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pankcakes are better than waffles

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Started: 4/17/2012 Category: Entertainment
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hi my name is pam and i think pankcakes are better than waffles. 2 reason why are 1-there fun to make as a whole family, 2- one of america classic breakfest, 3- you have more space to put whatever decorations you want


I'd like to thank my opponent for challenging me to this debate. My contention is that both are absolutely delicious, and that none is better than the other - they're both just beyond compare. Please note that my opponent has the burden of proof in this debate. She has to demonstrate the absolute superiority of pancakes over waffles.

Any food is fun to make as the whole family so long as you've got the right attitude. If you come to pancake-making with a frown on your face you won't have a lot of fun making pancakes. Waffles are trickier to make, meaning more family time, but at the end of the day they're both foods the whole family can participate in the making of ( about 40 recipies for waffles, most of which even children can safely participate in). So yeah, they're both family-friendly to prepare.

I also contend that both pancakes and waffles are classic american breakfasts. There are even waffles called American Waffles (

Finally, while it is true pancakes can usually be made thinner (assuming you have a large enough pan) and can usually be given more decoration therefore, the thinner the pancake is the less flavor it has. Some people will inevitably like more flavorsome food and choose waffles, others more decorated food and choose pancakes - ultimately both are good breakfast choices. It's all a matter of what you prefer.

I look forward to my opponent's second round and wish her good luck for the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my argument and its true waffles are trickier to make. but since people learned about cooking with batter they learned to make pancakes and yeah there are a lot of waffles to make but pancakes are still more family friendly with the idea of a little kid to ask his mom or dad to make them in a type of design. the problem with waffles is you cant make them in a way you want like for baby's you could make Mickey mouse, or Donald duck. I do think that both breakfast dishes are good but pancakes still are better. like my opponent stated "the thinner the pancake is the less flavor it has", you cant judge the thinness of a pancake because everyone likes them at different lengths. you probably think that but other people might not.


My opponent has apparently conceeded that some people like pancakes better, and others like waffles better. This implies that none of these breakfasts are objectively better than the other. Nevertheless, my opponent still brings up a new argument that I'd be happy to rebut.

While it is true pancakes can be made in a variety of shapes and designs, waffles can also. It all depends on what shape you use for the waffle iron. Indeed, waffles are even easier to get into the right shape than pancakes, because waffle irons can be sold in mickey mouse shapes or whatever other kind of waffle you'd like to indulge in. Differing waffle irons is the principal difference between waffles around the world ie Belgian and American waffles are almost the same except for their shape. Besides that, some people quite like the distinctive waffle shape. For these people, waffles are clearly the best, since making a pancake in a waffle shape is incredibly hard.

So again, my argument is that both are really great and that any supposed superiority of one over the other is just personal opinion.
Debate Round No. 2


Even though my opponent explained that you could also make waffles into shapes and actually buy the waffle irons in the specific shape id like to rebut another argument. Id like to state what my opponent said ,"waffles are clearly the best,since MAKING a pancake in a waffle shape is incredibly hard", id like to say that probably for my opponent ist hard but for other people it might not be hard in other words my opponent was just begging the question . also going back to our original argument when you overcook a waffle they get really hard but with pancakes they don't they probably get burned i admit but at least not hard that you cant eat them.
Also id like to site this website saying that pancakes dont need special equipment.
Thats all id like to say and thanks for taking your time and looking at my side and how pancakes are better than waffles


There's a difference between begging the question and claiming two things are equally good. That claim does not inherantly beg the question of which is better, because none of them are better. The fact is that for some people pancakes are superior, for other people waffles are superior, and nothing my opponent has said changes that.

Pancakes need pans, waffles need irons. Both need "special equipment". Even my opponent's source agrees pancakes need pans. That's why they're called pancakes.

Finally my opponent says pancakes are harder to get wrong. Actually pancakes get hard and brown when overcooked - it's quite disgusting. Try overcooking a pancake and see. Trust me, it isn't hard to do - the university hall where I stay at manages to do it every Sunday.

My opponent has given seven reasons in this debate, but all have been equally applicable to pancakes and waffles. That's why I think she hasn't met her burden of proof. The resolution is negated.
Debate Round No. 3
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