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phone guy faked is death in five nights at freddys??

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Started: 2/19/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Phone guy faked is death. In night 4 in fnaf 1 you get a phone call of phone guy panicking because the animatronics are very aggressive. Phone guy had a door banged on 3 times in a row. Foxy has NEVER banged on the door 3 times in a row. (You can listen to the phone call) Phone guy could of banged on the door to look like he was dying. than freddys song plays and if he would of played the song the power would of ran out and the phone would shut off, and the noise was to loud for him to play it in the kitchen. So he recorded freddy play it in the day time. Phone guy than moaned like the animatronics would. Than you here golden freddys yell which he could duplicate by his yell. It is clear to me that phone guy FAKED his death



I accept the challenge to debate with you. I am con as I am against the fact that the Phone Guy faked his death in Five Nights At Freddy's. Opponent has seemed to mistaken which position he/she is supporting as they should be pro and I should be con unless they are against said claim. Since this is mostly speculation, sources will be kept to a minimum while logic and reasoning will determine the outcome of my arguments and rebuttals.


#1: It is universally accepted that the Phone Guy had truly died in Five Nights At Freddy's.

Even though opponent claims that the Phone Guy did not die and he was merely faking his death, all other people disagree. In fact, it is universally accepted by everyone - whether it's gamers, fans, or even critics - that the Phone Guy had truly died in Night 4 [1]. No matter what source is viewed, it will always confirm that the Phone Guy did indeed die during Night 4 in Five Nights At Freddy's, as this link [2] of Google clearly shows that any website discussing Phone Guy's death will always state that he actually died from the animatronics in Night 4. While there is one video link that is against this, that is merely a theory and is not factual nor credible - the other sources are either factual and/or legitimate. Simply put, opponent's claim is false as all other sources and people on the internet claim the exact opposite, whether or not they are legitimate or they provide evidence and logic/reasoning.

#2: Phone Guy cannot imitate the sounds of the animatronics spot-on.

Though the game presumably took place in the 1980's and web-chats were still a fantasy, sound recorders can still be examined to determine if the sounds recorded are legitimate or fake. All the sound effects heard within the recording of Night 4 are legitimate. With the exception of the door banging, all other sound effects cannot be faked by the Phone Guy. Listening to each of the sound effects closely, one can notice that they sound exactly the same as their in-game counterparts - the moaning sounds exactly like Bonnie's and Chica's moaning, while Golden Freddy's yell and Freddy's song are exactly the same as well. The moaning is extremely difficult to do, as the moaning has a raspy noise to it and it seems to be extended without any pauses. Unless you have a talented voice, you cannot moan with a raspy voice and not pause for an extended period of time. Golden Freddy's yell is also special as it is deep and listening to the Phone Guy, you can also tell that his voice is simply too high pitched to sound like that. It has also been revealed that Golden Freddy's voice as simply a child's yell but sped up and with a low pitch [3], including the other animatronics. There is no possible way for the Phone Guy to have a static voice as the sound quality from the recorder is extremely good. Again, tape cassettes back in the day had low sound quality, and even if the Freddy theme song was recorded, it would have sounded much worse.

#3: Phone Guy himself reveals the location/time of his recordings.

This may seem a bit far-fetched, but continue reading to understand where I'm getting at. During the first night, the Phone Guy clearly tells you that he is also a security guard that is working night shift at the pizzeria [4]. This means that there is no way for the security guard to work during the day and thus cannot fake his death during the day, which is the only logical time to fake his death (as you can actually die during the night). He also claims that he worked there before you and that he is finishing up his final week at the restaurant. He gives you tutorials and even warnings about the animatronics. According to the calls from nights 2-3, he appears to sound nervous as he stutters, says certain things quietly, and is talking as if there is somebody that does not want him to reveal any crucial information to the player. The Phone Guy also tells you to check the cameras while he is talking and warns that the animatronics get more active as the nights go by, and speaking in a nervous manner as if the animatronics are actually getting close to him (note how I said that he claimed to be making the recordings at night). Therefore, he is in the same room at you during the night when recording these messages, so there is no way to fake his own death, especially at a dangerous location at a dangerous time like that.

#4: Game logic prevents Phone Guy from faking death without contradictions.

In order for him to fake his death, the Phone Guy must have recorded his messages during the day and used fake sound effects or used his own voice to fake his death. However, there are many contradictions that prevent this. One contradiction is that the animatronics are not actively moving during the day; therefore, such sounds cannot be present in a day recording. And as explained earlier, only people with the right voice is able to imitate such sounds 1:1 without seeming fake by the slightest. Another contradiction is that the Phone Guy himself admitted that he works during the night, so as explained before, faking his death during the night is illogical and stupid. Finally, if the power went out, then it would not be possible to hear anything recorded after the power outage as the recorder is part of the phone and not a cassette tape. But the recording still continued despite the power going out and Freddy's theme song playing after, proving that the recording is indeed real - for it to be fake, the recording should have stopped after the power outage or continued to record even after his fake death in order to be fake.


I understand that my arguments are combined with my rebuttals and that they are extremely long. I just wanted to give it my all and not waste any rounds. Below are the sources used to back up my claims of in-game statements.

[3] (it is in the "Trivia" section)
[4] (open up the "Spoilers" section)
Debate Round No. 1


these are all fan made stuff, its not cold hard facts, their is no need for me to say anything else because these are not facts they are ideas


It appears that opponent does not understand my arguments nor does he understand the culture of debates in general. Since he has misinterpreted and refused to make any rebuttals and arguments - until he has confirmed this, it will be assumed that he forfeited the round. I extend my arguments to the next round until then.
Debate Round No. 2


you just copied and pasted so you loose. I WIN YAY



"these are all fan made stuff, its not cold hard facts, their is no need for me to say anything else because these are not facts they are ideas"

Look at what I posted in the previous round for clarification and details. What is opponent referring to? The arguments and rebuttals I presented in round one? Or the fact that I am taking this debate too seriously as hinted by the next phrase. Even if you assume that my arguments are false , you must still continue to argue no matter what. As you have failed to make new arguments and rebuttals, it has been confirmed that you have forfeited the previous round.

"you just copied and pasted so you loose. I WIN YAY"

I did not copy and paste - it appears that opponent is either ignorant of plagiarism or extremely stupid (no offense). One can clearly see that I have cited my information from credible sources. Opponent has not even attempted to use any source, let alone cite them nor use credible ones.

If opponent is referring to the fact that I extended my arguments in the previous round, that is not considered to be a stupid thing to do in a debate. Since you have forfeited the previous round, there was nothing for me to say since you forfeited; therefore, I have the right to extend my arguments. It is also recommended and used by many skilled debaters on this site to state that when their opponent has forfeited.


As there is nothing left for me to say as all arguments have been created in the first round, I will leave some comments and suggestions about opponent's debating skills. Opponent seems to have terrible spelling and grammar - I suggest they proofread very thoroughly before submitting their arguments to me. They also seem to extremely lacking in quantity. Next time, please write more to be more logical as well as to make opponents understand where you are getting at instead of being extremely vague. Also, use sources to gather information and use them as evidence to strengthen your arguments and to legitimize your claims. Finally, do not personally attack other people as you will be penalized by voters for having bad conduct and sportsmanship; it also extremely rude and disrespectful, and damages your reputation and pride.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
I'll challenge Levitation, and as for why the animatronics are scrapped, FNAF 2's building is the 3rd building in the company's thing, Fredbear's diner came first, then the 1st Freddy's Pzza, then they had to scrap that location thanks to purple man, then FNAF 2, equipped with facial recgognition to catch Purple man, then FNAF 1's place had to be opened.
Posted by Levitation 2 years ago
start this argument again I will go against you Shrek_sDerckkid
Posted by Levitation 2 years ago
start this argument again I will go against you Shrek_sDerckkid
Posted by Levitation 2 years ago
ok if it is a prequel how are all the normal characters old and why does the phone guy say the old charters are still there.
Posted by Levitation 2 years ago
phone guy did fake his death because 1 he is back in the 2nd one because he knew the old night guard was gone 2 If you notice he is also the murderer of the 5 children why would he not fake his death
Posted by Shrek_sDrecKid 3 years ago
It's a fact that it is a prequel - it was confirmed by Scott himself.
Posted by demonlord343 3 years ago
I actually have a theory that FNAF 2 is actually a sequel... Watch my videos when I play through FNAF 2, and I do explain why my sequel theory is actually correct..
Posted by KingFazbear 3 years ago
i know i messed up im supposed to be pro
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
Not so sure. I would say that he's still alive, but that's just me.
Posted by CooCooClockofDoom 3 years ago
Based on the fact that you are are CON for this debate, you should be against the fact that "phone guy" faked his death
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's rebuttals were either insufficient and/or fallacious. Con never showed how Pro's evidence was all "fan-made stuff" or even that it was copy-pasted. Therefore, I award Pro arguments. Sources go to Pro for them helping construct the credible, winning arguments for this debate.