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nerf is better than air warriors

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Started: 9/11/2011 Category: Technology
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I think that nerf is better than air warriors

challengers commeth!!!


This really isn't a debate, because Air Warriors is a subdivision of nerf, but ok.
Good luck to my opponent in the first round.
(I'm assuming this round is for acceptance.)
Debate Round No. 1


air worriors belongs to buzzbee toys


First off, I would like to thank Pro for starting this debate.

In this debate, I'll be going against the resolution that Nerf guns are better than Air Warriors guns.
I'll start off with my contentions.

Contention 1: Cost effectiveness
Air warrior guns are generally much cheaper than the brand name Nerf guns. Air warriors cost approximately $15 (1), while Nerf guns can cost $50. (2)
Contention 2: General characteristics:
The average air warrior gun can shoot up to 30-35 feet. Most nerf guns can't even shoot half that distance! Moreover, air warrior guns have a much faster reload system, as you can remove the whole drum cover, while Nerf guns require you to reload each bullet one at a time. Also, some Nerf guns (3) require batteries to operate, while Air Warriors guns come with all the necessities. Nerf guns are also extremely bulky and hard to carry around (4). Air Warriors, on the other hand, are mobile and can be easily carried in one hand. In a dart fight, the person utilizing the Air Warrior gun will definitely win.
Because of these reasons, vote con.

Debate Round No. 2


first to all air warriors are all dart and missile blasters, Nerf guns shoot glow in the dark, micro, stream line, and whistling darts. Plus they also shoot ballistic balls, foam missiles, and xlr disks.

Nerf ones supersoaker so

Vortex guns shoot farther than darts due to the disk's shape

Nerf has dart tag capabilities

There are Nerf ammo clips, drums and belts.

plus N force swards

lastly Nerf has attachable accessory's


nfong forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


my opponent has forfeited this round so vote con


Sorry everyone for forfeiting the last round, as I've been caught up in school.Anyways, I'll first refute my opponent's contentions.
Nerf guns have more accessories such as ballistic balls and special darts:
These features are unneccesary in a battle; they're simply an excuse for Nerf to make more money, which ties in with my first contention which states that Air Warriors are generally cheaper than the brand name Nerf guns.
"Nerf ones supersoaker so"
I'm not exactly sure what my opponent means by this, but I will assume that he means he thinks Nerf guns are better because they made the Supersoaker line of guns.
The main problem with Supersoakers is the fact that you have to be a nearby water supply in order to reload your gun. Because of this, it would be extremely inconvenient to use them compared to Air Warriors guns.
Vortex guns shoot farther
While that is true, vortex guns are extremely expensive compared to Air Warriors, which ties back into my first contention once more. (1)
Nerf has dart tag capabilities
This argument is irrelevant, as Air Warriors also have these capabilities.
Nerf has ammo clips and drums
Once again, this is another cheap excuse for Nerf to make an extra buck. Air Warrior users could just put a few extra bullets in their pockets, instead of spending more money on useless items.
N force swords
I simply do not understand the point my opponent is trying to make because he refuses to expand on his argument and instead believes a fragment will suffice.

I would like to point out that my opponent also has not refuted any of my contentions so far, which shows that I am obviously winning this debate. For all these reasons, vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4


okay first you seem to rely on pricing a lot.
this debate is about Nerf (Nerf the company) Vs the air warriors division of buzz bee toys.
The debate is not about cost effectiveness its about performance.
So price or $$$ has nothing to do with it.
So what if things are made to be more expensive, at least they work better

So in conclusion my topics about
ammo clips and drums
Vortex guns
and more accessories should still stand

And Nerf has night time uses two due to the firefly and tactical light

thank you and please go to both the websites


First off, I want to thank my opponent for this great debate. I'm pretty new to debating here on, so it was nice to have a good debate to start off.
My opponent claims that this debate is about Nerf vs Air Warriors, so cost effectiveness doesn't matter. However, in the resolution, it states "nerf is better than air warrriors." It's impossible to compare two things without comparing how cost effective each one is. It's like saying that you would pay extra money for a gun that has half the amount of bullets of a cheaper gun with more bullets, etc. It just simply doesn't make sense to not compare cost effectiveness when determining which gun is better.
I would also like to point out that Nerf is one of the "mainstream" companies that uses their brand name to make more money. Emerging companies like Air Warriors generally have the same product types at a lower rate.
I have successfully refuted all my opponent's arguments, but my opponent has neglected to refute my argument about how Air Warrior's characteristics are better than Nerf's. Therefore, I have won this debate, so vote Con.
Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by Oldfrith 6 years ago
You do realize that air warriors are simply modded nerd guns? You have essentially created a debate that you can't win or lose, since you're arguing that Nerf guns are better than themselves, which is impossible, and the opposition is arguing that Nerf guns are better than Nerf guns, again, undebatable.

Sorry if I sound harsh. And correct me if I'm wrong, and if I am, post a link to their website.
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Reasons for voting decision: I have to agree with con about cost involvement, and pro wasted time trying to rule it out instead of proving nerf is better even with increased cost.