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Nickelback, does the band deserve the backlash it receives?


This is completely for fun, as a fan of Nickelback I'll be arguing that they don't deserve the backlash. I'll further my arguemnt after someone accepts....

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Twenty One Pilots = Twenty One Profligates


I will prove that Twenty One Pilots are: Followers of satan Rapists Deceitful haters of mankind and their listener base Anti-Christian liars Damned to hell for eternity Personally if I ever find any of their music in my house I am breaking the CD and throwing it in the trash, and if I find it on my son's phone or laptop I am taking both away from him until he proves to me he can be trusted. Twenty One Pilots are hellbound sinners and ought to be immediately banned! What follow...

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Should we have any type of music?


Should we have any type of music? I say yes because we will listen to it more. Yes I get that is the way the artist get money but they also get money form the recording company....

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Do you like Hamilton The Musical or not?


Yes I love this musical because it tells about The Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. It also tells about his past life, and it also tells how he died in a famous duel. I also love the characters in Hamilton. I also love the rapping in it to. I love this musical so much! I love all the songs. It's a fun musical!...

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Rap Battle Four


Hello, I'm back on and ready to take on some fvckers. Rules: 1.No copy and pasting from songs 2.Con sets the standard of stanzas/lines. 3.1st round is acceptance to make it fair. 4.Fight hard in this rap battle. GO!!...

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Music Battle


This is a "music battle," where each debater puts their selected songs or pieces of music, and the judges post RFD's on who has the the most beautiful music. There must only be one piece/song per round, and debaters are free to say a few words on why they think their song is great. Debaters are also welcome to comment on why they like/dislike their opponent's piece, or anything relating to their opponent's pieces. In each round (except this one), debaters must (1) post a link to their...

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Is one direction better than fall out boy?


I like one direction and my best friend likes fall out boy more. We both listen to the bands, and I'm trying to convince her that one direction is better. I like one direction because I think they have btter quality music, (and yes i know they are on break right now) So basically my friend and I are just argueing (nothing seriously mad) and I just wanna prove im right. (: So pls vote yes it would be much appreciated. Thanks...

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Music composition contest


This is a contest in music styles and composition. Not performance.Methodology:>R1 is for acceptance only.>In R2, each contestant will post an original composition of sheet music for piano in a classical/romantic era style (eg fugues, marches, sonatas). If your notation software exports midi/wav/mp3 or you otherwise have an audio rendition of the music, you are allowed to post it as well. This is optional.>In R3, each contestant will p...

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Will musical instruments become obsolete?


I believe that musical instruments will not become obsolete in the coming years as, 1. While electronic sounds can imitate musical instruments quite well, they can not imitate the emotion and soul that real instruments can convey. 2. While electronic music concerts are growing, they will never be as technically impressive as a skilled player of a specific instrument. I look forward to my opponent's rebuttal and wish them the best of luck....

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Rap (Con) v Your Music Preference (Pro)


This is an opinionated debate, so of course we're not going to reach a resolution that one type of music is absolutely superior. But I would just like to debate which music genre is better anyway... rap, mine, or your music preference. Round 1 for acceptance, and then the rest of the rounds are for explaining why your genre of music is better, plus rebuttals....

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