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people should stop killing rhinos before theirs no more left.

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Started: 12/11/2015 Category: TV
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rhinos were here after the dinosaurs and they still are. they should be kept alive and let roam free. killing rhinos for their horns isn't fair. they don't killing us just for one thing we have. their kill to defend themselves. wouldn't you do the same. my point is let these pretty animals stay alive or get a fighting chance too.


People should stop killing rhinos before there is none left

Thank you, bradend, for instigating this debate.

Negation Case

Preamble: Antinatalism is a worldview which explores the often ignored question: is life worth living? Despite the initial, carnal rejection of such a notion, a logical and reasoned approach is far more convincing than you might otherwise think.

Premise: Rhinoceros can suffer
Due to having a vertebrate, rhinoceros do indeed have the capacity to suffer [1].

Premise: Suffering is of value
If suffering was desirable, then why do animals attempt to avoid it? We clearly do try to avoid it, hence it is not desirable, and therefore has a negative value. This, as Singer observed, is corroborated with the facts of animals: “having facial contortions, writhing, moaning, yelping and appearance of fear at the prospect of its repetition” [2]. I believe it to be self-evident that suffering is something to avoid.

Negation Arguments

Link: Dead rhinoceros cannot suffer
According to Benetarian Asymmetry, if rhinoceros were to never exist, there would be lack of suffering (a positive) and no rhinoceros would miss pleasure (neutral). Yet if they were to exist, there creates a capacity for both pleasure and suffering, and so the result is neutral, rather than the positive involved with never existing [3].

In light of this, killing all current rhinoceros prevent future suffering, in the form of existing the wild. As Richard Dawkins writes, “The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation” [4]. This means that 15,000 (rhinoceros in Africa) and 3,000 (rhinoceros in Asia) are in the wild, suffering greatly from the barbaric, unregulated nature of the wild.

Furthermore, poachers, if they get a hold of rhinoceros, can dehorn them. According to official wildlife protection sites, poacher’s version of dehorning cuts deeper into the horn, and whilst de-horning can be painless, the poacher’s version will not be [6]. In South Africa alone, in 2014, a record number of 1215 rhinoceros were brutally poached [7]. If rhinoceros didn’t exist, then there would be none to painfully poach.

Link: Save money on preventing poaching
The cost of arresting a poacher, not including the cost of chasing and not arresting poachers, totals more than $2000 per person. So, if rhinoceros were not to exist, Wildlife Authority could save $2000 per person [5].


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