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people have as much right to switch race as they do to switch sex

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Started: 7/2/2015 Category: Politics
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the woman in the news recently who said she was black even though she grew up white, got a lot of flak for it. yet, bruce jenner only got high marks for switching to female.

to be sure, skin color is just skin, whereas sex is determiend by DNA. they might have even more of a right to switch race.

im lookin to debate someone who thinks gender changing is okay, but not race changing


I shall keep this logical and simple:

People have change genders generally have either medical or mental reasons that help them.

They do this not just for the fun of it, because their whole life part of their body may actually be female or male. Some times they lack testosterone...

There is no medical reason to change a race.
Honestly if there was no racisim why would be need to change their color? so in a way change races just shows how racially divided we are!

So why would you change color except if you hate your own race and choose not to be part of it, what kind of senseless act is that?
Debate Round No. 1


con says they sometimes lack testesterone. sometimes a white person may be more darkly complected than normal. doesn't that give them as much right as those who lack testosterone? and besides, most of the time such as with bruce jenner there isn't anything to do with problems with the sex. in this case there's just as much basis to change race as ther eis with sex.

people dont just change race cause they hate their own. the woman in the news recently didn't have white. she might have loved blacks, but then anyone who switches genders loves that sex more, that's why they switch. if there's any racisim, there's jsut as much sexism. really, this has nothign to do with it. some people jsut identify one way or hte other more


no some people have health issues, change genders and their health issue is resolved. There are many cases of this like the evidence supported.

what health issues are there for a skin color?

And yes, the women who changed to black had racial issues, thus she becaome a presedent for the NAACP, and protested with many people who also claimed hate crimes despite lack of evidence.

There will always be people like Jenner who make a scene, but they also have some sort of mental issue that has them identify with the other gender, this happens WITHOUT social interaction..

Let me go futher on this point.

Race is a social thing. Its a culteral hertidge what defines race is the actions, customs and behaviors of that race.

Gender is something chosen at birth, however it also has natural predispositions such as homonal balances, attractions to a gender, and what not.

It has been proven that most boys and girls have natural gender identities without social interactions. And that some naturally start to behave closer to the other gender. They also grow up to show that they might lack hormones. This is all without social interference.

So no I cant go and become Asian tomorrow.
Debate Round No. 2


what do you mean "health issues"? I noted darker complected skin. plus this is only for some people, most who switch just feel it necessary for no health reason.

you cited one example of someone who might have had racial issues, but not all who want to switch have racial issues.

con posits an interesting point that gender is from birth, and race is cultural. I can only suspect that some people 'feel' a different color from birth, but i'm not sure. good point con.


Health issues, some people who have a gender change have a better health because of it mentally, alleviating gender dysphoria and phyiscally with hormone imbalances.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Max.Wallace 3 years ago
You cannot change what you were at birth, no matter how bad science butchers you up, your DNA remains the same. Period.
Posted by Dilara 3 years ago
Your race is also determined by your DNA. No one can truly physically change their gender or race as their DNA will always be that of their original gender or Race.
Posted by Defro 3 years ago
I think gender changing is ok but changing race is not ok!
Posted by Defro 3 years ago
I would like to accept this debate please let me accept!
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Reasons for voting decision: Con failed to present a convincing argument. Their argument was fairly illogical and dismissed pro's points. Pro's argument was detailed and very convincing, but didn't use any sources.
Vote Placed by Wylted 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro seems to forfeit at the, but I'll refrain from argument points, because both sides were lacking. Con was the only side to use sources to back up his argument., so source points from that. Pro failed to use any capitalization at all, so I'll deduct grammar for that. My grammar sucks also, but you should show some effort.