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naruto or dbz which is better

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Started: 3/6/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Narutob is best


DBZ is the best. Make your case.
Debate Round No. 1


Naruto is better than DragonBall Z because in Naruto they have a lot more action and a more diverse range of attacks. for example, whenever a fight starts you never know who will use what Jutsu, but in DragonBall Z its always Goku's Kamehameha wave or spirit bomb. no differential in attacks. i know Naruto uses Shadow Clones and Rasengan, but he had developed it and changed it greatly. same for Sasukes Chidori. Next reason the villain's are a lot more powerful and more strategist more. for example, Pein. he didn't just charge into Konoha, he looked for Naruto and destroyed the village at the same time. for this reason he is different from Brolly and Frezia. Next the good guys die and stay dead. Goku dies and come back to life over and over. In Naruto the only good guys to do this was Kakashi, (through Pein's change of heart,) The 1st and 2nd Hokage, (due to Orchimaru's dead soul Jutsu,) and Itachi, (due to Kabuto's dead soul Jutsu.)


Goku has literally hundreds of attacks and techniques [1] and that's just Goku, so that argument doesn't work. Second, Naruto has a lot more filler episodes compared to DBZ. 36-40% of Naruto is filler [2] (200 filler episodes total out of 526). DBZ only has about 25 filler episodes out of 276 [3]. That's only 9%. That mean Naruto almost has as many filler episodes as DBZ has episodes period!

Coming back to life doesn't make DBZ worse. A huge part of the story involves people trying to gather the dragon balls in order to control death. That would be like me criticizing Naruto for being about ninjas. It's part of the story.

Finally, Naruto wears neon-orange. You call the a ninja?

Vote Con!

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Raiken777 2 years ago
They are tied as my no.1 favorite anime I don't know which one I like better.
Posted by Raiden34 3 years ago
Okay okay dbz I know has a lot of episodes seasons shoows like GT Dragon Ball Dragon ball Z such like that and has more movies out then Naruto and I say has moree fightingabo inaa it then naruto I mean Naruto and dbzare about the same when it comes to the funny stuff like goku eats a lot of food naruto like ramen. And also naruto has girls that can fight to while dbz has about little like android 18 pan videl and etc but dbz is most likely the fav its been around more then naruto I say and naruto is all about ninja and a kid trying to be a hokage.Dbz is about a saiyan named goku aka kakarot wh o crash landed on earth swoore to protect everyone on earth and his planet was destroyed by frieza and naruto has the same characters over and over dbz creaters make diffrent villans and new heroes for each type of show like pan came after buu was deafeted and then came uub reincarnated from buu and so then I say dbz is the best at least heoroes get rivived other then naruto they never doo which is a rip off
Posted by GeekiTheGreat 4 years ago
How did con win? Well, con DBZ has way more filler episodes then Naruto. Naruto has like one filler between each battle and DBZ has an entire season before the next fight.
Posted by IAManinja 4 years ago
[or in her case...since she's OBVIOUSLY a girl herself, BOYS!!! ;P]. And at first I just laughed because it was so cheesy/corny that she ACTUALLY learned something from watching ANIME all day and all night!!! I mean seriously, people?! That's what SCHOOL is for (;P)!!!! But then I realized she was dead serious. And then I was all like, "Oh. Well, that's good, then." And it was! I'm not saying it wasn't!! It was! It definitely was! But I was just shocked is all! I mean, she had believed, pretty much our whole lives, that it would be okay to drink whenever she wanted as much as she wanted. But doesn't seem to be problem, at all. She said she was going to drink when she was 14 (now we're 17) and she hasn't laid a finger on an alcoholic beverage, yet. And I'm proud of her. And she learned that from "NARUTO"!!!! AN ANIME SHOW!!!! Go figure, huh?? Well, anyways.....that's just my little story and reasoning on why "Naruto" is awesome and why "DBZ" isn't. Oh. I didn't say why it "DBZ" wasn't "awesome", did I? Well, mostly just because both of us have watched it before, too, and have learned nothing from! I don't know guys.....but....that's just our story and opinion!!!

ALSO: I'm not trying to start another debate over morals, drinking, money, or girls/boys!!!! I was just telling a story people!!! No need to get all....."defensive" or whatever!! Anyways.....that was an OK debate!!! Keep up the good work, guys!!!

'Til next time ladies and gentleman!!! :)
Posted by IAManinja 4 years ago
I don't really get why so many people hate "Naruto", though! I mean....what's up with that?! I's just..."Naruto" seems to teach children (and humans in general) more than "Dragon Ball Z" does. And I mean, to be honest with you guys, "Dragon Ball Z" just kind of be blunt gay. And if you go to "Yahoo Answers" they give out pretty good reasons why it seems that way. I especially had to agree with this one person who stated that, "Even someone like me, who has sat down and really looked for the good points of the show, can admit that the bad outweighs any good that may have come from this foray into Drangonball minus Toriyama." And, by the way, when I say, "'Naruto' seems to teach children (and humans in general)" I mean that it always seems to have some sort of moral lesson for a person to learn from. Like, for example, my close friend Sarah. Ever since we were younger she thought it would be okay to drink as much as she pleased when she got older (her dad was somewhat of an alcoholic...but is now trying to recover...). I never thought that was a good thing (obviously!). But she thought it would be okay. Well, she started watching "Naruto" the same exact time I did. And she ACTUALLY learned something from it. (If you watch the series, it won't be as confusing right here) Whenever Naruto's mother, Kushina, is talking to Naruto and trying to give him advice before she dies, she talks about her views on drinking, lending money, and girls (since Naruto is obviously a boy). And after Sarah watched that episode, Monday, when we went to school, she had said that she was going to wait until she was 21 to drink, like she should, and that she would not drink too much. And I was just all like, "WTF?! WHO ARE YOU?! @_@". And she told me that she had watched the episode of Naruto about his Mom and had read the Manga afterwards and said that it taught her to not drink too much, not lend money that often, and to watch out for girls (to be continued)
Posted by LiberationIntegration 4 years ago
This would be relevant if Con had full knowledge of Dragonball Z like myself.
Posted by xXCryptoXx 4 years ago
"Finally, Naruto wears neon-orange. You call the a ninja?"

I lol'd at this. xD
Posted by TD_Cole 4 years ago
S&G = Spelling and Grammar.
Posted by Tim98 4 years ago
You should have naruto against sao
Posted by Lizard 4 years ago
The Lizard will take this debate. Let me debate you!
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Reasons for voting decision: dbz rules
Vote Placed by lannan13 4 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: S&g go to con after pro didn't capitalize the word I in round 2. I believe con had more clash and went more on the offense then pro and he backed up his arguements with sources.