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Blu Ray or DVD?


Which is better? Blu-Ray or DVD?...

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The best Disney movie


Hi all! I'm gonna be trying something I haven't tried in a while. A debate about the arts. The question Con and I will be tackling is: "What is the best Disney movie?" I'll be arguing that Beauty and the Beast (the original, not the crappy remake) is the best. Naturally, Con's choice should be different than mine.My ideas on how the debate should be structured are pretty loose. Praise your own movie, point out the flaws in your opponent's movie, and maybe give a neat li...

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Batman wins against Iron Man


In a fight between Iron man and Batman, Batman would win. Based on the fact that his level of intelligence is greater than Tony Starks. Bruce Wayne is a tactition so obsessed with the safety of the people that he had a contingency plan for every super hero should they turn villain. Able to translate unknown alien languages, hack other technology in seconds, and a very significant list of feats following his hero career. He's countered super-man a number of times as well making suits designed to...

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Star wars: rogue one is overrated


It's overrated. don't get me wrong, it's still a good movie, I just think it's overrated. for a start, there are so many references to darth sidious, but he never once appears. also,you are introduced to so many new characters, but they all die at the end. There's no opening crawl at the start of the movie, like there is for EVERY other star wars movie. There's no lightsaber duel. I know, there was a lightsaber scene(which was epic) but it felt wedged in, like Disney knew they had to have o...

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Matrix is the best science fiction series


I saw the first movie on DVD (that was back when technology was new). I saw the other two episodes in the Cinema. The movies blew my mind. The story is so good and interesting, and all the effects were mind blowing. Today I dont watch movies, because no producer knows how to produce a good movie or write a good story. I am 33 years old. Say what science fiction series is better and we will start debating....

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The use of French the the movie "Ice Age"


In the movie "Ice Age" the character "Sid," who is a sloth, says "bon appetit" while presenting a pine cone as a meal to a rhinoceros. My brother argues that the phrase "bon appetit" should not be used because it is French, and the movie is being translated from the language that would be used by animals to communicate with eachother to English. My argument is that the movie is not being translated from how the animals would communicate with eachother, but instead the lines are written how peopl...

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Was Total Recall Just A Dream


I'm here to debate that the movie Total Recall (The original with Schwarzenegger, not the remake. I've only seen the original.) was a dream inside Quaid's head....

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Is La La Land a good film?


This film is not just a cheesy Hollywood movie. It shows the brutality of trying to get into showbusiness whilst using the Musical genre to progress its story line. I dare you to disagree....

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Star Wars. Pro - Clone Wars. Con - Originals.


First round acceptance. Other rounds for your own arguments and counter. What to consider for this debate. Clone wars VS Galactic civil war Will be discussing and arguing which movies were better (Clone wars 1-3) (Civil War 4-6) Canon will also be included, all aspects of the current time of these era's taken place....

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Star Wars VII is the worst film out of the current main 7 movies.


Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens was the first Star Wars movie that I'd seen in theaters, and so when I first saw it, of course I thought it was amazing. Then I got the movie on DVD and watched it a few more times, and the more I saw it, the more I disliked the film. Now I'm willing to say that Star Wars 7 is the worst movie out of I-VII, not counting Rogue One or The Clone Wars. You might be saying, what, the Prequel films are much more terrible, but hey, the Prequels are actually m...

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