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pros and cons of sites you can comment on: which ones worse

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Started: 3/7/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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wouldn't call this a debate more like a friendly conversation
1: please refrain from insults revolving around race mental health or any other prejudice
2: Round guidelines
a: round 1 will be opening on what site you are going to focus on
b: round 2 will be the restrictions on what people are allowed to comment if they are enough or not enough
c: round 3 will be the hostility of the commenters you can find on the site.
d: round 4 will be the civilized commenters you can find on the site.
e: round 5 will be the basic summarization of your selected site.
i put the voting period to be at 1 week because i want voters read and reread our explanations and actually go to the site


I accept. Let the conversation begin.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok my site is youtube damn now i have to look at the guidlines for my own debate already forgot. ok there are restrictions on what you are allowed to post like no hate comments, or racism, or sexual content but what needs to happen is there needs to be more cracking down. i once tried to report someone for hate commenting. they were calling americans subhuman. youtube found no violation. i think youtube should get off their buts and actually look at what they are commenting. the restrictions need to be tighter. ok dude your turn


Youtube. Hmmm. (Thinks.) I try to avoid such sites. Let me see. Sorry. I'm having trouble of thinking of a bad site. If I could add a single PERSON it would be Devient Genie. Hmm. You're right. Youtube can be pretty bad. I'm going with this site. In my opinion, it isn't super bad, but I'm having trouble finding another site.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok so the hostility of youtube is can be very enormous. if you are a low rated user and you say something that is like a high rated user you get thrown down. the people curse more than ever with no censoring. also if you bring something from one channel to another you get thrown down. people just need to get that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. and again you can say basically anything. youtube is almost like a subliminal hostility steroid.


Yeah, I can see where that would be a problem. I can only think of Devient Genie and Sagey for this site. Like I said, I had trouble finding another site. Devient Genie loves to ridicule me for not being an atheist. Sagey is the same way. Otherwise, this web site is really cool.
Debate Round No. 3


ok genie is more civilized than sagey. but yeah when you actually talk and sometimes pm people you can get the best. but it matters on the age a little kid tried to get me to subscribe to him. now this kid was hostile before but he calmed down. but it's just not my thing to subscribe to people younger than me. he went basically berserk. but when you find some common ground you get the best


True. As for hate comments, how about...
Posted by devient.genie 21 minutes ago
"Anyone who speaks a word against the son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the holy spirit will Not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come." Matthew 12:32.

That is far more important to talk about than scientific discoveries and advancement in medicine and technology, lets admonish scientific evidence and complex math conclusions that impact our lives in the absolute most important ways and instead, we should all suckle answers to the universe and life from the vile disgusting immoral and despicable rhetoric of a slave supporting sexist, who either whipped it all up in 6 literal days, or days meaning who knows how long a day is, its not relevant, the end result is littered with flaws, all knowing and flaws are antonyms :)

Posted by devient.genie 16 hours ago
The Genome Project, which was the complete mapping of the 6 billion nucleotide human genome, led the team led by a christian man, to demonstrate that homo sapiens have been around 100,000 yrs.

So for 97-98,000 yrs, the reason for DNA looked down at the planet with indifference, and then decided in the middle east a couple thousand years ago is a good time and place to make an appearance and have a human sacrifice and resurrection :)

Durr Dee DUrr

Thats why brainwashed is a religious adjective, its that bad and sad that in 2013 this is even an issue :)

Deism is the result of exposure to to theistic poison like stinking is the result of exposure to second hand smoke :)

Without the disgusting, childish and immoral writings of religions, you have no definition or idea of a god.

Thats why religion is such an a-s-s-hole zit or hemorrhoid on the best interests of Mankind.

Maybe he was polite to you since you aren't sure about God's existence. However, we're both agreed about Sagey's conduct.
Debate Round No. 4


OK yeah he spoke different to me. youtube is very very hostile at least most people here can censure their language people at you tube have no care for that. but one thing genie was way out of line for being like that. you saw my comments about fear and stuff you know its true. this site can get very bad but youtube is worse


True. Youtube people don't care about censoring bad words. Like I said before, I had trouble finding a good site to use. I definitely agree Youtube is worse than here.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by giraffelover 4 years ago
Good debate, Cybertron. However, I wish people would vote for me or against me. That way I can see what I did wrong. I can't do that if no one votes.
Posted by cybertron1998 4 years ago
Posted by giraffelover 4 years ago
LOL Giraffe! Your god created nothing!
Abraham created the god you follow in his head.

There is no Evil, no Satan nor satanic influence on anything living nor non-living.
Satan is a creature also created by Abraham to scare victims into his web of deceipt!

If Satan was truly created as a GOOD being, it wouldn't have been greedy and rebelled.
Your god is a loser, incapable of creating a good being.
So much for omnipotence and omniscience!

Posted by Sagey 2 days ago
It's simply a superstitious mis-perception of reality.
In reality there is no evil, nothing possesses living creatures to make them bad.
The nearest people to the fictitious Evil are psychopaths.
But they can be treated and controlled if discovered early enough.
The rest is just people bending to temptation.
That is not evil, that is part of survival and competition.
All animals are born to compete, it's in the genetics of every creature on Earth.
It's how the multicelled creatures dominated to become the seeds of all creatures currently on the planet.
Yes, competition right from the first DNA strands to now, competition is built into DNA.
Though competition can lead to stealing and even murder, it in itself is not Evil.
Aye M8z! :-D8 BTW, most high flying executives are psychopaths!

Both of these are from Sagey, Cybertron, so you are correct in saying Sagey is rude.

You cannot even understand your own contradictions!

A Real Loser! Aye M8! :-D~
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