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Beastiality is wrong. But BESTiality is the best.


Wut r u lookin at punk....

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Should nudity be allowed in public?


In my argument I'd like to say that nudity should be allowed in public. I believe that this will befit society, because if we make nudity a more normal thing we should be more comfortable with our bodies, futhermore people would have less anxiety about the way they look, and how people will judge them. Because they will already be in the nude. And it will be already normal....

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Is there free will?


Is there free will? I will be taking CON. The burden of proof lies on PRO. First round is for definition of terms. You can dispute definitions throughout as part of the debate. Second round is for opening statements, and remaining rounds (and, if you like, sequel debates) are for rebuttal. Free will - The making of a choice from within, not relying on outside forces Unfree will - The making of a choice from without, relying on outside forces Will - The making of a choice in any way Lib...

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Is the Islamic State Morally Just?


Hello, my pseudonym is Codename_X, and I would like to debate wether or not the Islamic Stateis as a group morally justified, in not only the eyes of extremists, but also other people who do not share the Islamic State's beliefs. The con (myself) will argue why the Islamic State is not in any way justified to take the extreme actions they...

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Proving your existence to another person is impossible


Hello, I have attempted this debate before, and seen it done, but both the person who did it first and I were trolled by vi_spex. If you want to know how then look at any debate they have ever done. Also we must both prove our arguments to be true rather than simply refute the other person's arguments. Here is my first argument. :) If you existed, then I would not be able to tell the difference between that and if you did not exist. Rene Descartes quote "cognito ergo sum" does not apply here,...

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Winter Regular tournament R1: Resolved, the USFG should legalize Euthanasia


This is round one of the Winter Regular Debate Tournament. This debate will be about the legalization of the nationally controversial topic that is Euthanasia.Important definitionsUSFG: United States Federal Government.Euthanasia: Also called mercy killing;

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Humans are Vile beings.


Humans are definitely vile beings. We fight constant wars for pointless reasons. For example, in some parts of the world, people are battling to get others to convert to their religion. They will force others to convert by any means necessary. They will not stop until they either win or are completely destroyed. Another reason we fight wars is for resources and money. Humans will do anything to get their hands on money and other luxuries. Even if it means killing others. Ergo, humans are the mos...

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Santa is real for those who believe?


I am for this argument because if you believe in a religion you think its real so people who think Santa is real shouldn't be told otherwise. A fact doesn't make a reality, its your perceptions that makes your reality....

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Euthanasia should be available to everyone who is considering suicide.


My position is that euthanasia should be available to anyone who wishes to kill themselves. I am not stating that everyone will have easy access to euthanasia like they have access to a can of Coke. There must be counselling, talking with the families, and a lot of time to reconsider the decision. This is important because the individual cannot be making this decision because of treatable mental health issue or a sudden whim of emotion. This must be a rational decision based on their convictio...

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Is bearing a child immoral?


The moral argument against bearing a child can be told in a short parable. Once upon a time, there was a man who was leading a banal life style. He was living boring but pain-free life. Then, a demon approached and suggested a gamble for him. There were 100 cups with clear solutions. 99 cups contained water. 1 of them contained poison. If the man chose a cup with water and drank it, he would lead a happy life in everlasting paradise. If the man chose a cup with poison, he would regret the very...

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