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r there bones in da pizza? plz plz im new

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Started: 12/11/2008 Category: Health
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Alright.. u first... except me 1st...
Bones + Pizza = The Truth b/c have you eaten pizza? Hear da crunch? That's a bone.
Pizza is bone-colored. See any non-white pizza? NO!
Plus, pizza is good. If you didnt have bones, you be dead!
I have the final respuesta: Wiki-diki. Go to Pizza on Wiki, click Pork. THERE'S BONES IN PORK.
In conclusion, bones have to be in pizza because a) there's a crunch (liek a bone), b) same color (liek if it have da same color, it da same thing), c) pizza and bones both good (not coincidence), and d) both on the internet.
Also, pizza is my FAVORITE food. So are BONES!


>I thank my opponent for starting this debate.

>I assume the topic of this debate refers to general pizzas, not a specific "bonepizza." My opponent has the burden of of proof to prove that pizzas contain bones.

*1. Crunch

Many foods are crunchy. An example is carrots ( Carrots do not contain bones.

*2. Color

Pizza IS NOT generally white (

Bones ARE generally white (

*3. Taste

Many things taste good (to average people). This does not mean that bones are involved.

*4. Internet

Almost ALL foods are on the internet. This proof here.

>Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


$1: Carrots have BONES too! Why do rabbits like carrots? B/C Carrots = Rabbit Bones.

$2: Dude, that "toppin'" stuff ain't pizzaz. Pizza = BREAD + CHEESE. Bread = WHITE. Cheese = WHITE (buy a bag of it and check).

#3: Chicken tastes good, and it has BONES. Does that mean that chickens have no bones? Q.E.ME (liek QUED).

#4: Are pa�achuelos (a food) on the Internet? Go and CHECK! Hint: #0 results on google.

New Argument: Buy a Barn. Put some Cheese Pizza In It. Put it inta that ground.
Dig up that spot and everything else for 40 miles.
I did it and I found a BONE!
How did it appear there? Not EVIL-lution, right? B/C monkeys aren't SMART
Finally, dude, you = the smart guy ever! I have totally $1 of respect every time you Tawk


>I would like to thank my opponent for his response.

*1. Carrots do not have bones. Carrots are vegetables ( Bones are NOT in vegetables (

*2. "That topping stuff" IS CHEESE. My opponent contradicts himself.

*3. My opponent has not truly addressed this argument completely. Just because he likes chicken and chicken has bones, he makes the false assumption that all "good" foods contain bones. This is not so.

*4. I argue that my opponent made up that food on the grounds that I have never heard of it. My argument stands, is extended.

>My opponent's "new argument" is a fictitious story and has no value in debate.

>I wish KDub222 luck in his ne
Debate Round No. 2


1) 'K, EYE'm wrong... carrots =/=bones. You gonna call me on me "phone" and tell me I = WRONG?

2) "Topping Stuff" ain't cheese! It's liek ta meet.

3) Chickens = Bones = Pizza. Nuf Said!

4) Pa�achuelos are real. It = String Cheese + Apple Sauce + M&Ms. Put it in a bawl and TEX-MEX FIESTA TIME.

Finally, go to Pizza Hut� and say you want a "bone pizza." They look at u weird b/c obviously pizza = bones and they hide it lots. I furgut the rest but I wan @ the end.

Oh, and um.... go to pizza.comand search bone. Y'll find my article "Bones: Pizzas Contain Them." It was published in "Scientific Journal Weekly: Pizza Edition."


>I would like to thank my opponent for his response.

*1. My opponent drops my point.

*2. One topping on pizza is cheese; hence cheese pizza.

*3. Chickens are not implemented in pizza.

*4. As I suspected my opponent has made up a food.

>I am not interested in taking my opponent's offer to go to Pizza Hut�.

>My opponent's article does not exist, thus I claim this point invalid.

>I await my opponent's next response.
Debate Round No. 3


*1. Yes, I did, because you, dear sir, dropped the ball by failing to see that carrots was an imaginative metaphor for the human bone. Yes, carrots are not bones, but how can one define what a "vegetable" truly is? Some may say, "vegetables are not X." But that presumes a linear concept of knowledge based around the word "is." You sir, have not read Edvard WEstermark's seminal work "Wit and Wisdom in Morroco."

*2. Cheese pizza lacks toppings. if you wish to know more, simply go to a "menu" and see what category they place meat (or, as I creatively spelled it in order to destroy Euro-centric spelling, meet) as "extra toppings." Extra cheese is not LISTED.

*4 Pa�acuelos do not exist, but does pizza? Answer correctly or die.


>Thanks to KDub222 for his response.

*1. My opponent cites that carrots are not proven to be vegetables but according to which I previously cited, they indeed are. Also, this point has already been won by CON due to a forfeit.

*2. My opponent claims that Cheese pizza has no toppings, but he simply cites an imaginary menu. He has no proof or evidence, just a thought.

*3. My opponent drops this point.

*4. Firstly, I would like all readers to notice that my opponent threatens to kill me. With that said, pizza does exist (

>I await my opponent's last rebuttal, and wish him luck to the extent that he does not win this debate.
Debate Round No. 4


lol i didnt rite that last part... my bro did... sry about teh dumb arguments lol lol

so i wanna say again my argument
* i liek pizza and bones and both are wright there in the pizza
* pa�achuelos are food, and yet not on the internet
* pizza pirates (they have bones and starttt with piz coincidence? lol)
no recipies have pizza w/ bones. B/C the government dont want U to know the truth.

good luck (lol i win now)


manutdredseal46 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by brian_eggleston 8 years ago
I had a Christmas pizza last week - deep pan, crisp and even!
Posted by Nobody 8 years ago
Guys I only had one. I really am not KDub222.
Posted by jasonxxx102 8 years ago
*cough cough* two accounts
Posted by FeatherintheWind 8 years ago
oh my gosh this is ridiculous, i have my bet on some multiple accounts
Posted by kelseybear16 8 years ago
♫sweet home Alabama, where my pizza has bones!♫
Posted by mikesully99 8 years ago
some message me and tell me if they've had real pizza, I feel like telling someone what the original REAL pizza is. and maybe tell them what they used to cook it ON
Posted by sgtsledge 8 years ago
I find it hilarious how manutdredseal is trying to be polite about this. And KDub is either acting ignorant or has a serious problem.
Posted by sgtsledge 8 years ago
Oh my god...Is this for real? I am sitting here loling at the stupidity. What is up with this guy?
Posted by TheSkeptic 8 years ago
*shudders at the stupidity*
Posted by JustCallMeTarzan 8 years ago
sigh - this is getting ridiculous
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