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rap battle 02

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Started: 11/5/2012 Category: Arts
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (3)
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first round is dissin' you start


Immature start this now
So don't you have a cow,
You don't deserve no bling bling
You ain't no king king,
I would say somethin, but I would have to cuss
Now let's talk about your status,
Likes men and women
Sounds legit,
But what's with all the queer men
You say there's nothing wrong with it,
I say it's wrong
I would much rather see a woman than a man in a thong,

King Kong
Ding Dong,
What's with all the ping pong
Can't you stick with one

Trick or Treat
Smell my feat,
Better get some ice
Cuz im turnin up the heat

Now get this strait
This ain't a date,
Imma win, so ya better head back to the den,
Papa Bear

Little Bear,
Imma be your worst nightmare
Now enter if you dare
Debate Round No. 1


oh wow bro your so clich",
I'm sure that in the future you will have to wear a tupee,
way to be a tool,
and try to act cool,
best stop dropping bars man cuz you making me drool,
I"m going to make you look like such a fool,
Oh did I mention that my wrath is quite cruel,

Man your so young I"m sure that you"re a virgin,
When chicks see you they start purgin",
Whoa their guy best stop with your lurchin",
Your bars are dirt,
Best get some soap,
Cuz" you need to scrub off that scum off your shirt.
I have now left you on the ground to cope,
I"m going to make you hurt,
Your my new hoe"and I"m naming you Kurt,

Now I turn it over to you to Kurt,
By the way what ever happened to you and Bert,
Ya I knew about that,
He was oh so very fat,
Just like you and all your 36 cats,
Your worth less then owl scat,

Now its your turn bro my time is up.
They're are better things than you such as a cup!



I'll take that cup,
You better be ready,
Cuz you just lucked up,
You say I got cats,
Imma make you look like such a rat,
And wasn't Bert your man,
And as I recall, He was oh so to tan,
He ran away cuz you couldn't take a throat full,
Isn't that what your used to?
I mean look at yourself,
You look like such an elf,
Your such a fool,
Think you can take me on,
Imma throw you in the kiddie pool,
That where you belong,
Now go win back your boyfriend with that fat man thong,
You think you know me,
Boy you don't even know,
I would much rather be a virgin,
Than another man's hoe,
Well, now I'm done,
And I hope you've learned,
That you can't mess with me man,
Cuz I'm number one
Debate Round No. 2


first off before i start reppin' and dissin' ya i wanna ask why can you not spell feet right???

I love how you steal my bars and try to make them your own,
but you cant cuz your all alone,
without help you feel like a drone,
that's why Bert's so used to makin' you moan,
and you just take it without a single groan,
unlike you i don't look like a clone,
of a mini Michael Jackson,
who smells like a big fat white dog terd,
why do you always act so absurd,
admit it your dream job is to be the leader of a sheep herd,

what are you Mitt Romney,
against gays and bisexuals,
i got news for you I'm wiser then the Chinese ancestrials,
and much cooler than extraterrestrials,
I'm like Jesus...I'm high up on the pedestals,

i bet you masturbate every night,
unlike you i get babes every night,
oh such a delight,
how they come to me and i comfort them from fright,
if you could see it its quite a sight,
me with two babes in one night,
and you with your hand in your pants trying to give yourself a happy ending,
but your dick is so misused its already bending,
you wish you had patents pending,
the first time a girl saw your dick she said "that little thing needs some mending",

you say your number one,
how so you cant even get none,
your such a newb bro,
got news for you I'm the pimp and your my hoe,
now get back to you corner bro,
cuz this ain't a show,
unlike you being fake...I'm you know,
that's why the voters are gonna vote for pro!

you just lost man!!!
i think you should change your name to Stan,
so people dont see you on the the street and say "Hey thats the guy who lost a rap battle to pro's new biggest fan"


First I'd like to state that I'm for Obama not Romney,
Why are you so pleased,
With yourself,
You act like you were born on a shelf,
With those dictionaries everywhere,
Actin' like your all cool,
Even though they know your just another old dusty book that fell in a pool,
You say that your the best,
But your no better than the rest,
In fact your even worse,
So maybe you should go back to your old job as a nurse,
Jesus! Ya right, your just a clown,
With that big red nose and that poka dotted gown,
Imma show you how to ryme,
Cuz it sounds like this is your first time,
Now go back to the library,
And do your research,
Cuz boy you don't even know me,
You act like you do,
But your just a fool,
You say I'm your hoe,
Your just a joke,
Why would you want to do that with another guy,
I would rather DIE!!!
So now have some of your mamas pie!!!

This was fun. Thanks for the battle man.
Debate Round No. 3
6 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 6 records.
Posted by ockcatdaddy 5 years ago
ahaha that was too easy but yet still fun!!!
Posted by ockcatdaddy 5 years ago
love how every hates on me cuz im bi lol too funn and sooo damn cliche
Posted by R0b1Billion 5 years ago
He called you gay, man.
Posted by ockcatdaddy 5 years ago
go ahead you start bro
Posted by dwill557 5 years ago
I might accept your challenge. If you want me to I will.
Posted by ockcatdaddy 5 years ago
who wants to take me on...just leave a message and ill choose who i want to call out
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Reasons for voting decision: Equal skilled for first rounds but round 3's rap... Pro KILLED IT!