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ninja would beat the spartan in deadlist warrior

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Started: 12/3/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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i was very dissapointed by the outcome of this battle and would like to debate this new rule though both sides may use any weapons they are accustomed to whether or not they were on the show


Hello, I hope to have a lot of fun with this debate (not that it is not a serious issue :P). I was happy with the outcome of the fight.

My arguments:

1.) Head to head:
The Spartans, from birth, were trained to be warriors. The honed their skills in combat and were put through harsh training to make them superior physical specimens. The ninja would lose in a head to head match. The Spartan would just need to close the distance which is easy because all ranged attacks can easily be deflected by his massive shield. The Spartan can also throw his spear if it came down to a ranged battle and then close the distance. The Spartan is fast and strong so a mid-range fight would be a loss for the ninja because the Spartan has his sword and his giant shield (which can be used for defense AND offense as you have seen from the episode). The ninja has no defense and relies purely on his agility but against this warrior who has been fighting all his life, the ninja would not be able to dodge enough to keep him alive. The ninjas weaponry is mainly based on attacking and then running away (I smoke bombs, sharking, and caldron's). THe ninja is an assassin, NOT a soldier.

2.) Sneak attack:
This is the ninjas only realistic way of winning the fight. He has to go for the kill right away and make sure to fatally wound him in his initial attack. This is how ninjas are used to fighting so it gives a clear advantage to the ninja. If the ninja cannot kill the Spartan with the initial blow, the ninja is now stuck within the range of the Spartan so he is as good as dead. A fatal attack from the back is also hard to accomplish because the Spartan wears his shield on his back so an attack from a hidden spot would be the best chance for a ninja. Or he could wait until the Spartan falls asleep which he would probably do.

I think that the show explained this battle pretty well considering they used 1000 different scenarios. They could not possibly provide every single scenario so I think that you are disappointed for nothing.

Thank you for starting this debate, I wish you the best of luck. :)
Debate Round No. 1


i would like to start by thanking my opponent for wishing my luck but over the course of this debate i would like to prove i dont need it

to make this debate more organized and easier for the veiwers i propose that we break up this debate into catagories arranged by the range of the weapon starting from shortest to longest.

1) head to head combat: now my opponent infers that beacuse spartans have been training all their life it gives them an edge over the ninjas however if you look at the way that japan's government was run everyone was born into their profession so ninjas in amounts of training time is exactly the same so this point holds no grounds.

now my opponent refers to how spartans were put through harsh training to make them superior physical specimans
ninjas were put through as harsh training as well if not more, also i have reason to believe that the ninjas training was in fact more effective beacuse, Outside of the expected martial art disciplines, a youth studied survival and scouting techniques, as well as information regarding poisons and explosives. Physical training was also important, which involved long distance runs, climbing, stealth methods of walking and swimming. Some evidence of medical training can be derived from one account, where an Iga ninja provided first-aid to Ii Naomasa, who was injured by gunfire in the Battle of Sekigahara. Here the ninja reportedly gave Naomasa a "black medicine" meant to stop bleeding.

now my opponent states that a spartan would be able to close the distance on a spartan easily this is in fact inccorect beacuse while the spartan is closing in given the fact that the spartan armour and sheild is weghing the spartan down the ninja could just as easily run away and set up a trap for the spartan. I also believe that my opponent is misjudging the amount of tools that the ninja has for example the caltrop (spikey things on the ground) which would more than easily go through the spartans sandals would cause the spartans inability to move around thus slowing him down or haulting the spartan if the spartan were to drop his gaurd and try to pull the caltrops out then it would give the ninja more than enough time to use a long distance weapon such as the blow dart, bow and arrow. now lets say that the spartan decieds not to pull the caltrops out and continues persuit the ninja can attack him then beacuse of the spartans disadvantage the ninja would easily be able to out menuver the spartan. hence spartan dies.

2) beacuse of ninja's massive knowledge on his variety of weapons it could be agreed that the ninja has a very low chance of missing. It doesnt really make a difference weather or not the spartan wears the sheild beacuse most long range other than the bow will not make it thourgh the spartans armour but there are many places, many weaknesses to the armour beacuse just remeber one hit with any of the weapons will be enough to pass poison on to the spartan and within a matter of minutes the spartan dies.

now in matters of endurance and guts not to quit i believe that the ninja has the advantage beacuse of this one training method which differs the ninjas from the rest of the world is that when most ninjas are taken as a child they are raised with another child who beacomes like the ninjas brother then once they reach adulthood they are forced to battle each other to the death, this caused so much mental shock to the victorious ninja that it caused the shut down of emotions causing not only the strongest army of ninjas by eliminating the weak but the most clear headed and non-emotinal warriors on the face of the planet.

please forgive any spelling errors i have made i am tight on schedule so i do not have time to revise

thank you so much for finding the time to debate and provide promising arguments


Thank you for the quick response.

I agree with your format so you can start it in the third round (range of weapons)

1) The facts is that Spartans train and fight every day (usually to the death). The ninja does not have this kind of battle experience. The main role of a ninja was espionage. They would dress up as normal people and gather intelligence for long periods of time, they cannot train during this time because that would break their cover. While hey were also trained from birth, ninjas spent a great deal of training on non-battle related activities such as espionage and sabotage. The secondary role of a ninja was to sabotage. The ninja would usually set things on fire and then run away. Assassination was the third role of a ninja and they did this rarely. The Spartan is trained only in combat and does not have worry about things like intelligence gathering.

The Spartan was physically stronger than the ninja so the shield and armor which he has been using for years would feel like an extension of his body so he would be used to running with it. You are right that the ninja might be able to run away but the Spartan can easily throw down his shield and catch up to the ninja before he can get out his bow and arrow. The caltrops can be easily jumped over if the Spartan sees them. The ninja has no defense so a Spartan would rip him apart in a head to head fight.

2.) I agree that the ninja wouldn't miss a big opening but the Spartan only had small opening because of his armor and the ninja could very easily miss those because they are human so they make mistakes especially when the target is moving and aiming to kill the ninja.

The ninja does not have more gut or endurance than the Spartan. My opponent does not make any sense when he says that through killing a "brother" the ninja will somehow gain endurance. Endurance is built through training and the Spartans train a lot harder than the ninjas. Any running the ninjas would do, a Spartan could do with armor and a shield. The shock that the ninja would feel would most likely make him unstable so he cannot use his head properly. The Spartans eliminated the weak by killing all of the babies that were not perfect so they obviously weren't exactly full of compassion either.

You may change the format of the debate to whatever you want in the third round :) Again I wish you good luck even though you feel you do not need it.
Debate Round No. 2


i would like to thank my opponent for wishing me luck as i will most likely need it for the next couple rounds beacuse of my opponenets promising arguments

1) my opponents infers that beacuse of the ninja's alternate activities other than fighting make the ninja somehow weaker in terms of fighting but beacuse of the extent of knowledge associated with finding out terrian of the area beast way to attack also if they were to gather information before the fought it woudl be alot easier beacuse the spartans are constantly training and so the ninja would grow accostomed to the spartans ways of attacks.

stregnth has no part in the spartan running and even if the spartan has fast running and is accustomed to running with the sheild the ninja is also accustomed to running alot more than the spartan beacuse the spartans would never retreat they would not run however the ninja almost always strikes kills the target then gets away which means that they train extensively with running also if the ninja and spartan were fighting in a forest that was dense the spartan sheild would be nothing more than a burden beacuse of its size. also even if the spartan were also to drop the sheild
and chase at full speed like i said before ninjas have extensive knowledge on thier weapons they would be able to draw them out faster than usual and also it depends on the distance between them and the amount of time that the ninja takes to run while the spartan takes off his sheild gives the ninja the advantage and the chances of the spartan to see the caltrops which are very small, and given the fact that the spartan is only focussing getting the ninja.
2) if you are a fan of deadlist warrior and have watched the samurai vs the viking if you saw the samurai's bow shot he hit both eyes with a single shot each now imagine if the emporer needed assasins better than that i think that the ninjas aim would be even more acute (if you wish to see the samurai click the link above and speed up till you get to the part with the bow)

so about my wrong choice of words but there is no particular evidence that the spartans trained more than the ninja, but beacuse of the ninja trained in martial arts and sabatoging and all the previous mentined he trained with more parts of his body causing his body to be more adapted for more situations and on the note of endurance beacuse the ninja trained i martial arts for example ninjutsu they learned how to do the most damage while exerting the least effort where as spartans will tire themselves out eventually beacuse of their lack of technique so the spartans just rely on sheer strength which will tire them out faster.

some of the things i was dissapointed with in deadlist warrior was the final simulation:
1) at the very beginning when the spartan was walking past the ninja in the tree the ninja wouldnt have come up to him just shoot him from that distance
2) when the ninja aproached the spartan the ninja woudl not have yelled that was quite dumb and even if he were to then the spartan would not have been able to turn around
3) when the ninja jumped over the log he did a flip ninjas would not do this that was just for show
4) when the ninja used the black egg the spartan recoverd wayyyyy too fast its glass he would not be able to see and the ninja didnt take the oppertunity to kill him right then and there.

i would once again like to show m appreciation by thanking my opponent for taking the time to debate with me and share his ideas and facts on the topic.


I would like to thank my opponent for starting this debate because I am having fun with it :)
I will go right into my arguments:

1) The reason that I brought up the alternate activities of the ninja was because it shows that the ninja trains for combat much less than the Spartan. The ninja must learn espionage and sabotage which would not help him in the battle against the Spartan. Only a fraction of the ninjas training is spent on learning to fight. The Spartan on the other hand, spends every day of his entire life training for battle.

Strength has a lot to do with the Spartan running. The stronger someone is, the more weight they can carry while running. The fact that the Spartans never retreated does not mean that the ninja runs more. A large part of the Spartans training is running and building endurance. In a forest situation the shield would be a burden and so the ninja would have the advantage but in a desert the ninja would be at a disadvantage because he would have nowhere to hide. Their is no point of using environments in your arguments. The Spartan would not take very long to take of his shield (its as easy as throwing it on the ground). The reality of the matter is that if the ninja was to run away, then the Spartan could just stay put with his shield up and it would be a stalemate.

2.) The Spartan probably did train much more than the ninja because he would train his whole life. The ninja on the other hand was busy with espionage and sabotage missions which could have taken years. This would cut into the training time of a ninja dramatically. How exactly did the ninja train with more parts of his body? How does sabotage train any part of your body? The Spartan developed a strong body in general so he trained all parts of his body. You cannot deny that in terms of strength, the Spartan is vastly superior. The Spartans do not have a lack of technique. They train all of their lives with a sword so they are very efficient, probably more so than the ninja. In reality it all depends on the situation and the individuals that are fighting. The perfect ninja against the perfect Spartan would be a fight that would end in a draw. Though generally still believe that Spartans are in fact the deadliest warrior.

I agree that the scenario that the show provided was not the best example of how this fight could go down.

No problem, I am also very happy to take part in this debate
Debate Round No. 3


1) while yes it is true that strength has alot to do with running but it also can be a downfall for spartan beacuse of the fact that spartans have so much muscle mass that too will weigh the spartan down and even if the spartan grows accustomed to his sheild his armour his helmet his spear all weighing him down it will still affect his ability to run against someone who uses running on a missionly basis therefore i believe that my argument still stands.

my opponenet states that espinoge and sabatoge would be useless to the ninja in gaining victory over the spartan i will now prove why this is wrong.
- by the ninja doing an espinoge mission right before they get into battle it would be easy for the ninja to asses the best battle stratagy before the fight beacuse the spartans are constantly training and so it would be easy to see weaknesses and strengths in the way they fight,
- it also prove helpful so that the ninja would see what the land and terrain was like and maybe setup traps prior to the fight

my opponent statesthat the stronger someone is while running makes the able to carry more weight while they run yes what my opponent states is true but in no way does it make them faster runners for example look at many african tribes have you seen how fast they run when the charge in to raid or for battle they run alot faster than that of spartan, ninja, almost any army mentioned in the deadlist warrior show. why? well did you notice that they are wearing practically nothing and beacuse of that they are able to run without any resistance hence run faster.
another example would be lets look at the strongest person in the world. ever notice how he isnt the fastest runner.

my oponent states that we should not use enviroment to our advantage or use it at all well if you look at the world most of the world then would be alot better for the ninja beacuse only a fraction of the world is desert and if you look at both warriors homelands they both would be beneficial for the ninja then.

also my opponent mentions that if the spartan were to stay put with the sheild that would be helping the ninja even more beacuse if the spartan were to stay there with the shield then the ninja would easily be able to creep around, kill him from high points longer distances away with ranges weapons.

it doesnt but through the martial art that ninjas use they train with all parts of their bodies not to metion when assinating someone they had to be able to be flexible enough to climb all around the palaces by roof top and quiet enough which means that they would learn how to use and use effectivly every part of their bodies

yeah i cannot deny that the spartan would have more strength but mainly beacuse of bloodline and size.

yes i also agree that it would revolve to stalemate and even if the spartans were to meet the ninja the ninja probably would just wait till night to assasinate him so i found the match up pretty messed

As am I,thank you


David199323 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by brokenboy 7 years ago
ninja's had to stay awake for 12 days which is the maximum restraint of staying awake after which dreams became reality, point countered. The martial art pankration however is nowhere near as effective as the modern day martial art system of ninjutsu, which is still used today and is used in many millitary applications, if Pankration was so good why wouldn't the martial art be used today, also almost every martial art today has weapon selfdefense so that is pretty much a moot point.

And in terms of "deadly" ninja far outbeats the spartan for the facts that ninja's use poison, long range weapons (that are effective), even their martial art included the most deadly martial art known to man in ALL history the legendary Dim Mak which with one strike can knockout, kill, or even cause delayed death.

what you are upset about is not the term "deadly" its the term "warrior" ninja's are not the deadlist warriors they are the deadlist assasins.

your last comment about how the ninja if surprised would be killed well this is one of the reasons why ninja's are never surprised you dont know who they are where they are from they slip in and out like shadows, that is why the ninja's always do the surprising.

THE ninja would most definatly win and this is another point i failed to mention the spartans had about 16000 people in their nation, japan had nearly 20 times that amount thus there is more chance for talent and strength out of more contestants willing to die for the title ninja.

Spartan would lose soooooo badly it is not even funny if there were no rules :P, however if we abide by the rules of DEADLIST "WARRIOR" then spartan would win :( (they even mentioned this in the after math that ninja would win if not for this rule/title)
Posted by politedebater 7 years ago
Spartan warriors were stronger because of many reasons besides bloodline and size. They also trained in martial arts called Pankration. They were so good at it that according to greek legend of that time a spartan warrior would continue to fight after being disarmed and would take down fully armed enemies in heavy armor. And a ninja would not be able to just assassinate the spartan in the night. Spartans did most of their strategic movements at night and became very adept to staying awake for several days and adjusting to darkness. And if the ninja is going to place traps like they really would then a spartan would be part of a large phalanx like they really would. The question was which is the deadliest warrior not sneakiest. Deadliest meaning the chance of not surviving an encounter. Also It's killing me that I keep seeing people get angry at the show deadliest warrior because their cinematic wasn't realistic. They don't base anything on the cinematic. They run all their information (including general strength, intelligence, and cunning) into a computer along with commonly used weapons to calculate what their characteristics are. Then they simulate a computerized fight 1000 times and whoever wins the most is the winner. The cinematic is merely for show. Also in real life ninjas aren't as deadly as they are known as. Looking back on their history they specialized in intimidation more than actual fighting. They would convince people they could walk on water or break down a wall with their bare hands to frighten future enemies. Psychological warfare. They spread legends and rumors about themselves and these rumors stuck good. In reality they were very well trained in many things but they were not as lethal as a spartan. In history they usually instigated an attack giving them the element of surprise. If a spartan would surprise attack a ninja who has no quarrel with the spartan he would die before he knew he was battling. I am out of letters.
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