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people have as much right to switch race as they do to switch gender

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Started: 7/1/2015 Category: Philosophy
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the woman in the news recently who said she was black even though she grew up white, got a lot of flak for it. yet, bruce jenner only got high marks for switching to female.

to be sure, skin color is just skin, whereas sex is determiend by DNA. they might have even more of a right to switch race.

im lookin to debate someone who thinks gender changing is okay, but not race changing


Hello to Dairy Girl, you may not remember me, but you were one of my first opponents on this site. Time flies. Well, on to business.

The crucial difference between these two is your use of gender and sex indiscriminately. See, you are born with your sex: your DNA determined that. Gender's a slippery beast though. Gender is how you define your self. Homosexual is not a sex: it' s a gender. You can be a gay man or woman, you can't be a straight lesbian. That would fall closer to bisexuality, which is a distinct gender of its own.

Now race: there's a bigger problem there. Race is a biological thing, like hair colour. You can't identify as Ginger. Perhaps you want to identify with the culture of a different race? You are at that point assigning a behaviour pattern to a group based on skin colour: negative or positive, it's a racist argument. Make no mistake, I am not accusing anyone of anything, merely pre-emptively countering a possible argument.

See you next round,

Debate Round No. 1


you are correct that there are differences between gender and sex. but you describe them wrong. gender is how one identifies, not their sexual orientation.
regardless, why can't there be a term for how one identifies racially? your whole argument is about definitions etc. in its essences changnig races isn't much differnt than changing sex or 'gender'


Hello everyone, and welcome to the fifth sixth draft of this post, now that I've finally gone over my old notes to help clarify everything. I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

1; Yeah, I haven't much reason to have mentioned sexual orientation, my bad. When we say gender, we refer to the expectations we have of both sides, making it a socially designed concept based on the stereotypes we associate with each respective gender. When Sex is mentioned in this context; it's a biological aspect, not something you can just redefine about yourself so easily. I mention this again because you have compared the relationship between gender and sexuality with race. Well...

2; You might be thinking that there must be the same thing with Race. Well, Race as first conceived is an 18th-19th century idea that is rooted in terms like Negroid and Aryan. It was popularised under Arthur de Gobineau's "Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races", which asserted falsely that "Caucasians" were both intellectually and morally superior to "Negroids". The term I think would suit the debate best is Ethnicity, which is the shared culture and history of a group. Your skin colour shouldn't determine if you are part of a group at all, and if you wish to become part of a certain ethnic group, that is up to whether or not you share the culture and background of the group.

3; To change one's gender is to change expected the roles and actions society expects of you. Gender and Ethnicity don't share the ability to switch so easily. Gender is almost universally similar worldwide, and so has less of a historical or cultural background to it, meaning transitioning offends substantially fewer than trying to do the same with your ethnic identity. I would appreciate if you could offer a link to the stories in question; they may help this discussion further. In the absence of such a link; someone who claims to be identifying as black while not having the same culture or background as the people they refer to as black is seemingly just attempting to appear more diverse.

I think this debate goes to show that while ethnicity is still an issue we struggle with today, it's something ingrained in our own cultures for centuries, and even using the right language is an issue all in itself. One doesn't need to feel guilty for any passing thoughts that would be considered offensive if they are never put to harmful use, and if one declares themselves part of a race rather than an ethnic group, then they are trying to hard to be part of something they would naturally fall into if they words rang true.

See you next round,

Debate Round No. 2


cons points are hard to follow cause of the way he writes.

someone can be born dark complected, yet be caucasion, and feel an affinity for blacks. just like those who feel like they want to be a different sex. why does one get to change and the other doesn't?


I tried to cut out the fluff with that last post to make things clear.

Sex and Race are different things. Sexuality is based on hormones and social upbringing. You can be born attracted to one gender or the other, or both. If someone "switches" to the other gender in this manner, it's because they've always considered themselves that gender but have been afraid of the social consequences of admitting it.

Race is not real. There is less than 0.1% of a difference between someone of black skin and someone of white skin, and that's down to being from different families. If someone thinks their skin colour is different to what it actually is, and they don't undergo somekind of surgery, they have no right to declare themselves black. If someone believes they can insert themselves into an ethinic group, ie; based on shared cultural and historical background that ties them together, but speak of it solely in terms of skin colour, then they simply expose how little they actually know of that group and think of it in the most shallow terms.

See you all next debate

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by hldemi 2 years ago
Is changing species human right ? If I wanna be a cat can I be a cat ? I might feel like a cat so I wanna be one physically.

Sure let me be a cat if thats possible. I dont see any problem with this. The point is CAN I BE A CAT? If I can then why not allow me to decide my fate.

Same with skin color. Was late Michael Jackson white or black ?
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