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Started: 4/15/2013 Category: Arts
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My argument is that music doesn't actually impact children behavior because just because someone listened to Nirvana they aren't going to go out and shoot everyone and just because they listen to the song " jumper" by third eye blind doesn't mean that they are A)going to commit suicide and or B) stop someone from jumping off of a building.


The debate seems to me to be a little unclear so I suggest this clear resolution:
"We should put age restrictions on certain types of music"
I will propose it and my opponent will attack the idea and try to show the conserve is true.
I will now define important terms in this motion;
"Age restrictions" " legal requirements such as mandating the proof of age is shown with the at the point of sale and making the sale of such music to minors and perhaps a complete ban for ages. Similar to have the British board of Film Classification operates in the United Kingdom.
"Types of music" " sets of music that I the proposer will advocate the restrictions be placed on. This includes and is not limited to:
* Music that glorifies violence against women.
* Music that glorifies self-harm
* Music that encourages people to commit acts of crime, or glorifies criminal lifestyles.

Generally this can be said to be music whose themes and language has a detrimental effect on children"s development

Now on to my case:
Mechanism: Music distributors will have to check the age of consumers at the point of sale. Selling age rated music to minor will be made a criminal offense as is providing music to minors without parental consent. These crimes will be punished by Fines and community service. Music publishers will be required to submit their work to an independent authority that will give an age certificate.

Why restrict based on age?

Age is a general approximation of maturity and intelligence. The legislation that I propose does not make it impossible for children to experience age rated music, only that they get permission from parents. This allows parents to decide if their child is emotionally capable of understanding as children will have to have a discussion with their parents if they want to view age restricted music. I feel this is very beneficial " it facilitates a dialogue between parent and child about the themes of the music allowing the complex themes (suicide, and misogyny) to be explained in a safe environment. This is clearly better than children listening to it alone or as part of a group " who could easily misunderstand it.

A case study: Misogyny in rap culture.
The lyrics, videos and the self-image of rappers can normalise and "justify" the objectification of and violence towards women.
Calling women as "hoes" and "bitches" is terrible gives listeners a negative perception of women, see the article "Does Listening to Eminem Make People Sexist?" at:
This negative perception can lead men to exploit women and use physical violence within a relationship. Lyrics like "Lick on these nuts and suck the dick / Gets the f*ck out after you"re done" from Dr. Dre, Bitches Ain't Sh*t, reinforce the idea that women are sexual objects. Men will treat women poorly within a relationship but also increase the frequency of rape outside relationships. Men are sexualised without an outlet, and because they have a warped perception of women that dehumanises them " this makes it a lot easier for them to rape. Rap doesn"t just justify the use of women as sex objects but it supports the idea that women have a place in society (lower than men). Rap supports women"s exploitation by the prostitution industry by glorifying pimping, many music videos show women idealising rappers for instance. Raps also confirm many incorrect stereotypes of women, "Bitches ain't sh*t but hoes and tricks" (again from Dr. Dre, Bitches Ain't Sh*t) " "tricks" is particularly telling it suggest that women are devious and use their sexual assets to exploit men. This is harmful for the relationships between men as women, preventing normal sharing, and mutually beneficial relationships from forming. This is particularly important to young people who do not have much experience of relationships and may perceive a social hierarchy within relationships as "normal". My legislation gives parents to listen to the raps with children can allow them to bond and explain why a respectful relationship is better.
Rap can shape perceptions of violence within relationships; this is particularly damaging as it prevents women rebelling against the misogynistic system. Lyrics such as "Slut, you think I won't choke no whore / 'Til the vocal cords don't work in her throat no more?! / Shut up slut, you're causin' too much chaos" from Eminem`s "Kill You" are a good example. This encourages physical violence against women who refuse sex or sexual services " this is clearly wrong. Emotional and physical abuse is used by some to elicit sexual favours from young women; many are also taking part in sexting (around 40%). While sexual acts can occur within normal relationships, rap music creates an idea that women have a duty to provide this, and if they don"t physical violence is legitimate.
This harms women"s perception of themselves, constantly being bombarded with negative language, and being told that they have a special role in society conditions women " leading some to accept this. The glorification of prostitution that rap lyrics can lead many women to give into pressure to sell themselves this is wrong. Young women are especially vulnerable to this; many find it difficult to get jobs due to a lack of experience, the current poor economic outlook and a male bias by employers. Placing age restrictions on rap can only help young women develop greater self-esteem and also prevent objectification, sexual exploitation and other abuses by peers and gang such as the recent Rochester scandal.

Source for sexting:

Lastly a quick rebuttal of points made by opponent:
"just because they listen to the song " jumper" by third eye blind doesn't mean that they are A)going to commit suicide and or B) stop someone from jumping off of a building."
Your right but don"t you agree that people who consider suicide are of a very fragile mental disposition, hearing this song might be push them over the edge (sorry for the bad pun) and commit suicide. Why because they can interpret the song as telling them to commit suicide, this is especially powerful as the singer is someone whom they respect (they are famous), the song maybe interpreted as an act of god telling them to commit suicide.
Debate Round No. 1


This is a project for school and I'm trying to prove a point just FYI. Now granted music can affect your emotions but it can't change your behavior. A test was given to college students they listened to Mozart right before they were given a math test they got all of the questions right that they answered in the first 15 minutes after that they were just like all the other test takers. That example just goes to show that it's not the music that affects behavior and even if it did the affects are only temporary at best. Even though music may "glorify self harm" as you say that does not imply that the person listening to it will actually go out and start cutting themselves or inflicting bodily harm against themselves. That argument can only be put with a handful of people thousands of people listen to Eminem and yet they don't try to go and kill their spouses or women named Kim (which is frequently mentioned in his rap songs because Kim was his wife and they didn't get along very well). Putting age restrictions on music tends to just makes the person that is not old enough for it want to attain it even more so because they know that they should not have it.


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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