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prison not working

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Started: 4/17/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 12 months ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think our prison system (England) does not work.There is no attempt to install discipline and good morals into people.
They get three decent meals a day,tv in the cell and even a kettle,this is not punishment with a goal,it is stroking and pandering an already faltering generation.
We cry where are the fathers,our youths are crying out for discipline.we spare the rod at our nations destruction.
Our prisons are a far cry from the correction facilities it should be may God help us.


Although I'm from Germany I will debate this topic with you.
1. For you the purpose of prisons seems to be, to be punished as much as possible, but the purpose of prisons in Europe is to resocialise people and turn them into productive members of society (opposite is seen in the US)

2. You seem to think that the newer generations are worse than the older, but this just acknowledges some of the greatest biases within the brain:
-Positivity Effect
-Subadditivity Effect
-Rosy Retrospection
Debate Round No. 1


I think we need to be more like the usa.We are to soft even accomodating to criminals in my country (England).If a oerson commits a crime,that person should be punished.We are a people lost of discipline.Crime and punishment should fit together like the old saying "if you cant do the time,dont do the crime".
Our people have lost all respect for authority,and its elder generations to blame "spare the rod,hate the child".
People need drilling into line.People need to be led.


When a child does something wrong, the mother doesn't beat the child cruelly and hopes that the child turns out better than before. When we place too much focus on getting the punishment, rather than working to rehabilitate prisoners, it is more likely that they will commit more crimes after being released.
If you actually treat prisoners like human beings, chances are much better that they return to society as functioning individuals.

Why be like the US our systems are working far better.
Debate Round No. 2


Were not talking about children,prison is for people of age,who should know better.
Who said anything about "beating" a person, thats inhumane.
No i'm talking about cause and effect.A person should KNOW if he does A then B follows, crime then punishment.
Its right and fare,if you pander and stroke people they become spoiled.
Its right and proper even decent to punish wrong doing.
Society claims were advancing,were advancing in embracing each others evil,in the end man kind will pay a heavy price


In the US rehabilitation is secondary, although research ( shows that it reduces recidivism.

Norway already understood that and adapted a rehabilitation system ( & that reduced recidivism to about 16%

What you want is less focus on rehabilitation and by that: More Crime.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by LePult 12 months ago
What I don't get is that you use the argument, that society is becoming worse, in all your rounds, although I debunked it (as far as you debunk something as complex as this with 500 characters) in the first round.
Posted by LePult 1 year ago
This 500 character limit is a really big pain in the ***. You should start another debate with a much higer character limit, as I'm not able to post convincing arguments in this debate.
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