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national ID card system

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Started: 1/3/2009 Category: Politics
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Challenge Declined
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The United states federal government wants to force the american people to pay for something that will never even work. The national ID card might work in the begining but after a while it will be able to be fordged. People in the immigration department will be really tough about it at first but after a while they will losen up. The National ID card system will eventually be corrupt. It will lead to higher taxes and an even worse economy then we are already in. It will cost around twenty billion dollars. The american people dont need that to pay for too. Why pay for something that won't even work. It wont stop crime either because a police officer will be taking to much time entering people number in when they could be out getting drunk drivers and other things of the sort. It will also be an invasion of privacy because they ask you to put your social security number on the card and after a while different companies will be asking for your information and they will get it. Also whenever you use your card the Government will be able to track where you used your card. It will also cause more predujice against smaller minorites. This will happen when cops and others ask for their cards more then white or black people. This will happen to mexicans and arabs a lot. This wont stop terrorism because in the Madrid bombings and in 9/11 all the bombers were in the country legally. Spain has their own ID cards andlook how it is working out for them..
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Posted by adrielmartinez 4 years ago
You, sir, are very racist.
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