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rap battle lets go

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Started: 12/17/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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rules first round is accept
second and third are battles fourth round is battle no dramatic exits nothing just type end thats the rules if you want to accept this debate.
have a good battle my fair opponent. oh and no trolling
Debate Round No. 1


cool video bro,
it is you who will lose this battle hoe,
not I... I'm too good for you,
unlike you I actually have a clue,
my bars are dope,
I will make you look broke,
I guarantee you that you choke,
when you lose you will resort to a smoke,

to ease the tension of your loss,
cuz when I rap I am the boss,
like Jesus I chill high up on a cross,

you so old you got wrinkles on your face,
allow me to take you on an adventure,
deep into space,
when I rap my bars are like a scripture,
your already losin',
so you might as well take a picture,

of the future winner,
you can only afford one t.v. dinner,
by the way you should try to get thinner,
cuz' all that food is making you fat,
you're uglier than a Siamese cat,
and you smell like scat,

you see I am cooler than extraterrestrials,
wiser than the ancestrials,
I stand high up in the pedestals,
unlike you I aint' dope,
now I'm leaving you to cope,

so get up scrub off,
you wish you were as wealthy as David hasselhou


You could not even finish the last line of your crap,
It's your fault for setting 1,000 character limiting, your forward thinking skills are crap,
You act like captain jack sparrow, whack, wild and any chick you've fucked gives you a slap,
You sucked at sex, that's probably why, you must be tired of your lameness, go take a nap.

Second stanza, of this piece of poetic demolition,
I will destroy, will deploy my heavy ammunition,
I will unleash, the beast in me, at least, I'll let it feast,
On you, you tasty prey, oh not scared yet? Well that's okay,
If you don't run, if you don't choke, if you keep spitting I'll still get the vote,
It will just be more funny because when the prey has died,
The predator can laugh at how hard it tried,

Se that skill? I just talked about us in third person,
Every line that you write, your reputation seems to worsen,
Whatever man, I'm done, had fun, Next time less metaphors... More puns,
I use my skill to write like a gun, Ba-dum tssh; epic finale on the drum.
Debate Round No. 2


I don't know who taught you how to rhyme,
but it should be a crime,
when I rap it is oh so sublime,
when you rap its as ugly as shower grime,
oh wait look at the time,
looks like I have enough for another few lines,
just like the sun shines,
so does this battle,
although you are as bright as a herd of cattle,
your have a poor vocab,
I have seen better rhymes on a caveman's slab,
I'll help you hail a cab,
cuz your quite bad,
you see I grew up without a dad,
its actually quite sad,
just like your bars,
best stop now you're leaving scars,
your a dog and I'm a bunch of cars,
you are drawn to me,
while your owners plea,
it was probably that flea,
ohp too late you just got ran over,
maybe next time you decide to accept my rap you'll be sober,:)
we are like two knights in shining armor,
the only thing is that you are a farmer,
so I slay you,
without you having a single clue,
and your lips turn oh so blue,
by the way I heard about your boyfriend drew,
how is he...I heard he is rather shrew,
I'm out


Whack, wish you were black?
To that piece of crap, you call a rap, that's my most constructive feedback...

Now for the real rap you little fool,
Do you realise your brain not just a blob to be abused but a tool?
It's a tool to be used,
When you feel stupid and confused,
But you are both at once, you dunce, I gave you a chance,

My poetry is gay,
Oh got something to say?
It's happy, so enlightened in every single way,
Oh deary dear I do fear that you thought of I meant to say,
I'm a homosexual, if I am is that not okay?

I like to jack off to other people jacking off to me,
jacking off to them, I like to do this cycle perpetually,
by the time i die 4000 porn vids into the sequence,
I have no life, tons of free time and my jack off buddy's my only friend,
But what if my jack off buddy is me?
This is narcissism and I feel so free... get it?
I feel so cheap and used and abused, and confused at how I just confused myself,
By the fact that my confusion is at the fact I confused myself by being confused.
Debate Round No. 3


End. xoxo
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by upyours 5 years ago
That was nice and scary. Good Debate peeps!
Posted by ockcatdaddy 5 years ago
good rap it was fun
Posted by ockcatdaddy 5 years ago
david hasselhough... it got cut off
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