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necessity to unplug devices when not in use....

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Started: 6/8/2013 Category: Technology
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the point is that rather than putting devices on standby mode, we should unplug then(turn off the main power switch) of the devices because just turning them off from remote puts them on standby only, and they still consume power.

con should prove that there isn't any necessity of that or provide any arguments against turning them completely off....



I thank my opponent for this debate. This is the closest that I've had to an energy debate in a while (namely because no one is accepting my other one, go check it out /shameless plug).

To clarify, we are arguing about unplugging devices that consume any amount of electricity while supposedly turned "off." There is no threshold of how much they need to consume before being necessary to unplug, however we will not be arguing for those that are actually off when turned off (unless my opponent wishes to).

I will allow my opponent to make the first argument.

Thank you
Debate Round No. 1


curious_boy forfeited this round.


I am sorry that my opponent was not able to get their round up. I do hope that whatever conflicts that may have come up get resolved in a positive manner. Being as this is only 3 rounds, I cannot pass this round, and so I will present my arguments this round.

The first thing we should note, is that this debate is in regards to "turned off" not just sleep mode. So let us look at some common things that we may have in our homes and how much energy they have. Here are some common things, Computer with LCD Monitor, DSL, Printer, TV, and "Game Console." If we look at how much energy they consume when "off" we can see what it really means [1].

Computer - 2.84 W
LCD Monitor - 1.13 W
DSL - 1.37 W
Printer - 1.58 W
TV - 2.88 W
Game Console - 1.01 W

That"s a total of 10.81 W from 6 devices. But what does "10.81 W" really mean to you or me? How can we translate that into something of significance? Well, let"s say that you are only on each item for 2 hours a day (on your computer and DDO for only 2 hours a day? Suuuure), that means that we are only arguing over 22 hours of "off" vs "unplugged" time. So for these 6 items, that is 237.82 WH (let"s round up to 240 to make it easy) per day.

The average cost of residential electricity in the US is currently 11.59 cents per kWH [2]. Or in other words, it is less than 12 pennies per 1,000 WH. This means that 240 WH that we are plugging and unplugging 6 different devices for is only costing you 2.76 cents per day (that"s for all 6 devices, not for each).

So we are arguing about the "necessity" of trying to save 2.76 cents per day? At that price point there is no "necessity" of doing anything. The resolution is refuted.

Thank you,

Debate Round No. 2


dear opponent,
i think that every single drop counts, no matter how small. Think how much we can save in an year. Plus there is no harm in turning off.......

sorry for not being available, there is road construction going on and they dug out all cables......

I might not be able to post further rounds... Sorry for that...

All voters please vote in favor of my opponent...



$10.07 is how much doing this every single day will save you over the year. A year of effort for $10.

I thank you for the debate and topic and hope that we can do more debates in the future.

Thank you,
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by curious_boy 4 years ago
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