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Started: 12/4/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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poverty is such a thing where politics has a huge role to play


Well, politics, especially in a country of Democracy will always have a big role to play. Our congress has carried the President by his hand through all of the troubles he's had. But with poverty, it's not all government. I personally believe people choose to be poor. Ever seen someone put their head down in the classroom? That person chooses to be poor, as a consequence of not accounting for their own education, that person is in the future becoming poor. Not going to College, not getting a good job and certainly not getting a good income. Tax dollars are meant to help the nation's treasury, which is why the President must continue to work on tax percentage. The Gross Domestic Product is very dependent on the tax dollars and tax returns of US citizens. Not everything we do is dependent on ourselves in comparison to what the government can control. But decisions we make like illegally immigrating to the US takes the debt ceiling into a higher level. Deficit and debt are what we are all drowning in. Because of Obama's ideas of 'tax the rich, not the poor', we make ourselves poorer! If all the taxes go to the rich, then the poor are not contributing tax dollars and are getting paid less money. Tax return going into a fat paycheck help individuals, businesses and more. But, America seems to rely on the government too much. Think about the 47% of people on Welfare for example. They need to cut their welfare services and get a job. Small steps in small businesses like supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and nail salons could use help and their taxes are low because they don't make much money. Once the company gets bigger, their taxes increase. More tax dollars, more paychecks. So, we the people, choose to be poor.
Debate Round No. 1


politics is such a place where politicians should take care about the development of the country as well as take care of people who are deeply infected by such poorness that they cant come out of it they need a hand to hand help ,see we cant say such a statement that people will want to stay as the same some want to some don't we cant let them to do so n where tax paying matter comes poor people should be given government jobs such as maintaining city clean n some other jobs where there is lack of works some thing like that ,By this they will come out of poverty , pay better tax, development of city as well as government.


Politics are not what take care of the country in the Democratic nation of America. Do you really think the government helps us? The government, in all of its corruptness is certainly no help to anyone. I think that people need to rely more on themselves. If Obama's policies want to filibuster bills, drone strike for no reason, fund Welfare with most of our money, get involved in wars between countries we have nothing to do with, make a healthcare plan that's a loop hole and makes no sense with the consequence of fine if not followed, wants to allow illegal immigrants in for no reason, wants to help America be destroyed by economic recessive collapse and also wants to fund food stamps which then get cut off by the state governments, especially over here in Massachusetts. Yeah, with all of this going on, this clearly is a helpful government right? Everyday the president contradicts himself. And the people cannot depend on him for what he's worth.

We, the American society, need to help ourselves by investing money in small businesses, or getting jobs, or getting money a different way that doesn't cost much money so you get a surplus profit in return. Are you aware of how much unemployment there is? Pretty much 1/4 adults I know are unemployed. Why? Because they leaned toward government-supplied jobs with very little knowledge of what was going to happen. Government-supplied jobs love laying people off where as jobs in good business like Bain Capital, once owned by Mitt Romney, that did no happen. You could say some of the president's acts, if anything are the exact opposite of what we need. Obama relies on his grandfather, Joe Biden (it's a joke) for most of what he needs to do. Here's how I imagine it:

"What's going on, Barack?"

"Oh, I need help with this."

"With what?"

"A decision of whether or not to bomb Iran."

"Oh, just bomb those muslim stink bags!"

"But, I need to save them! I still have Bin Laden in the basement!"

"Yeah, but I was the reason you hid him there."

That's how I imagine a conversation between them whenever a new policy comes in; Obama turns to either Biden or Congress asking, "what do I do?" It's ridiculous and why we rely on him is beyond me.

We can't rely on Politics, let's rely on ourselves and change the type of government we have here to something else...But not Theocracy. I'm tired of relying ridiculously on the government for everything and that's why I stopped. Become an Entrepreneur why don't you? Make your own business, sell products door-to-door. Just do it, it's better than relying on government!
Debate Round No. 2


chairperson forfeited this round.


I think considering you've forfeited this round that I won. Good debating.

Now while poverty is no good, it is our fault along with the Government's. But, we still need to help ourselves.

How can the government help us if we don't help them help us, or if we show no independence.

I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully this drills into your head and your view on the poor is changed.
Debate Round No. 3
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