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Started: 10/16/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 3 days ago Status: Voting Period
Viewed: 105 times Debate No: 96173
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survival truth.. as balance is a higher level then truth


Oi mate I'll be going against you. First how's "survival truth.. as balance is a higher level then truth" here to help understand your point of view, when it comes to morality it doesn't play in the lives of survival, morality is an evolutionary development that helps us cooperate with other individuals like yourself. You may argue well that helps us survive the, you would be right.........if this was the 143 A.D, yet still even in that time people fought, because of moralities they had, because it differentiates from their morality, people had to increase their acceptance, and put aside what little understanding they had, however that didn't happen so easy instead it went in a way you oppress or submit to are understanding.

Nowadays we have, order, law, leaders, politicians, Democrat, Congress, etc. We are a species who sees each other as the biggest threat, with the order, law, human rights, those are the moralities we gave to the government officials in the land that runs through with this system, some people don't follow them others do, however if people who dare not to follow we do a few things, find loop holes to fit their morality in their, protest against the government and demand their order, do illegal actions under cover without the Authority's knowing, these moralities cause people to die not the Morals itself but the loop holes that no one takes action against, the moralities that the government gives just keep the people in check, however that doesn't stop the government from doing things behind the wall, morality hasn't kept us alive not even the truth if anything lies and manipulation is what have kept us alive.
Debate Round No. 1


it can be logical to lie.. like if a man threatens you with gun

so you think lies are good?



Lies all depends on how you use your words, lies and manipulation benefits this world quite well. If you have ever watched the movie Down and Out in Beverly Hills, you'll see a great example of this homeless man lying to these rich people to better help the family, if the truth of are government ever comes out a Revolutionary War would happen, lies and manipulation benefits us in are irrational behavior as society. Most of the time people use lies and manipulation to benefit themselves, however so people use it to protect others, a very little example is when a person takes the blame for you.
Debate Round No. 2


survival equals necessary, like money

lies are bad


Not necessarily, but ethics is all based on and individual.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 7 hours ago
no morality involved, maybe it dosnt have other options or think its going the right way

would you sacrifice your family for 100 people?

there is a point between right and wrong i like to call neutral.. when there just is no way to do the right thing or there is nothing to do about it..
Posted by GrimlyF 7 hours ago
Morality is a blind donkey circling a well.We are taught that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.Do are in a position to save 100 people from certain death.To save these people means that your entire family dies a certain death.Morality gives you no choice.You can save the 100, you MUST save them.Ethically, you have options.You SHOULD save the 100,you CAN save your family.It is better to have a choice than no choice at all.(Personally I'd go down the pub and collect the insurance).
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