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Was Ronald Reagan a Good President?


I will start off by simply stating, Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest presidents in our history. That, of course, is my opinion. I want to be the one to rebut first in this argument, so I will use my first round as a pass. I will gladly rebut any statements that prove that Ronald Reagan was a bad president. I believe that I can not only accomplish at destroying these arguments, but also making strong points in showing you how he was one of the finest presidents America has ever had....

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Monarchy vs Autocracy


Before we begin, when I say monarchy, I mean absolute; and when I autocracy, I mean rule by a single group of military or financial officials. I will be taking the position of Monarchy being superior to Autocracy, and you must prove to me the opposite....

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Should colleges be free?


Colleges should not be made free: First Round is Acceptance Second round is our case Third round are rebuttals...

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Socialism: could it work in the western world?


Socialism as a definition: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. First round: Acceptance. By accepting this argument you agree to present a valid argument in which prove socialism is not a valid form of political ideology that is suitable for the modern world. (Take note that grammar will be a contributing factor to this debate). Source...

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Healthcare and Education (Kindergarten - College) should be free


I would like to debate the follwing issue: Healthcare and Education (Kindergarten - College) should be free Here are the rules: -1st round is acceptance -Con and I will have 72 hours to debate and 3 rounds each -Con an I have to use reliable sources and rational arguments -No insults...

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Pro Life


I personally am pro-life, I believe it is wrong to kill innocent babies who don't have a choice or say. I believe that it is the job of a mother to protect and take care of her children not brutally murder them. A life is a life whether it is the size of a pea or 300 pounds it is still a life a deserves to live in this world. As soon as the baby is made it has a soul, therefore that souls deserves to live its life. I 100% believe that it is wrong to kill lives who haven't even had the chance to...

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Snipers are cowards


This debate was inspired by director Michael Moore's tweet calling snipers cowards who will shoot you in the back. *Note, the "shoot you in the back" part is not a part of the resolution, but rather used to provide some more context. The full resolution is "Snipers are cowards."* http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2916171/They-cowards-not-heroes-Michael-Moore-slams-military-assassins-Oscar-tipped-movie-American-Sniper-hits-theaters.html If you want to take Pro and debate me, please le...

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My stance: Racism is illegitimate and contains no logic whatsoever. I am totally against racism as a Christian. I would like to debate the ethics and the justifiability of racism amongst Christians, so please only respond if you are Christian yourself. Please post your argument in the next text box....

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Gay marriage?


Gays are human. Its not like they are aliens! They can have babies as well. Lesbian can produce babies. A gay couple can adopt. I don't have anything against the bible, but it doesn't state that same sex can't married. I believe that people should be able to follow their heart. Even if that leads them to gay/lesbian marriage. These people are just expressing themselves....

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Communism is a better system than capitalism


'a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.' That is the definition we will be using (which admittedly leaves a lot to interpretation) 1st round will be acceptance. You are not allowed to argue over semantics. I'll be very interested to have this debate...

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