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movies do more good than harm

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Started: 4/22/2015 Category: Movies
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Movies are sets of moving images or motions of pictures recorded.
Movies are used as entertainment to fill leisure times.This also can bond family relationships.Movies are great to be as inspiration will also motivational to peoples.Some movies has great moral to tell the world.


what are we talking about here a full entertainment scheme filled with unrealistic episodes. a love life that never exist or a good and kind person that you will never find in the current century. i'm talking about the "good movies" , the ones that make you cry or imagine it was you. as i said earlier this episodes in movies are unrealistic and the brain is adapting to it, its getting used to it and if you one day walk into a robber you are think some hero or spiderman is going to save you which is not going to happen, for a fact: YOU ARE GOING GET ROBBED. that will prove your movie theory wrong and you are going to hate the world. we start wondering why people take drugs or why are some people socially unstable its because what their brain wanted never actually came true and their beliefs were violated. in short i'm saying the movies make you believe people are angels and that's not true. you will be proved wrong and you will get damaged

moving on to horror movies. there is no argument here you will get the scare of your life. don't sit down and watch the exorcist and expect to keep cool the rest of the night. children and adults especially females freak out and they get scared to a point of getting numb that's no good thing. some of them like wrong turn or saw are making a picture of people as butcher meat that can be cut anyhow. people are going to stop eating some develop a problem against meat itself. spiritual horror movies come with demonic summoning and exorcism. someone is going to try that out and ripley's the spiritual forces are real out there yo will definitely get attacked and posessed

violent movies are getting us to think that if noone is beaten or shot nothing will be understood. you may think its funny but the subconcience of the brain takes in everything and it plays a greater part in character building and in actions done when we are in anger or pain. so what we watch is being taken in and beware it is doing more harm than good

over ninety percent of the movies out there are bad and believe me i'm not surprised when they tell me children of this generation. its not their fault they are watching it in the movies.

opening speech. thank you
Debate Round No. 1


dannokidd forfeited this round.


why did you do that?
Debate Round No. 2


dannokidd forfeited this round.


since i never received any rebuttal .I am going to outline my points once again.Movies create an impossible world in the mind and if that world is not fulfilled in reality you end up hating the world just because it will be all in your brain(there is some good in the people)

Horror movies on the other end scare people some people are damaged to the point of not being able to sleep alone because of fright.Children hallucinate the images of the horrors and tend to scream in their sleep which is a bad and unhealthy idea.There are also spiritual movies that include demonic summoning which some people may copy and this leads to serious problems.

There is also the point of how children often want to be like the movie heroes and they start practising violence or some superhero actions like jumping from the top of the roof in which they end up being hurt.There is also a twist of language the children turn to speak dirty language teenagers especially which is the wrong idea for the community we want.

Some movies also teach skills like hacking on the internet or how to take cocaine especially in thug movies and this will end up destroying the generations of tomorrow.
I was exposing the bad side of the movies and i think i justified my case.

Moving on to rebbutal."Movies are a source of entertainment to fill leisure time"That is a correct view of movies but what we gaining from the entertainment is it the hacking skills or the dirty language not to talk about the violence invoved.I am convinced that this type of entertainment do more harm than good.The other point was this can bond family relationships now i wonder how can we bond if we are sitting down and watching a movie.Tell me will the parents sit down and watch the cartoon movies that their 6 year old daughter watches of course not they will look for adult movies with mature ideas that the daughter can't watch and that obviously destroy the family.

There is no motivation that can be received from unreality setups and fake life situation stories.It will only mess with our minds and we will end up believing that the world is full of good and that we can receive the best of life in every idea we come up with,THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Talking about morals all action movies nowadays include the sex scene and i do not call that teaching great moral to the world.How many are watching action movies out there?It is the whole world.
Movies to more bad than good.I rest my case
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TBR 3 years ago
You sound like con to your question.

if "movies do more good than harm" = True that is pro
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