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polygamy is wrong

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Started: 2/19/2015 Category: Society
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Polygamy is basically a married between more than two persons. Most often it is a man with several wives. Polygamy was once more comment, than it is today, but in some countries and some religions it is still accepted.
Moses book says that a man can have all the wives he want to, as long he can provide them with food, clothes and sex, if he cannot he must liberate her. He cannot demand the money he paid for her back again, now that she is no longer a virgin.
Many years ago a king called Salomon had around 700 wives. There is no way that man could satisfy all those women, not sexual at least. Is it not also an oppression of women?
I do not see why one man should be allowed to marriage 55 wives? I believe married shall be between two persons, and not between 56 people.
I understand that a human can love more than one person at the time. But the whole idea of getting married today is to say before god, I am yours and you are mine, if a man marries more than one woman at the time he is not really hers.


If the marriages do not oppress anyone then it is fine. In today's context, at least in the western world, most of polygamy doesn't harm anybody. If you want to debate this topic then you examples from today.
Debate Round No. 1


meetball forfeited this round.


I am not sure which side of the debate you are arguing for.
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry I can see that I have not made myself clear. If all parts are okay with it I do not see it as a problem.
But in this debat I am against polygamy and think it should be illegalized or just done something about it.

What I see as a problem is in those places/cultures where young women are "given" to old men. For example in FLDS where the prophet is seen as a earthly leader and communicator between god and man. Women on the other hand are sat on this earth to serve and obey their husbands and the prophet. If the women sussed to do so, their husbands might take them to join him in the Celestial kingdom when he dies. In these communities it is the prophet there is in charge of these young girls" marriages. The social level of the girl"s placement is depending on her sweetness. Mostly it is most powerful men who get the most women. These powerful men often marriages women there are a lot younger than themselves and they often have a lot of wives in advance. Some of these young women say they have been very uncomfortable in these marriages. One of these women that have been in such a marriage is Rebecca Musser who married an 85 year old man, who had 64 other wives.

You can see her story on YouTube:

I do not think there is anything wrong in being religious, but this is too much. and if you make it illegal to be in a polygamous married, it will of cause also effect some of those people who is okay with it. But it cannot see how, it can be fear that some of these young women, who do not know better has to go through this.


However, how is it fair to make all polygamy illegal when there are some completely consenting polygamous couples. It's like saying that all marijuana use should be illegal for the one idiot who harms something while high.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by NathanDuclos 3 years ago
Im sorry, If I take pro I will argue the polygamy is wrong or right, or are you confused and changed your mind. PM if want me to take this debate with me to oppose your r1 claim. . .
Posted by Leo.Messi 3 years ago
some nihilistic person would own this debate...
Posted by gingerbread-man 3 years ago
I think you should be Pro the resolution.
Posted by philochristos 3 years ago
Being "Con" means that you are against the resolution. You have made the resolution, "Polygamy is wrong," which means you are against the idea of polygamy being wrong. But in your round 1, you obviously support the notion that polygamy is wrong.

To fix this, you should either make yourself "Pro" or you should change the resolution to say, "Polygamy is not wrong."
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