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3 divided by 0 equals 3 - Debate Two


I wish to debate spex on this topic once more (only once), as he still seems unconvinced about this.By agreeing to the debate you agree to the following:72 hours to argue, 8,000 characters max per argument.Any offensive content, including, but not limited to, swearing, derogatory language, and insulting will result in a forfeiture of the debate by the offender.If you wish to state the definition, feel fre...

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Racist Minute Men should be stopped from killing thousands of Hispanics/ burying them in mass graves


There are racist everywhere. I do not care about people's personal opinions. I care about human lives being taken. Human rights violators commit thousands of crimes. Should we as humans, with a belief that everyone has a basic minimum right, allow this to continue? Should we condone what they are doing and in return do it ourselves? I mean if we allow it, is that not the same as doing it ourselves?...

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LIVE DEBATE: The "Right to be Forgotten" as a Civil Right


PrefaceThanks so much to Zaradi for fitting this into his schedule and for agreeing to participate. I am looking forward to doing a legitimate LD round again!The voting floor is set at 2000 ELO. Please do not vote unless you have some rudimentary (or better) familiarity with LD.Full TopicThat the "right to be forgotten" from internet searches Ought to be a Civil RightNon-Live Debate Structu...

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Can a human truly be liberated from their ego


I don't feel that a person has the ability to become truly liberated from their ego. Often referred to as enlightened. These and other similar terms to me mean that a person is no longer attached to there ego and void of self....

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Free-will is a more irrational belief than young Earth Creationism


The atheist-controlled or anti-religious media has come out to attack Creationism, but not free-will believers even though based on modern science free-will is much more of an irrational belief than denying evolution or the arguments young Earth Creationists use. The reason why most people don't know this is because the media and society hasn't come out to attack free-will believers like how they've attacked Creationists. Atheists haven't made documentaries or web sites and stuff about it...

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Logically speaking, Nothing cannot exist.


Why is there something rather than nothiing? Round 1. Acceptance Round 2. Arguments Round 3. Rebuttals/Arguments Round 4. No new points, further support for arguments, rebuttals and conclusion

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Some cases of Turture are minamally, morally acceptable


(1). Torture is to inflict server pain on, either mentally or physically for the purpose of breaking their will. (2). Psychological forms of torture and ill-treatment, which very often have the most long-lasting consequences for victims, commonly include: isolation, threats, humiliation, mock executions, and witnessing the torture of others. (3). Some cases of torture are due to extreme emergencies. (4). Torture can be considered an effective form of punishment in some instances. (5). Killin...

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Abortion is morally acceptable


I know there's been about a million of these debates but I haven't often debated the issue and would like some practice :) First round is for acceptance and for anything you would like to say before the debate. To clarify on what I am arguing, I am arguing that, if the mother's life is not in danger, abortion is morally wrong....

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Free will does not exist in the mind.


People claim that there is no such thing as free will. Everything is because of fate and so. Maybe free will does/does not exist in the reality. But now I want to start with something different. I have made this debate impossible to accept, and if you find a way to accept it then you have lost this debate. To whoever is interested please comment below.This debate will start after 1 month or less. I am very busy in November. The BoP is shared clearly. 72 hours to argue. 10,000 ch...

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Minimal Moral Justifican for Torture


There are outstanding discrepancies of moral justice/injustice that appear to be betwixt and between of resolution that are subsequent to the act of torture. The foundation of torture has spiraled ethical controversies, concerning the righteous boundaries of such procedures and whether they should be acceptably retained. In agreement with those who are in favor of tortuous acts up to the degree that it does not conflict with total morale, we can concur that torture is performed centrally as a me...

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