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potential vampires who could logicaly exist would lose against ninjas

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Started: 3/29/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that vampires,(witch by accepting this debate it is agreed that vampires have heartbeats, weakness to garlic,sun weakness,regenerative properties,fangs,suck blood) would lose against ninjas in a fight modernly..

Also were only talking about vampires who's abilities have the potential to logically exist.

potential-having a latent possibility or likelihood of occurring, or of doing or becoming something.

system or instance of reasoning: any system of, or an instance of, reasoning and inference.

I plan for this to be alot of fun......kanpai!!!!!



I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Anyone confused with the resolution, please look at my comment in the comments section.

Ninjas would win against vampires.

Vampire facts

1.weakness to sunlight
2.allergic to garlic
3.regerative properties
5. suck blood
6.can take out many enimies at one time
Ninja facts

1. human
2.ninjutsu witch can divert most attacks
3. master of application of kyusho points(pressure points)
5.can use darkness as an advantage
6.can deprive others of vision smell and hearing
11.stalkers who can live on there on in nature.
12.can take out many enimies at one time
13.acrobatics equivalent to parkour
14.ninjas can use the vampires regeneration against them(there regeneration isnt instant and takes an hour or 2. this ability lessens with loss of blood.)
15. can throw shuriken 90 feet

Ninjas have the most advantage

My list above clearly shows that ninjas have the advantage.Ninjas can fight great far distances, and close distance. While vampires are only contact fighters.The ninja are ruthless killers and have amazing ninjutsu and taijutsu fighting skills.

They can hide in the darkness and have up to 40% more visual capabilities than a normal human.......

ninjas can poison a vampire from very long distances using a blow dart(fukiya)..... poison is fatal, and almost all there weapons are dipped in fatal poison. Ninjas have heartbeats, so it would kill them. Ninjas also have great tactics......ninjas can walk without being heard giving them the ability of stealth. They can infuse garlic into their smoke bombs, or dip there shurikens with garlic to direly injure the vampire. If there were many vampires in one area these tactics would give them a great advantage. This attack would cover a large area and do critical damage to the vampires impairing there ability to fight......they could also set traps.....

The ninja also have the kusarigama and the ninjato, and wakisahi. The kusarigama alone gives the ninja an amazing advantage. It has a iorn or steel ball attached to an iorn chain of about a couple feet and a kama at the end. This weapon allows for great transistions from far to close range. The ninja can knock them on the head causing brain injury and then move in close and finish the kill to the heart with the kama..................or just force others to keep there distance..........

lets talk about shurikens...... Targets were primarily the eyes, face, hands, or the feet, the areas most exposed under armor. The shuriken would sometimes be thrown in a way that cuts the opponent and become lost, later causing the opponent to believe that they were cut by an invisible swordsman.

Shuriken, especially hira-shuriken, were also used in other novel ways—they might be embedded in the ground, injuring those who stepped on them (similar to a caltrop or tetsubishi), wrapped in fuse to be lit and thrown to cause fire, or wrapped in a cloth soaked in poison and lit to cover an area with a cloud of poisonous smoke. They can also be used as a handheld striking weapon in close combat.

There are reports of shuriken being coated with poison intended either for a throwing target or for whoever may pick them up when left in a conspicuous place.Other reports indicate that shuriken may have been buried in dirt or animal feces and allowed to harbor the bacterium Clostridium tetani—if the point penetrated a victim deeply enough, the bacteria transferred into the wound could cause a then-incurable tetanus infection.....ninjas have the advantage here

heres some more of there arsenel just for fun..........




*Ropes & Nets*


*Uchitake or Doka*

*Portable Rations*




*Hasami Bune / Kama Ikada/Mizu Gumo/Shinobi Kai*





*Shinobi Shozoku*


strategically ninjas would succed

1. Ninjas can use the vampires weaknesses to their advantage. Vampires cant fight in sunlight and usually sleep in the dark. Besdies sneak attacks the ninjas(being stalkers) can track down their opponents layers and ambush them in there sleep with the sunlight burning them preventing the vampire from fighting back. We also need to factor in that the vampires may be poisoned Even if they do survive, they will die within a couple minute, hours, or days. Witch ensures the ninja will win. "Ninjas win even in death." also since vampires have regenerative properties, the ninja's can just capture them and torture them with sunlight,garlic,iorn deprevation, weapons etc......Also if ninjas attack vampires when there iorn deprived then ninjas hold a great advantage. ...........

Ninjas CAN deprive the vampires of there senses

Ninjas are known for throwing peppers and dust into their opponents eyes. Blinding the vampires. They also use metsubushi called black egges where ground up glass in poured intg and thrown at the enemies eyes causing signifigant damage and blood loss to the vampires. They also are known to be suicide bombers, and can make smoke bombs..........the pepper and glass will deprive the vampires of ther smell, and sight......witch equals death for them.

In my case here i believe i have effectively proven that ninjas would win against vampires........
Ninjas would win strategically and tacticly.nd can deprive there enemies of there senses meaning certain death. Therefore pro should win this debate.













NINJAS-Wannabe's of the Night and their Battle against their Paranormal Superiors

Welcome to Side Con! I'll be refuting everything said by Pro at this time and then proving why Vampires would win any fight against poorly dressed humans!

Pros First Point: A really biased list of skills that reached the conclusion Ninjas have an advantage

Actually half his case seems to rest on the fact that Ninjas can use ranged weapons and shurikens. Guess what, vampires can use guns. Vampires are not bound by the tight religious rules and ethics that Ninjas are, and in any depiction of them in literature they can fully progress with society. Vampires can use state of the art technology over Ninjas and I think that point alone levels the playing field in any terms of equipment. So the question becomes, who has the better innate skills?

His second more relevant Point: Ninjas are masters of the night and really stealthy (Remind you all of someone)

I won't disagree that Ninjas are extremely stealthy, but they are human, and Vampires are out of their league. Vampires can turn into bats or shadows in the tales of lore, how can a Ninja attack something that doesn't show up until your back is turned? Ninja stealth has evolved in a way to fool the human senses that are addicted to light, but to a vampire who only operates in the pitch black world see a Ninja like a shining lighthouse that throws confetti and screams LOOK AT ME!!! they could never hide from a vampire or sneak up on one.

"They can hide in the darkness and have up to 40% more visual capabilities than a normal human..."

How cute, Vampires have 100% vision than any human, and are ultimately superior when operating at night! No Ninja could hide in the darkness from a Vampire, they have no Human fallacies of needing light.

His third point: Strategy

So this entire points rely on the assertion that a Ninja can pull a stalker Joe and follow any old Vampire back home for some daytime azz-kicking session. First of all, a vampire could never be followed home, they'll turn into a bat or shadow and fly to a secluded place of residence. Secondly, even if they are followed home, they sleep in a lightless cellar or basement where the playing field is leveled even if Ninjas do manage to get past their bodyguard regiment of wolves bats and snakes.

His fourth Point: Vamps getting senses Deprived??

So if I can convince anyone reading this that a Ninja-Vampire encounter ends within a few seconds then this point is absolutely meaningless.


Like Ninjas Vampires are ambush predators who follow their prey then strike. There is no showdown, no time to throw shurikens or even draw weapons, so 3/4 of my opponents speech is meaningless. A vamp-Ninja conflict involves one party appearing out of the shadows and making a lethal blow for the others throat. Weapons and abilities are entirely meaningless in this debate, when the vampire gets wind of a ninja he will attack when the ninja is not looking and the conflict could only last a few moments. That also applies vice versa for a Ninja getting wind of a vampire. By the very nature of the two predators the only question when determining who would win a fight, is who is the more efficient stalker?


Ninjas are talented, Vampires are extraordinary. They transcend the field when it comes to prowling around at night. Its like comparing contemporary gifted pianist Lang-Lang to Beethoven. Sure Langs good, but Beethoven made the trade. Their innate abilities like shape shifting allow them to move seamlessly through the night. Also, they can mix into a crowd for disguise, something an all black-scimitar bearing Ninja could never do. Vampires have supernatural strength and agility when moving around, and they don't make a whisper. Ninjas are merely clever humans and are subjected to all the Human flaws.


Debate Round No. 2


It seems my opponent has forgotten what the resolution is. Let me resaturate all who view this. the resolution is.... potential vampires who could logically exist would lose against ninjas. It is extremely illogical to state as my opponents has, that vampires are paranormal and that they can shape shift and turn into bats and other animals. I've given the definitions earlier and shape shifting isn't logical nor does it have any potential to be prove true.( the intention of this was to separate myth from legend)( I could easily say that ninjas can control the elements and could set vampires spontaneously on fire but it cant be proven......see my point here?) Thus my opponent should lose this debate because he ignored the structure of this debate and its definitions.( if my opponent actually thinks he can prove shape shifting to logically exist please let me know and I will refute it.)

My opponent states....vampires would win against poorly dressed humans. What's strategically smarter? dressing in black at night time or wearing bright colors?

IT seems my opponent thinks my list is biased........fact is that I'm sure there are no potentially logical abilities a vampire can have other than these. The reason these examples I've given can logically exist is because I my self and other people have porpyria. WItch is extremely likely where the legend of vampires came from. porpyria is a extremely rare allergy to sunlight (Photosensitivity). We pretty much itch and our skin can burn in sunlight. were also allergic to heat, and some are iron deficient and get there iron via blood........... look under the subtitle porpyria.

also my first contention is actually that ninjas have the most advantage.
so my opponent cant logically add to the list thus ninjas abilities still stand to outweigh vampires abilities so lets Move on.

OK so my opponent says vampires can use guns( id prefer we talk about there unique abilities because if the debate continues like this than it wont be successful in proving either of our cases.)but just for rebuttal sake. unless my opponent can find consecutive evidence that vampires use guns then that claim is invalid..........while I can prove that ninjas use flamethrowers and large caliber fire arms........

"A ninja named Kirigakure Saizō (possibly Kirigakure Shikaemon) thrust a spear through the floorboards to kill Hideyoshi, but was unsuccessful. He was "smoked out" of his hiding place by another ninja working for Hideyoshi, who apparently used a sort of primitive "flamethrower"......Turnbull, Stephen (2003), Ninja AD 1460–1650, Osprey Publishing, ISBN 978-1-84176-525-9

According to a document, the Iranki, when Nobunaga was inspecting Iga province — which his army had devastated — a group of three ninja shot at him with large-caliber firearms........Turnbull, Stephen (2003), Ninja AD 1460–1650, Osprey Publishing, ISBN 978-1-84176-525-9

so obviously this plus the other huge arsenal of weapons provided atleast proves that ninjas artillery wise is unmatched.

also my opponent states that ninjas have strict religious rules........false......ninjas only religion is the shinobi code and nin-po witch is the way of invisibility translated. Also lets drop the idea that vampires can use state of the art technology. obviously ninjas can use new technology as well. This doesnt further anyone of our cases so lets drop that.

My opponent once again twisted my contention. my second contention is actually.......strategically ninjas would succeed.

His rebuttal to this contention isn't valid because shape shifting vampires isn't logical. Only logical abilities should be considered in this debate. Anything else doesn't connect to the resolution.

He also states that ninjas cant hide from vampires. Not true as I've proven in my case ninjas can deprive vampires of there senses allowing for a easy take down or escape.

My opponent further states vampires vision is increased 100%...........where's the proof???????.......the awnser is there is no proof and my opponent is making this up while I've provided sources for my claims while my opponent offers nothing but air............

IM not even going to address his rebuttal in full to my third contention because as I stated I'm only going to debate something that is logical.
1.Vampires cant shapeshift because this doesnt have the potential to logically exist.
2. Even if they could shape shift, bats can still be tracked back to their lair.

Moving on. Lets attack my opponents case further and then I will explain why pro should win here.

His first contention.........THE NATURE OF A VAMPIRE FIGHT

My opponent states "there is no showdown, No time to throw shurikens or even draw weapons."...........his right in a sense. ninjas can easily end the fight by using poisonous blow darts. Also the fact of an ambush in the sunlight witch my opponent never tackles. Vampires cant fight in sunlight because they'll be to busy burning to death from sunlight and the garlic coated smoke and weapons. Thus overall ninjas have a greater strategic advantage because they can fight in darkness and light. And they will use that to their advantage. So by disproving my opponents false assumptions my entire case still stands.

My opponents second contention......A VAMPIRE IS A BETTER STALKER

A vampire is only a good stalker at night. While ninjas are better stalkers 24/7 day or night. Also my opponent thinks ninjas cant blend into a crowd this is false......not all ninjas wear black garb 100% of the time.......also a ninja wont need to blend into a crowd. He has different colors for different outfits for different occasions. Remember the ninjas that wear baskets over their heads and act as monks. Yea prime example of ninja infiltration. witch adds to he fact that ninjas are better all around stalkers. My opponent says......"Ninjas are merely clever humans and are subjected to all the Human flaws.".......true but even with their flaws they have a significant strategical advantages over vampires. Vampires suffer from being tortured from sunlight and iron deficiency. witch offers many openings to just soak the vampire in flames while its day light outside, or use there stealth to infiltrate and kill in darkness or light.

His third contention is they are coming for you

They may be coming for the ninjas. But the ninjas will use vampires regenerative properties against them and torture them!......also vampires only come for them in the night. Ninjas Are constantly after you full time.........

SO in my case and rebuttal I have efficiently proven that strategically and tactically, and artillery wise ninjas would win against vampires. I've rebutted my opponents case and none of his contentions held up. He fails to prove anything thus pro is the stronger side of this debate here.

You guys should totally vote pro......dudes and













Few things we need to get straightened out.
1. Pro cannot be allowed to hamstring my side of the debate to such a degree by saying that Vampires cannot shapeshift. They shapeshift in every depiction of classical literature. Furthermore, how can a vampire not be illogical? They are illogical by nature. Everything about them is illogical. You said that they can have super-regenetative powers-that sounds pretty illogical. I have avoided using ideas like super strenght hypnotisation and other BS, yet con still calls me out on mentioning Shape Shifting?


As seen in the Video I linked, John Cleese is absolutely terrified of demonstrating with a pointed stick, and shoots down all the requests of Micheal Palin to use one. The fact alone that the mighty John Cleese would rather deomonstrate with a ras-burrey or even a banana shows that pointed objects cannot be defeated. So what happens when Nosferatu corners Jackie Chan with his pointed ojbect? Will old Jacky yell for help?



To quote Dr.Cleese "You try screaming with a pineapple crammed down your throat".


Now how in the Lords name are they going to fight Vampires without these things?

They won't.

Third Point: Humans with Pointy teeth have Pointy teeth

So while Ninjas are blowing themselves up and cutting their hands open trying to use their "Shurikens" or "Guns" human with pointy teeth will walk up and bite them.


Ninja: Hey man Ill go kill that HWPT! Just let me draw my huge 200 pound Inuyasha sword! I hope it doesnt fall on my toe and cut it off like last time!

Ninja: $%^&!!!! It happened again

HWPT: Hey man Im going to bite you

Ninja:%^&*(*&^ MY FOOT!!!!!

And that, my dears, is why Humans with Pointy teeth would win against Ninjas in any fight

For one to understand my points, one must go watch the Monty Python Video "Defense against Fresh Fruit" It can be found below

Debate Round No. 3
22 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by frozen_eclipse 5 years ago
Ive never said super human regeneration is o.k........??????.......ive already explained this incommemts.......
Posted by frozen_eclipse 5 years ago
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
I really hate abusive topics.

Anyway, past the point. I vote con because of a few reasons. Ultimately, the debate comes down to one simple thing: what abilities do vampires possess. Obviously ninjas are restricted by human capabilities, despite vast training and the like, and are capable of making mistakes, as is human nature and pointed out by the con. But vampires aren't human. So what abilities do they possess? If I were to take the logical route, as pro is wanting me to take, it takes me to a strange place. They can't shapeshift, that's obviously illogical. Phasing into darkness is another illogical ability. So is super-human regeneration, but pro says that's okay. So I'm a little confused as to how to view abilities and powers. If I were to take the logical route, wouldn't that just make it ninjas vs. weird humans with a pointed teeth fetish?

So, ultimately, to keep with the consistency of the debate being vampires vs. ninjas, I give con access to super-human powers and illogical abilities, which easily landslides the debate to con. I don't care how sneaky a ninja is, they don't stand a chance against an enemy that can literally appear inches away from you behind your back with their teeth already around your neck. It's not even a competition. Plus, most of the weapons used by ninjas are highly impractical to use in the field, as con pointed out.

So, because I have to give vampires access to supernatural abilities, they would trump human ninjas any day of the week. Con wins.
Posted by frozen_eclipse 5 years ago
no definitions?????? really look at the acceptance rounds again. That you accepted by the way.......oh and by the way wikipedia does have definitions of vampires just didnt look them up. Lastly i dont see how insulting victims of the extremely torturous condition of porpyria, and one of those victims being me, will prove any justice on your part. IM just going to bid my fair well now......ive justified evey single concern you've had. It seems you accepted the debate but didnt read the fine print....sort oflike a contract.....anyways.....have a great day....
Posted by Travniki 5 years ago
No, you made a debate saying "potential vampires who could logicaly exist would lose against ninjas". You gave no definitions and were extremely murky in your first speech. If you are only accepting "Porpyria" well then the resolution is actually:

Pale Sickly Humans with filed down teeth would win against Ninjas in a fight

So if you ignore Pros absurd definitions I believe my analysis still stands because his only rebuttal was begging the question, dismissing my arguments for having no source (Sorry Wikipedia doesn't have the facts on a mythical being) or saying the abilities of an illogical creature were illogical.
Posted by frozen_eclipse 5 years ago
just a quick comment.......the resolution relates to things that are potentialy logical.......those are two key words....and not just one word.......yes some vampiric abilities are illogical but vampires have the potential to logically exist(even though i dont have to prove this in the debate, just the abilities.)Ive proven why they can logically have the potential to exist.......porpyria......teeth modification.....since humans can regenerate their is a possibility that it has the potential to logically exist.....also i never said super states at the top of the debate.....regenerative properties....( I didnt define the scope, because it cant be defined because its only potentially a possibility.) Lastly even if shapeshifting was accepted.......ninjas just have to shoot them in the air...or capture them in nets.....then the apologies to you for the misunderstanding though.
Posted by frozen_eclipse 5 years ago
just a quick comment.......the resloution relates to things that ar epotentialy logical.......those are two key words....and not just one word.......yes some vampiric abilities are illogical but vampires have the potential to logically exist(even though i dont have to prve this in the debate, just the abilities.)Ive proven why they can logically have the potentialto exist.......porpyria......teeth modification.....since humans can regenerate their is a possibility that it has the potential to logically exist.....also i never said super states at the top of the debate.....regenerative properties....( I didnt define the scope, because it cant be defined because its only potentially a possibility.) Lastly even if shapeshifting was accepted.......ninjas just have to shoot them in the air...or capture them in nets.....then the apologies to you for the misunderstanding though.
Posted by frozen_eclipse 5 years ago
o.k cool beans
Posted by Travniki 5 years ago
Posted by frozen_eclipse 5 years ago
i have an idea.....since my opponent feels so strongly about this about we have a theoretical debate.....full out ninjas vs vampires .All abilities. ???????.....( another seperate debate)?
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