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racial vilification is not a crime

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Started: 3/5/2012 Category: Society
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racial vilification is not a crime because it would only destroy the idea of freedom of speech. thus, a crime is defines as a wrongdoing classified by the state.


I accept this debate and will be arguing that racial villification a.k.a. hate crimes are indeed crimes

Other than that

Debate Round No. 1


racial vilification is not a crime because we are all born racist. we can't stop ourselves from pin pointing who's an who's not. we immediately judge people by their color and their nationality and so if racial vilification is crime then i believe we must a be in jail now suffering from all the consequences the state has given.


Racial vilification laws cover hatred acted out against people because of their race, sexuality (including homosexuality and gender identity), religion, HIV/AIDS status or disability, though perhaps the best-known and most common relate to racial vilification.

Countries that have racial vilification laws or hate crime laws define those laws as any crime that is committed against individuals based solely or primarily on the color of their skin or their nationality. Although this includes typical hate crimes such as beatings or murders which are completely illegal in any way you put it, the Pro in this case is referring to the act of publicly denouncing an entire race of people in public.

Such acts are illegal because they have the potential to harm other people or cause violence through rioting, not because they are racist. Race vilification laws do not prevent the freedom of thought among individuals, they only curb the freedom of speech just enough to avoid any speech that could cause harm to others. If a rally of neo-nazis were planning a rally in a predominantly jewish neighborhood then the neo-nazis rally speech would be racial vilification and has an immense probability of inciting violence. The same goes for the KKK rallying in predominantly black neighborhoods or say extremist christian groups rallying in predominantly gay neighborhoods.

Any speech that has a large probability of causing violence, that takes place in a public place, and is done for no reason other than to denounce an entire race of people is racial vilification.

" if racial vilification is crime then i believe we must a be in jail now suffering from all the consequences the state has given."
Theres a difference between telling a couple of racist jokes to another friend privately one time and participating in a mass rally in the public designed to piss off a lot of people... And I dont think that all of us would be in jail for doing that either.

"we are all born racist"
I fail to see any evidence about how each and every person in the world is born racist. I never had a deep hatred for latino's or african americans or koreans or russians when I was 5 years old..... And I doubt many people did either. People may become racist over time but race vilification does not outlaw being racist, it only outlaws really hateful speech that puts people in harm's way.

"we can't stop ourselves from pin pointing who's an who's not"
Is there any proof of this? when I walk into a subway sandwhich shop I dont make a careful note of the skin of the person behind the counter I just order a five dollar foot long of pure deliciousness and then leave. Even if people did go around immediately trying to figure out the race of other people that isnt illegal under race vilification laws either.

racial vilification is a crime because it is hateful speech that is not meant to be constructive in any way and is only meant to denounce or harm people of the race being denounced. Such hateful speech can lead to violence and kind of speech that can easily cause violence or people to get hurt and that is why it is outlawed. This is the same reason why you dont yell "FIRE" in a crowded movie theater or yell "I GOT A BOMB" on an airplane or "HE HAS A GUN" near an important person, because that kind of speech has great potential to stir up violence, just like publically denouncing an entire race of people based on racist stereotypes.
Debate Round No. 2


acon forfeited this round.


vote con :)
Debate Round No. 3
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