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Is killing other people for survival OK?


Do you think killing another human being is justified if for means of survival? I believe that there are more important things than survival. At what point is the need to kill another in order to survive wrong? What type of life involves killing others in order to live a life full of sorrow? Putting others lives beneath your own.What makes them less worthy of life? A better question would be what make you more worthy? By reading this you have probally answered many question that basically quest...

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Is "God" real?


Looking to debate an Atheist with a secular philosophical argument against a creator existing!...

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Are Direct Taxes Bad


As pro I will be arguing that taxes are theoretically bad for society. Con will argue that they are theoretically good. This is a philosophical debate. No sources are needed as it all comes from a personal philosophical point of view. ---------------------------- Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: 3 point argument (no Rebuttles and no more than 3 points) Round 3: Rebuttles (no bringing up new info, just debunking statements) Round 4: Closing Statements (No Rebuttles, just closing off your argumen...

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Selflessness does not Exist


The proponent (myself) should attempt to maintain that all examples of human behavior are inherently selfish. The opponent should attempt to establish the existence of any case of human behavior that is devoid of selfishness. Round 1: Acceptance only Round 2: Opening arguments Round 3: Responses/rebuttals/additional arguments Round 4: Responses/rebuttals/additional arguments Round 5: Closing statements...

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most people know right from wrong.


i am challenging my buddy Xxzefd to a debate about whether or not most people know right from wrong. i am not saying that objective morality does not exist. i do think that most people might know a little about right and wrong but not much as most peoples opinions on right and wrong change so much and every population contradicts almost every other population on moral issues. we even contradict each other. i think this is an open and shut case for me but my friend seems to think otherwise. im no...

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Heaven/Hell cannot exist.


This will be my first debate after months of reading many great debaters debates such as bluesteel, 16kadams, bsh1, Envisage, Zarroette, ImaBench. Though they do not know me, I am very grateful for making their opinions available for everyone to consider. Our debate here calls heaven and hell' existence into question. This of course causes the christian god' existence to be called into question. I will primarily be arguing the prior, as the latter is a natural conclusion. Here is some cla...

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This debate is should not be possible to accept. If you are interested post a comment. Greetings people of DDO! I saw this topic being discussed in the forums and in some debates in the recent past, but none of them seemed satisfactory to me, so here I go trying it on my own.As Pro I will argue that abortion is always a justifiable course of action, thus Con will argue that it is not the case that abortion is a justifiable course of action (this can...

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Evolution exists!


Evolution exists. Now make clear I am not debating if God exists or not, but I am debating evolution itself. If evolution truly does not exist, then explain why there have been skulls found of creatures very simalar to us. These skulls become closer and closer to a human skull. On the topic of human qualities, explain why we have a very simlar genetic code to apes. We have a 96% DNA match with chimps, a 90% DNA match with cats, a 80% match with cows, and a 75% match with mice. Notice the pattern...

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Eternal life is existing


The basic premise proceeds from the assumption that the probability of a world coming into existence exactly like our own is greater than zero (we know this because our world exists). If space is infinite, then cosmology tells us that our existence will recur an infinite number of times. We also know for a fact that we are made of atoms and particles. Giving infinite time and space, there will eventually be same atoms and particles IN SAME ORDER, therefore our existence is cyclical and not li...

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Capital Punishment Should Be Legal


Hey Charles, I'd like to challenge you to this debate on capital punishment. First rounds are for acceptance. Second round is for laying out your points. The other rounds are for rebukes and rebuts....

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