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Barack Obama is a good president


Round 1: Opening statements Round 2: Facts/Argument Round 3:Facts/Argument Round 4: Closing statements I look forward to my opponent's response. Good luck. I think President Obama has accomplished nothing in his 2 terms as president....

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Scandinavia & France are both Socialist states, Yet why has Scandinavia done better than France?


Essentially both countries have very socialist policies, both believe in a strong welfare state, both tax highly and have good public services... Yet how comes France is seemingly crumbling whilst Scandinavian countries aren't? Could it be smaller populations, less regulation and more natural resources that have helped Scandinavia outperform not just France but the rest of Europe or does it stem from that Viking spirit?...

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Democracy is no longer the best form of government.


Welcome to whomever accepts my argument. I am arguing against democracy (Pro), and my competitor will argue for democracy (Con). In the first round, we will offer our initial opening opinions; second round we will offer rebuttals; third round we will address the rebuttals and wrap up our arguments. In my writing class, we have an assignment to choose a stance on a topic of our choosing, and give claims and warrants to support our ideals. The topic I have chosen is the fault of democracy...

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Refusal of Service in a Business


This debate will be about the refusal of service to in anyone in a business setting. There are no rules on this one. First round will be for you to introduce your argument and acceptance of the debate. My Opening Thesis: Even though People who own businesses believe they can refuse service to anyone they deem unfit in society. In other words; they would be discriminating., I am against it. because discrimination is not only morally wrong, but it is illegal in the US. The civil rights...

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Killing an unborn child is inherently wrong, and therefore can never be justified regardless of circumstances. It is no more just to kill an unborn child in order to avoid hardship than it would be to kill a toddler to avoid hardship. Because the unborn child is unseen, it is easier for society to condone killing him or her, though this is morally indistinguishable from killing any child at any stage of development... In addition, abortion does not solve the deeper problems that have contribu...

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Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel's show ?


Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford, was recently seen on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show. The question is that do you think Rob Ford used Jimmy Kimmel's show for his advantage in order to promote Toronto or was the show to the advantage of Jimmy Kimmel in getting some answers from the Toronto mayor for his recent behaviour? (this is my question for this argument and I'm redoing the debate due to the technical difficulty I experienced on this website)...

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Dictatorship is much better than than democracy.


First round is confirming raund....

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Islamophobia is a problem in the United States, and is not justified.


Pro will be arguing that Islamophobia is a problem, and/or isn't justified. Con will argue that it is not a problem, and/or that it is justified. For this debate, Islamophobia is defined as the following: Islamophobia (G6;=8;zl;3;H0;məG2;fəA0;b=8;ə) " n hatred or fear of Muslims or of their politics or culture Con is free to begin arguing in the first round, but in exchange can only make closing statements in the final round. To whoever my opponent is, good luck!...

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There is no good constitutional reason for the US to ban same-sex marriage.


Pro will be arguing that there is no good reason to ban same-sex marriage that doesn't go against the US constitution, Con will be arguing the opposite. Rules are as follows: 1) Round 1 for acceptance only. 2) Rounds 2, 3, and 4 are for arguments. 3) Round 5 is for closing statements. Good luck to my opponent....

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The 22nd Amendment of the United States of America should be repealed


I will be arguing pro; first round is for acceptance, second round is for presenting arguments, and the third and fourth rounds will be for the rebuttals and negative cross examinations.The 22nd Amendment reads as follows:22nd Amendment

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