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The Electoral College


In this debate, I will argue that the way the electoral college currently works is not a good way to elect the president. I would prefer to debate with someone genuinely supportive of the electoral college to better understand both points of view. Please keep the debate civilized and on topic, so don't be partisan on other topics. You (the challenger) bear the burden of proof, meaning that you have to prove that the electoral college is good. Your response should be acceptance and then your...

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Should Marijuana be Legalized Countrywide?


As many of us well know, alcohol is legal in the US at the age of 21, and marijuana is not. But did you know that alcohol actually can be worse for your body than marijuana? Many people disagree on the controversial issue of whether marijuana should be legal, but I believe that marijuana should be legalized federally for may reasons. I believe that it should be legalized because there is ample evidence proving that marijuana is actually better for your body than alcohol. There is evidence to pro...

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Belief in White Privilege


In my opinion, White Privilege is a nonsense argument made up by the left in order to discredit others. What do you think?...

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Non-citizens/permanent residents should be able to run for president in America.


I believe that if you live in a country as a permanent resident you should still be able to run for president in America. A non-citizen could easily care just as much for a country as someone who was born there. Even if you don't believe that if you believe that democracy then it shouldn't be a problem to let these people run for president. Also, it is part of our human rights to not be discriminated against by country of birth. While there are some human rights considered debatable, the right...

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National Socialism vs Communism


First off, it's not called nazism. It's called national socialism. People who call it nazism are imbecilic cunts who know nothing about the ideology, and use it as an insult to everyone they disagree with. Communism is so obviously wrong that every communist politician and activist should be executed even if they never unjustifiably imprisoned or executed anyone. Communist systems (that is, a system where the government owns all the means of production) are very obviously flawed theoretically (s...

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Non-citizens, under certain circumstances, should be allowed to vote in the US


The circumstances I propose that non-citizens should be allowed to vote in the US are as follows:1) They live in the United States and are trying to establish permanent residency here2) The government has jurisdiction over them. Rules of debate:1) No ad hominem, personal attacks, insults, be civil2) The total number of rounds used for argument should be the total you see here minus one. This is to keep the total number of rounds use...

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Gender Identity (More than 2-3)


Gender identity is a widely debated topic that many of us are divided upon. I want to hear the opinions of others and hear the opposite of my opinion. My opinion is that, as basic biology states, there is 2-3 genders (debatable), no more....

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should torture be used against terrorists


Many people disagree about whether torture should be used on known terrorists. I believe that torture should be used for various reasons. One reason is torture could prevent lots of "collateral damage", by torturing a terrorist we could find a bomb that would have killed many people if we had not found it. " if we are willing to act in a way that guarantees the misery and death of some considerable number of innocent children, why spare the rod with known terrorists? This shows how if we torture...

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We send people to prison AS punishment - not FOR punishment


If you poke an animal with a sharp stick through the bars of his cage, you better not EVER let him out.. Instinctively, we know that to be true.. Yet, we poke our prisoners through the bars of their cages.. And, then we let 'em OUT.. I think that's CRAZY. I'd like to debate someone who thinks I'M nuts, and the system is just fine.. The first round is for acceptance, and the last three is where you take your best shot.. PS> I'm a newbie.. Hope I'm getting things right......

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War Debate: United States of America (Pro) versus The People's Republic of China (Con)


This is a war debate. A debate in which two users simulate a scenario for what will happen if the two nations go to war. One side invades and the other defends. The United States of America, or me, will be invading. I will be debating Cosmojarvis, he was assume the role of the People's Republic of China. Thank you to him for accepting and considering, and thanks to the others who took interest.

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