradicate "penetrative heterosexual mating" from the repertoire of human sexuality," says Gad Saad, Ph.D.

He sums up my point clearly. Feminism has turned into an act of man-hate and an idea of female superiority, and that is why it does more harm than good.

Thank you, and I look forward to the next round.
Debate Round No. 2


I can admit that misandry is not held accountable 1/3 of the time, and in the feminist community we do recognize misandry and how much of it is in the "feminist" family even thought we do our best to seperate them from us because they are RADICAL feminist. Men who enjoy pornography are just men in most feminist eyes, because women to enjoy pornography. All of your arguement is radical feminist, not feminist like Rowan Blanchard, Malala, etc and it sadens me that you only see that side of feminism not the kind that empowers everyone. Here's some quotes that are great from great feminist idols.
"When the whole word is silent, even one voice becomes powerful","I believe in equality, and I believe there is no difference between a man and a woman."-Malala Yousafzai a powerful feminist who helps put middle-eastern girls into schools.eminism itself is incredible but now when it's in a misandrist hands who only holds radical views. I'd like to add that 99.9% of feminist are for Bernie Sanders and if we hated men so much we would be voting for Hillary because she's a woman.


First of all, my opponent provided no source for their 99.99% of feminists voting for Bernie Sanders claim, which makes it completely irrelevant within this debate. Second of all, my opponent says that I am talking about radical feminism, but no, in this debate we are talking about modern day feminism, and I am describing it for what it is. People like Malala are for EQUALITY, feminism is just a word sometimes used to describe that, but in actuality, it's called equalism. If feminism was for equality, then why is it called feminism, a word derivative of FEMALE?

In my opponent's speech, they mention that feminists are good because they raise awareness for things like LGBT, but this isn't just feminists. Many people who aren't feminists do this also, so it isn't limited to feminism, and thus has no relevancy in this debate.

Feminism is harming our society because of the hating on man, and that is why it does more harm than good. Vote Con, thank you.
Debate Round No. 3


"My opponent provided no source for their 99.99% of feminist voting for Bernie Sanders claim."

Sorry for the inconvience of having to go on another tab to see because I don't know how to add photos but, those are a few feminist pages that have a big following (the lowest one is 4k) which doesn't speak for all of the feminist community. Although they dont speak for the whole INTERSECTIONAL feminist family I can say that most feminist love Bernie because he shares feminist views. Modern day feminism has radical feminist in it, but thats not the whole. You are doing all you can to avoid the fact that there are bad apples in the bunch of feminist but their are also a lot of intersectional feminist who love men, and aren't men bashing people. Malala herself said she is a feminist, "I am a feminist and we all should be feminist because feminism is another word for equality". Pulling the "why does it have a word derivative of FEMALE" is a bit brave saying that the human race is called MANkind. It has the root 'fem' because it was created to empower woman but has of course rooted into different things too.
It isn't just feminist, but most of the time you will see LGBT+ people call themself feminist also because intersectional feminism has a big role of fighting for LGBT+ rights [ ,] those of course don't speak for ALL of the lgbt+ family, but they have a big following and it's a bit hard to ask everyone who considers themself part of LGBT+ if their a feminist.
Feminism has done so much good, radical feminist are of course harming but intersectional feminist like myself are striving to make a more equal society for men and women. Feminism had a lot to do with me being pro-black and being okay with being a queer female. Feminism helped my sister come out as a rape-victim, telling her she wasn't the only one. You may only see the radical feminist because thats the only type you see in the media but people like me and many others want to make men and women EQUAL not women better than men or vice versa. People like Malala, Rowan Blanchard, Amandla Stenberg, and even Canada's prime minister are great examples of intersectional feminism and what it is as a whole. I hope I have convienced you that feminism does a lot more good than harm, and that I may have even convienced you to learn more about intersectional feminism.
side note: I used screenshots from instagram because a lot of feminist do online activism and raise awareness through instagram & it was the easiest way to show some type of proof of my statement. Have a nice day.



Thank you to my opponent for their speech.

Feminism. FEMINism. People fighting for WOMEN'S rights, for WOMEN'S higher pay, etc.

Modern day feminism is not about the equality of the genders. It is about women becoming more powerful than men. And I have already proved this in my earlier speech.

I would like to first say that 3 instagram screenshots of feminists liking Bernie Sanders is nowhere near a reasonable source when the claim is "99.9% of feminist are for Bernie Sanders". It's ridiculous, really, to say that anyone, even the government, knows the political views of all feminists in the world.

Even my opponent themself says it. "radical feminist are of course harming". Voters, my opponent did not title this debate "intersectional feminism does more good than harm". They titled it with "modern day feminism" in mind, and that is why radical feminism is still valid throughout this debate. Radical feminism is the entirety of modern day feminism. It doesn't matter slightly if radical feminists are the minority, it just matters that they get their voice out more, and effect the general populace more, meaning that, to the general populace, they do more harm than good.

This is why you should vote Con. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by artisticied 2 years ago
okay multiple times yikes!!!
Posted by artisticied 2 years ago
okay multiple times yikes!!!
Posted by artisticied 2 years ago
in my closing statement i meant more good than harm yikes!
Posted by BenJWasson 2 years ago
Huh, alright. Thanks, chap.
Posted by OpinionatedChap 2 years ago
Ben as I understand it, you both state your arguments during the second phase, and only address each others' arguments in the third one, finishing off with conclusions in the fourth and final phase.
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