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rap battle.

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Started: 4/12/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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To the death, let's go.


I accept the challenge :) please begin!
Debate Round No. 1


My name so retarded, your name be the truth,
My flow sick like stickin' d*** into a syphilis cooch,
While your name be impressive,
My name delivers a message,
My name tells people I'm f***d up and not the one to mess with,
You may be honest Abe,
You may free a million slaves,
But I lie better than the ocean before a tsunami wave,
You're honest and hard-working; I'm filthy and a liar,
You crush people's fantasies; I bullsh** and inspire,
Your win-rate through the roof; nobody has one higher,
But my flow be ov'ly smooth; call it Sasha Grey's vagina.

Your name says 'blade' but your avatar's a bird,
'Cause you fly away from conflict, the only bars you drop are turd,
Yeah you droppin' sh** lil birdy; I be droppin' f***in bombs,
Hiroshima's just a mushroom; funghus resembles your mom's.

You may think my name means nothing but you're simply too confused,
I'll f*** you up like Michael Jackson; I'm your dad, this is abuse,
To you I'm a worthy opponent, to me you're a tool to be used,
I'm a psychopathic maniac who has nothin' to lose,
Imma rek your tryhard win-rate, make you go from rap to blues,
You go on stage play depressing songs and you'll get even more boos.

I decapitate my haters; you can call me Terminator,
Your girl begs me to "come again" I say "I'll be back... Later",
While I'm decapitatin' haters I'm usin' you as a blade,
You exist to be used by me, it's a truth you can't evade,
I'm a beast beyond comprehension; you're simply a little boy,
My talents surpass debating, they're real-life worthy to deploy,
My statistics aint on a website, they're in beds with wet stains,
I have Jewish Girls beggin' me to F*** them like Hussein,
Whether I'm Saddam or Obama, I'm undeniably insane,
You're just a truth-telling dweller; you're pathetic and lame.


Before I start, I'd like to point out that my opponent has plagiarised. Instead of writing his own original lyrics, he decided to steal lines like "my flow sick like stickin d*** into a syphilis cooch" - the original bar can be found here:

In the link, you'll see the lyrics for the Hopsin song called 'Hop is back' where the same line is used: "I'm sicker than sticking my freaking dick inside of a bitch's syphilis cooch".

Let's continue though because there's more...

His "honest Abe/free a million slaves" line came from epic rap battles of history - the one where it's Abe Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris.

I don't even feel like checking the rest... At this point it's clear that my opponent is a cheap plagiariser. When you copy/paste the work (or in this case, the rhymes) of other people and pass them off as your own raps it's lame. I hope the audience and judges will take his plagiarism into consideration when judging this rap battle. I urge for you to consider an auto-loss, as that is general procedure whenever someone plagiarises in these things.

*Now, to get back to the rap battle, I'll be presenting my own original lyrics*

This kid wants to talk about a syphilis cooch like he's cool with diseases
but he's more like an epileptic patient, when he see's the truth he just freezes
Oh jesus, the kid decided to cheat and use other people's words
But to get away with plagerism you need to alter more than the verbs

You talk about hiroshima like some kind of cataclysmic event
but I'm the bomb shelter under ground with walls made of cement
the percent of consent for what you represent underwent a change to dissent
repent, lest we resent your ascent due to the fake rhymes that you spent

You're right about my win-ratio, now bow down and worship the king
If this was a baseball game, your the ball and I'm Babe Ruthing the swing
Fvck a tidalwave, I come in like a wrecking ball in the spring
you've got a weak heart, I'm cholesterol, and attack with a sting

This is just the warm-up boy, and look, it's all original material
I'm a stormcloak riding a dragon, your just a lonely imperial
I love destroying cheats like you, I'm a rap game killer who's serial
I'm that fully evolved charizard who'll eat your pidgey azz like some cereal

If you're the terminator then I'm a boiling pool of molten lava
it sucks that my mom has fungus cause yours tastes like brazillian guava
I take that sweet pvssy and throw her on the side of the block
the only wet stains you know is when it's high-tide at the dock

The only tools you're using is the copy and paste feature
If you were the rap president then call me the impeacher
In this battle you're the pupil, I'm the teacher and preacher
I'll blow you up faster than a hissing minecraft creeper

You couldn't be michael jackson even if you were a thriller
like Samson in the bible I'll tear down your pillar
If this was a mafia game I'm the godfather you're just the miller
the rhymes you didn't plagerise is nothing but filler

Forreal though, what's the deal hoe, are you real slow?
wheels go, spinning while I'm grinning at your steal show
teal snow turns to red after I butcher you with my steel bow
you can be Achilles while I fire arrows at your heel bro

Face it, defeat is yummy, and I know you can taste it
next time you do a rap battle, try not to paste it
Debate Round No. 2


Out of Character Response

I would like to point out something rather funny about Con's attack on me. Not only are they ignoring the fact that many professional rappers often twist and alter lines without any permission of the original artist into their raps and as long as about three words in the line are changed get fully away with it (hence they get monetary gain from it) but also that by pure coincidence and the fact that raps often refer to diseases, it is without a doubt a coincidence that my reference to syphillis cooch happened to have like four words in common with a line from Hopsin; and artist of whom I'm an avid fan and probably was influenced by. Aside from that is the further issue that in the entire Abe vs Chuck Norris rap my actual lines wer enever used together. Abraham Lincoln happened ot free slaves so of course the topic came up in the song vaguely lol! Please don't accuse man, I didn't copy anything. The video of Abe vs. Chuck Norris is referenced for ease of having to search for it. The only line linked to my rap remotely was Chuck Norris' line of 'you may have freed the slaves...' which was not even the rhyming part of the line nor linked to the word 'Abe' whatsoever.
Any phrase or topic could be argued to be plagiarised is we use Pro's very loose deifnition of it. The official definition of plagiarism [] is the use of another's original words or ideas as though they were your own. I sure as hell worded both those phrases my own way and did not in any way copy the original artist to a degree you could call even moedarate. Pehraps the cooch thing was mild mini-plagiarism but that was purely from my memory of Hopsin's rap and I worded it totally differently and flowed it toally differently too with an entirely differnet syllable count and rhyming word (truth) whereas Hopsin rhymed it with 'booth' and 'poop'.

In fact I could argue that in my second video, you plagiarized the reference to Babe Ruth bu tunlike you i'm not that much of a p***y to say that you saying " I'm Babe Ruthing the swing" is plagiarism because you used it well and altered it.

In-Character Response

Epilepsy can not be caught,
And a rapper like me can not be fought,
I'm not alive, I'm undead; call this zombie hot,
You really need to get the f*** away from your laptop,
Before a thousand volts of swagger come and give you a shock.

The only thing worse than a snitch that blames,
Is a b*tch that frames and plays mind-games,
You're the typa p***y that can't fight superior brains,
So instead of using your head you make up theories like you're snorting cocaine,
I didn't come to fight no addict,
Cunning fox, I aint not rabbit,
Accusing of plagiarism is a very bad habit,
With the cooch line, sure you almost had it,
But then you referenced Abe and you became weaker than granite.

Oh you're a bomb shelter? That's nice and cute,
Rhyming '-ent' a few times, I'm surprised; you fluked,
You know what kinda rhymes with 'ent'?
Something you'll never have; a real-life friend.

Now, first of all, mr wannabe Abe,
A tsunami's not the same as a tidal wave,
Aw, you're riding a dragon? you must be really brave,
But every night you're not doing her, your girl's riding my snake,
Unlike dragons and stormcloaks; my d*** aint fake.

Your "original material", Charizard and cereal,
Is nothing for this real-life beast to fear at all,
I pour the ceareal in the bowl,
Find your mother, ignore her holes,
Go straight fot the breasts squeeze 'em hard and pour,
I guess she's still breast-feeding and will for many years more.

While you be doing my mother, I be doing your girl,
You're the blade-of-hypocrisy, corrupted by the world,
The only truth that you're speaking is my mother is sweet,
I eat her arm for breakfast, dinner's her feet,
Once I'm done with her, I'll move onto you,
Daddy's home, blade you know what he wants to do. ;)
He sure as hell aint no MJ, that much was true,
The only face that's getting whitened is yours; call it sticky goo.

I tried to copy your rap and paste it in,
But that trash was already in the recycling bin.


Pro's response to my plagiarism accusation is comical at best.

1) Pro first tries to say it's alright because professional rappers do it all the time.
2) Pro says it's just pure coincidence that his syphilis cooch line is so similar to Hopsins and that it isn't plagiarism.
3) Then Pro says perhaps his hopsin line was mild plagiarism, but that it was purely from memory of Hopsins rap.

As you can see, his 2nd and 3rd point completely contradict eachother.

4) Pro, as a last-ditch effort, tries to flip the accusation back on me with my babe ruth line.

In regards to #4, the line he is saying I plagiarised was this:

"I’ll hit it out of the park like my name is Babe Ruth." That is the line in the video he shared that I apparently plagiarised. However, my own line was, "If this was a baseball game, your the ball and I'm Babe Ruthing the swing." The only thing that actually matches is the name "Babe Ruth", and even then the name is different, lol. This is a complete fail on Pro's part to try and get the audience to lose focus on his own obvious copy/paste tactics.

Just to remind the audience -

Pro: My flow sick like stickin' d*** into a syphilis cooch,
Hopsin: I'm sicker than sticking my freaking d*ck inside a bitch's syphilis cooch

Pro then links the definition of plagiarism, but all he's doing is digging himself into a deeper hole. The site he sourced says, "plagiarism is the use of another's original words or ideas as though they were your own. Any time you borrow from an original source and do not give proper credit, you have committed plagiarism." Pro then says because he changed the line a little bit that it's not plagiarism. However, the same website has another section titled, "Does it matter how much was copied?" The website's answer is: "Not in determining whether or not plagiarism is a crime. If even a small part of a work is found to have been plagiarized, it is still considered a copyright violation."

So, using Pro's own source for what is plagiarism or not, we can see that Pro's actions indeed fall under the category of plagiarism.

Hopefully Pro doesn't try any other wack tactics throughout this battle, be it plagiarism or attempting to point fingers at others when he's clearly the only one using the copy/paste method of rapping.


You already lost boy, why even bother to keep going
I'm spitting that falcon flow, so stop with the cheap crowing
The only reason you can't be fought is because you've already been knocked out
I flow like the raging rivers, you flow like a blocked spout

You couldn't shock me even if I was a lightning rod on a steeple
How did I ever end up battling this frightning fraud of all people?
You can't snitch if the crime is already apparent to all
perhaps you shouldn't copy from songs that people hear at the mall

I'm curious what happened between the 2nd and 3rd round
I liked the 1st one better, but prob just cause I like Hopsins sound
The rhymes you write yourself are just some basic hog-wash
I hear you croaking like a toad and it's time for the frog squash

Your granite line didn't rhyme, good lord, you're so basic
My archaic approach can paint rounds that look like a mosaic
I'm a giant in this game, your nothing but a tiny nucleic
I've already solved the algebraic formula found in your formulaic

Your friend line didn't rhyme either, your ego blinds the truth
I think it's time you rewind amigo and get from behind the booth

You need to understand I'm cruising in 5th gear and slamming the clutch
you're just a basic criminal facing off against Starsky and Hutch.
my girl told me you prematurely ejaculated as you gasped from her touch
she rode your snake? I didn't know earthworms were classified as such

Your entire charizard block of bars was an utter disaster
If I'm spitting steel walls, then you just sputter that plaster
the only thing you're punching holes in is your own wall with frustration
because as you read this I'm cooking you up like a Croatian crustacean

You talking bout sticky goo like you're Winnie the Pooh
I overthrew the sh!t you spew and skew you up like fondue
the only thing you can do is to stew as I mix you up in my brew
I wash you out faster than a kid with lice and shampoo

You taste as yummy as your mom, especially when basted
I give that long d!ck that hits her bellybutton, called it that waisted
I'm sitting here in a suit, this kid shows up sloppy and wasted
Excuse me, but I wasn't aware superior brains copy and pasted
Debate Round No. 3


Pre-Rap Note

There is literally no way on Earth that what I did was plagiarism. every single phrase or word Con jus tuse dhas been written somehwere on the internet brefore more likely than not in a rap so that's ridiculous to say that if you have part of it in common it's plagiarism.

Clearly you can't handle that I flip all your lines against you adn then come up with even more ingenious ones. Stop relying on one line that happens to have 4 or 5 words in common with a Hopsin line and start actually focusing on how you're getting destroyed in this rap battle.

Third Round of Rap

You say I copy from song that people hear at the mall,
The last time Hopsin was on radio was never at all,
I'm the ridiculous St. Nicholas, You're merely an elf,
Please educate yourself before you medicate yourself,
'Cause you must high as f*** to come up with the s*** you do,
Make an account named blade-of-lies 'cause what you spit aint true.

The pronounciation of granite depends on the accent you use,
In the accent with which one reads it could rhyme, your abuse...
Is nothin' more than a series of unsubstantiated views.

You may be paintin' mosaic, I paint on tiles every week,
My cum's all over the bathroom, the kitchen and everywhere; I'm a freak,
Sometimes I even kill and spurt the blood on the wall, tile by tile,
Japanese flags up and down, oh how it makes me smile.

My friend line didn't rhyme becaue I said 'almost rhymed',
You should learn to not read word-by-word but rather line by line,
Is that too much to be handled by your atom-size mind?
With views as narrow as yours, I'd say you're partially blind.

I'm not sure how you think you know the size of my penis,
But I be manhandling Jupiter while you're tuggin' on Venus,
What be spittin' is puke mixed with puke, potent poison so ill,
What you be spittin' is a total lack of talent and skill.

You skew me up like fondue? Well boy I got news for you,
The lactose that your mother's milk lacks will get you iller than the flu,
That's not to say that you're ill yet, if you got ill then you'd die,
Your immune system's pathetic, and between you and I...
I croak like a toad 'cause when confronted you dont' fight, you fly.

The reason you had to snatch the microphone is because its home is me,
I'm a naturally born rapper, pure as f*** poetry,
You're half trash, half diarrhea, I'm a godly pedigree,
My superiority is crystal clear to see,
If you don't fear me yet, you learn pretty slowly,
I don't blame you though; you don't really know me.

I came in this came spitting raw,
My flow hot like fire, youre icy ego began to thaw,
From that point on, I'm not sure I could call you a rival,
I prefer the term snowball, you on a downhill spiral,
I highly suggest that you shut your piehole,
I'm a treetrunk boy, you merely a branch,
You're just a rollin' snowball, I'm a f***in' avalanche!


Pro has been attempting to backtrack from his own plagerism for the entire debate now. I'm pretty confident that I've made my point, given the evidence, and can now rely on the judges to decide which one of us are correct on the matter. Just keep in mind that his defenses so far have ranged from re-direction, denial, admittance that it's mild plagerism, and now saying I'm doing it out of spite.

I now leave this matter in the hands of the judges.


I'm a lyrical master, in this battle I must seek and destroy
I can't believe I've spent a week battling this geek of a boy
Hopsin was never on the radio? I advise you to check the link [1]
That's one claim disproven, time to start and wreck this twink

Nice job using "yourself" twice in the same line, a lame sign
I defame your fame and rise up like an inflamed shrine
the only game you play is to cheat with your rhymes and claimed "mine"
then you whine like a b!tch when you get caught like a shamed swine

The only thing I'm medicating is a loose cannon who bites
by chewing up and spitting back everything that he writes
don't get it confused for he is you and you is he
If you're St. Nicholas then I've set an elven trap under the tree

You wouldn't know what the truth is if it slapped you in the face
my flow is so ruthless, the jedi who trapped you in space
I encapulate everything about you, I'm what you strive to be
you're just a piece of lonely coal, I'm that prized ruby

Accents don't mean jack, my words reach out to the masses
crumble your granite into grasses, then burn you down with molasses
I speak to multiple asses, but your words surely take the cake
when you were born your parents said, "jeez, we make mistake".

The entire block of bars about cum was wack and had no punches
the same could be said about how you eat your mom for lunches
you are a freak, and gross, and you really suck at battle rap
I should bend you over my knee and spank you with a paddle tap

The only person who's blind is the one that I'm facing
You beating me? That's just a dream that your chasing
Everytime I post a round your dream slowly becomes a nightmare
You prob didn't think someone could be this good and still fight fair

Sorry to dissappoint but I knew that you were too good to be true
That's why I google searched your bars and found out what you do
I think it's cheap as fvck, when you're gone I'll piss on your grave
I come in like the movie frozen, you just spitting that brave

You keep talking about planets without realizing I'm intergalactic
you got that sick flow, but I've got prophylactic tactics
And I've got lack of talent and skill? Check the mirror
the fact that you can't even write your own makes the irony clearer

You're attempt to flip my toad line was an utter fail
I'm that marble stone statue, you're that gutter snail
and a diss on my immune system? Seems like your desperate
everytime I read your bars it's like I walked through a cesspit

You're the mic's home? That's the best joke of the night
choke on the fright, you've provoked me and have awoken my might
you couldn't measure up to me if even I gave up my height
You will never see the victory even if I gave you my sight

It's funny how every round you've been getting progressively worse
and aggressively curse as you start to realize your next in my hearse
The only thing you're gonna win here is a higher number of losses
So next time you wanna cheat and try the feat be more cautious

Debate Round No. 4


You'd taken down many foe but I'm the final boss,
Cripplin' yo' win-rate and stealin; elo, it's a vital loss,
It was nice playin' Mario with yo Goomba a**,
You release your Charizard, you'd best attend a class,
You got your pokeball, I'd got a testicle,
I'm estinguishin' yo flame, I'm not impressed at all.
Plagiarism bla bla,
B**ch I'm laughing HA HA,
Your accusation's Kaka,
You're just a MATHAFACKAH,
Song playin' DORE MI FA...
This blade was made by liARs
Not honest, holy friARs,
Kiss your heighness's FINE ARSE,
Come against me?! The HIGH STARS
No goal for you just SIDEBARS,
did I just flatline your SHITE BARS?
Your flow needs a HEART BYPASS...

I first annoyed your EGO, Soon'll destroy your ELO,
You're just a wannabe BADMAN, I'm the genuine MADMAN FREAKSHOW,
You're chained down but my FREEFLOW,
Is so smooth you're ex-fans be like HE'S PRO,
We're proud to say he's someone WE KNOW,
Blade-of-Trash's Loss Count's No LONGER GONNA be ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verse 1 reference explained: It was all related to the Charizard reference he made and related the concept of a game boss etc.


The only thing you're stealing is your own chance for respect
and like the final boss of any game, you're about to get wrecked
you talk about pokemon and run your mouth amok like Gary
your father always wanted to raise a man but got stuck with a fairy

Talkin bout Mario, I'll falcon punch like super smash brothers
call me the boogie man, I'll harass until you dash under covers
I'm an urban legend like slender man, look up at night and you'll see me
I took your sister out on a date and it ended with a flight of my creamy

"bla bla, ha ha, kaka, mathafackah", good lord you're so lyrical!
the cheapness of your raps are quite indubitably empirical
called me "blade-of-lies" so I grab the K and sprayed-his-eyes
depraved-he-cries, no hope, I laugh, as he lays-n-dies

Idk why you think capitalizing the last word makes it BETTER
you're so unwanted you should change your pic to grandmothers SWEATER

I'm done playing games with this dust cheap munchkin
I shine brightly like the sun, he's just a bleek pumpkin
he's nothing, quite literally a speck of dirt on my shoes
I murk when he snoozed and smirked when they showed his shirt on the news

now he's missing, they body fishing - like it's a mission
Call me Chef Bobby Flay frying him like a dish in my kitchen
I'm popping pistons and running him off cliffs like retarded sheep
bombard the creep, I leave his body charred next to the army jeep

My flow needs a heart bypass? Your flow needs to be shot on the spot
I'm bombing your yacht, and yawning while you're spawning this snot
omg that's what it is! It just hit me, your flow is like mucus
and everytime I read your lines I'm left rebuking this doofus

I have no ego to destroy, only a trio of torpedos to deploy
My elo means I employ tactics like Odysseus in the Battle of Troy
wooden horses and all, I maul, as I slide in through your wall
Blade-of-Truth is the name associated with your reign and your fall

I write with shakespearean might like macbeth - this is a fight to the death
I'm mike tyson tonight, bricks thrown with a right and a left
leave your lip with a cleft, break this prick and stab a knife in his chest
I take your life, break the strife, and make your wife recite I'm the best

I'm a wicked demon, who see's things you shouldn't believe in
how could this kid beat me when he's spitting with a mouth full of semen

The only time you were in the studio was when you fixed the booth speaker
your raps remind me of cow sh!t mixed with some truth_seeker
Debate Round No. 5
14 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by bluesteel 3 years ago
>Reported vote: tejretics // Moderator decision: PASSES REVIEW<

Vote report: "half of one line is not a major portion the conduct mark was falsely accused"

[*Reason for decision*] We don't moderate rap battles for RFD quality. If points are awarded strategically and are not explained at all (like a 7 point bomb that just says "good rap"), we will remove the vote. Otherwise, there's no standard for what makes it legitimate to award conduct in a rap battle. Accusations that a couple lines are non-original does offer an explanation for the point, and that's enough under the current standards. If debaters do not like this outcome, they should employ the "choose winner" system for rap battles so people can vote for the better rapper, without being able to award sources, S&G, and conduct - all of which seem irrelevant in a rap battle.
Posted by Blade-of-Truth 3 years ago
Good battle :) You were a fun opponent, and proved to be a solid challenger who actually made me work for the win. I appreciate that, and bet that you'd beat alot of the other battle rappers here.
Posted by 8elB6U5THIqaSm5QhiNLVnRJA 3 years ago
but I have internet swag! My rap career depends on this. ;-; noooooooooo
Posted by Mikal 3 years ago
The first round was so brutal on Addison part that it made the reset of the debate hard to gauge. The rounds after that were not as strong as his first but the last caught back up

hands down blade considering that pro recycled his bars and Addison still flipped it with a brutal line.

Pro tried to flip it back , but it was just just the impact that con had
Posted by 8elB6U5THIqaSm5QhiNLVnRJA 3 years ago
:) good game
Posted by CyberConor 3 years ago
First off, is that plagerizing one line doesn't mean you aren't a good rapper. He is sampling it. Eminem samples lines all the time, and so does every other rapper
Further more, each turn is way to long. You guys should make a smaller amount of words.
Posted by Mikal 3 years ago
Just from my perspective I don't think this is enough to offer plagiarism. Yeah he grabbed a bar but you got like a 7 verb limit in any type of industry before it goes to that line

Going straight off bars, I'm edging this to blade as of now but I have not seen the last round. This is one of the closes battles i've seen on the site as well. The flips are what is giving him the battle to me
Posted by ESocialBookworm 3 years ago

Posted by 8elB6U5THIqaSm5QhiNLVnRJA 3 years ago
Pls vote the true winner of the battle not the nicer behaved one. I only ask objectivity! :)
Posted by 8elB6U5THIqaSm5QhiNLVnRJA 3 years ago
Thank you for your input :)
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by Mikal 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: I don't see this as cause enough to give conduct to con. Pro did take a bar and twist it but plagiarism in rap is entirely different than plagiarism in writing a paper. I could be wrong but I actually think there is a standard where you get 10 words or so up until you walk the line of "plagiarizing ". That does not warrant a conduct but it does negate an impact. I read that bar and was like that was hot, and was actually worried for addison for a second then I realized it was recycled. The first round goes to blade. The recyled bar lesses cons chance, and then the fact addison flipped the bar with just adds to it. Also the rhetoric at the end with ho and bro was ill. First round blade. Second round was a tie to me. It was boring ish. I guess this would edge to blade slightly and i'm probably hyped off his first but the second was not as strong. Pros second was just weak compared to his first after the copy was done. third again edged to blade, and fourth was blade. comments for rest
Vote Placed by tejretics 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:04 
Reasons for voting decision: Conduct: Pro plagiarized large portions of their rapping. Therefore, conduct to Con, who maintained originality. | Arguments: Pro had unnecessary capitalization in many parts that did not even emphasize their points. The structure was very poor and haphazard. Con's raps were neat, well-structured, rhythmic, and, overall, better. I felt Con did the better rapping. | As always, happy to clarify this RFD.