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playstore game thread

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Started: 7/14/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I will give the name of games available on playstore. On the basis of few categories.
As a opponent you too have to provide a game available on playstore.on basis of the category. you should ptovide famous games so that people will like that

Category1 -first person shooting/action game.

My preference is modern combat 4.

Whats yours?


This is my first debate ever, so I don't think this will be a very good argument. Thank you for instigating the debate!

Name: Vainglory
Genre: MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena)
Developer: SuperEvilMegaCorp
Awards: Editor's Choice, Apple Design Award.
Popularity: Vainglory features the most popular mobile esports community.

My main points are that Vainglory is better because it is constantly updated, features better graphics, has a bigger community, and has smarter gameplay. Vainglory is an MOBA that was released on November 16, 2014. Since then it has been continually updated every month, while Modern Combat 4 has stopped its updates.

Vainglory is powered by the E.V.I.L engine which has 60 frames per second. The graphics were so good it received the Apple Design Award during the iphone 6 release.

The community on vainglory is constantly growing, especially the competitive community. Since vainglory was made an official esports game, famous gaming companies including Team Solomid and SK gaming have decided to jump in the competitive scene.

Modern Combat 4 is a FPS game. Although I acknowledge that FPS games require strategy, the absence of tactical pings and a good matchmaker make it not a "smart game." In modern combat 4, it is not rare to be put in a game against a guy with really OP guns, and he kills you no matter what you do, because your gear is no match against his. In vainglory. this is no issure as it does not have any pay to win aspects, and in every match, everbody starts the match with the same stats. In MC4 you start a match with guns you have bought. In vainglory, you start with a hero with different strengths and weaknesses, and everybody has similar stats. Vainglory is all about strategy, choosing heroes to counter your opponents, and building appropriate items to get an upper edge against your opponent. Besides skill, nobody has a edge against his opponents. Another problem of MC4 is that, the idea is really simple: shoot your enemies, gain ground, capture objectives, and kill people. Positioning isn't really important, because you can just go in with a assault rifle, and mow everybody down. If you die, rinse and repeat, or camp. In vainglory, strategy is much more vital. Even if you are just a two second walk away from your support, if you don't have vision of your enemy, you can killed in a flash. Positioning is key. If I overextend to pressure my opponent, will I be in danger from a sneak attack? Do I know where my other opponents are? Tactical pings are there to give suggestion to your team, and keep them updated on information.

However, if you feel that it is too compeitive and complex for you, that is perfectly fine. In MC4, it is hard to create private matches because of the difficulty to get friends in the game. In vainglory, you can just add friends after every match you play. Then, if you want to just have fun, you can invite your friends to play a fun match with many of your own custom gamemodes including everybody goes lane, everybody buys scout traps, etc.

In conclusion, vainglory is a better game because it has better graphics, a better community, better and smarter gameplay, not pay to win, and can be played both casually and competitvely.
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Category 2 - open world game that includes driving shooting,etc. NOT GTA V OK.

MY opinion- grand theft auto san andreas.

What yours?
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