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persevering debater please! No quitters

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Started: 2/22/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hi, so usually all the people I debate are quitters. After I post my argument they just stop debating. So I decided to set up a debate with a debater who will not quit. Once you read this and want to debate, then challenge me to a debate (any topic is fine, you can choose).


"[Any] topic is fine, you can choose"

The topic is:

"There exists a triangle whose internal angles do not add up to 180 degrees"


Triangle - A 2 dimensional three sided shape strictly in Euclidean geometry (i.e. non hyperbolic, non elliptic, non differential etc.)[1]

Over to pro.


[1] -;
Debate Round No. 1


haha, very funny.


My opponent has elected to not make any arguments. I will proceed to demonstrate why a triangle has angles which must sum to 180 degrees.

This demonstrates why the angles sum to 180 degrees

The explanation of why the angles correspond can be found here:;

By showing that the same angle is produced on two parallel lines by antoher single line, one can use the idea of vertically opposite angles to show why the diagram shown on the first link is correct.

Over to my opponent to give his counter example.
Debate Round No. 2


Oh thanks, man. I didn't know that.

My refutation:

I totally agree with you. You definitely win the topic of "persevering debater please! No quitters" with your triangle example. Good debate, man. You're really good at debating; you should become a lawyer someday.


There is no basis on which I cannot win this debate. I have perevered and chosen a debate title (my opponent would accept any debate) as my opponent requested. Within that debate, I have also won; my opponent has not demonstrated that a triangle whose angles do not sum to 180 degrees exists. As such, the only fair course of action is to vote con! Furthermore, in round 3 my opponent stated himself that he thinks I should win. Vote con!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by robertqiu 4 years ago
muffin8or, I respect you for your debating skill and intelligence. You have properly proved that a triangle's angle sum adds to 180 degrees. You should definitely win this debate. You guys should all appreciate this wonderful man, who honorably debated with me. Please vote con.
Posted by muffin8or 4 years ago
Even though it is a one sided debate, a winner can be pronounced
Posted by Consummator 4 years ago
Really this is a bad debate.

One sided debates are just boring.
Posted by xXCryptoXx 4 years ago
LOL. Never, EVER, let your opponent choose the debate! xD
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