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my trans plants have been sprayed with some kind of poison and i dont know what to do

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Started: 5/12/2011 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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This is not realy a debate but more of a kind of question, my fathers trans plants all started to die the other day and it was easy to tell they were sprayed with something. im not sure wether to take legal action or to re grow them. these plants make him a fair sum of money and i am looking for advice.

My dads realy deppresed about it, we think we know who it is. We think its a man who has sorta lost it, he is getting revenge on anyone who ever did him wrong. We tried to get him mental help but we cant do anything unless he excepts it.


It will be sort of difficult for me to debate this, since it is only a question, but I guess it will be more of a long answering to your question.

This could have been posted easier on the forums, by the way.


Ok, first, some questions.
What kind of plants are they?
What did your father do to the "crazy man" to make him want to take revenge?
How did you try to get him mental help, and did you tell him beforehand?

My answer to this by just looking at the first statement is that;

You should confront the crazy man, ask him why he did what he did, or even IF he did what you think he did (It could simply be a misunderstanding) If he is truly crazy, it might make him feel threatened that you came to him and asked about it. If it is a hostile conversation, he might be defensive about it, or he might have no idea what you are talking about, and if offended.

Ask around about him. Some people might know things you don't.

And how are we going to complete this debate?

Debate Round No. 1


We have all sorts of plants tomatoes, egg plants, peppers, ongions. Any way my father sell are extras to family, friends and other people and plant the rest (we have about 2000 plants for every type or more we sell a dollar a plant). The man decided he wanted to buy them all, he told us he was mad at my at his sisters who by plants here. My dad told him he couldnt it wouldnt be fair and the man left furiouse. we tried getting him in a mental hospital but the thing is he has to accept.

He lost it about a month ago, h walk in too anyones house rented 200 acers of land because he was made at the person who usally rened it, forced my grama to change her will and bought 2 new house in winipeg(2 hours away from here)

As for the comfort thing, that real would not work he wont eat much any more and has a gun regisered to brother(who he is also mad at)

Decideing the debate well be simple, I find out as much as possible and if you can think of someting that well work(legaly) than you win if it seams very unlikely your ideas well work then it can be a tie or whatever the voters decide on


He might have actually needed all those plants he tried to buy, so maybe that is why he went away mad.

And have you ever played the game Telephone?

The point of it is to see how messed up the original message gets as it goes around the circle.

So what your father or someone else told you about the things the "crazy man" did might not be right, and they could be saying them in anger.

What I think is that your opinion of this man is fueling your posts, and you might want to try not giving what people tell you about him too much belief, and trust what you think of him, not your parents.

Debate Round No. 2


Would some one sain threaten to come again with a gun because he dint get what he wanted. Its hard to explain he has this evil glint in his eye like he being controled some how. He drives around all day and night showing up at his own sisters door and just barges in. Also for better clarification he is my great uncle, are family also has a long line of mental problems. My dad thought god was talking to him (negativly ak suicide and killing or more simple revenge) my grampa was brought in by my dad, my other uncle tried suicide and a few other family members did simaler types of stuff. I have only ever sean my one uncle in this state the rest happened befor I was born, my dad on the other hand has sean it happen many time, he brought my grampa in as well as himself. Trust me if my uncle has lost he can tell.

Its usaly just a one time thing and it is over except my uncle wont except treatment. Oh and dont worry about me my dad is very chill and so are my relatives, it only happens when there 30 to 50 and usaly once.


Ok, if your family has a history of mental breakdowns, maybe it is the best idea to just get him help.

If he does not accept help, then call a mental ward or something.

Not much else to say on this debate, so I will just end this round here.

Debate Round No. 3


My parents got a guy out of the goverment to come check it out(the plants that is). He sais it was either sprayed or there is some kind of poison in the water system. He quarentened off the green house and took a bunch of plants for testing. He is 99% sure it was some kind of poison (not in the water). Also my parents are out $8000 and we have alot of saddened customers

I put the in comments when it wasnt my turn to debate, I well tell you what killed the plants when the results come.


Ok, if your family is losing money from what the crazy man is doing, then you should consider taking legal action.

Wow, my replies are getting shorter and shorter.

Guess you can tell we are almost done this debate.


He who is bored
Debate Round No. 4


wizkid345 forfeited this round.


Apollodoros forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by wizkid345 6 years ago
Ok new info, i know i should put in the debate but it just happened. My parents got a guy out of the goverment to come check it out(the plants that is). He sais it was either sprayed or there is some kind of poison in the water system. He quarentened off the green house and took a bunch of plants for testing. He is 99% sure it was some kind of poison (not in the water). Also my parents are out $8000 and we have alot of saddened customers. This could very interesting very fast.
Posted by wizkid345 6 years ago
what do you mean you reported it
Posted by askbob 6 years ago
Reported this debate
Posted by wizkid345 6 years ago
interesting idea i well try that
Posted by RoyLatham 6 years ago
Are these, by chance, the type plants that yield fibers for fabricating rope?

Lots of plant poisons serve as fertilizers if they are highly diluted. So you might try a lot of heavy watering.
Posted by joshizinfamous 6 years ago
Ask somewhere else but that is ovious legal action. You can proly get him on trespasing danger to public safety( dont know if that exists) damage of property etc
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