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rap battle

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Started: 11/1/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is just for fun only accept if you are like me and don't rap much in general. If you have been in many rap battles on this site don't do it, I am looking for someone who's like me and in the novice area of debate rap.


Why not, I'll give it a shot. You go first!
Debate Round No. 1


flow so crazy and insane coming straight out my brain this the type of flow that crashes planes and trains and it"s coming faster than the speed of sound straight out my brain, these verses inflict pain and make it feel like you"re getting rained on but with acid rain, and ima rebel here to end your reign and take everything you own. You try to be a farmer and plant seeds in life that will never be full grown, you"re the type of man that can"t even afford a phone you"re the poor man that lives in a box not a home yet still talks crap on the internet with temporary access to google chrome, dang... You"re the type of man that turns around when a guy comes up straight to your face with his army and says he"s going to take your town.. Dang. Yeah you wouldn"t take him down you would just run around screaming like Rihanna must have after Chris brown.. Well did the Chris brown and caused the nation to frown.

Your a squirll so you like nuts, so gey play with your self 24/7 all day so instead of a Kim and Kanye you would like a Kanye and Kanye. Rain I make pour down and my rain is so deadly that even the flowers drown, London bridges yes your kingdoms coming down because you"re a fake man with a gold painted crown" burger king

Hungry so I need my feast you niggas have awaken the beast " ima alien but I don"t come in peace, the flames that come out when I rap will wrap around your throat and throw you down on a moat and then my flows will run you over with the force of a boat. Dang yeah lyrical demon ima use my claws to drag you on the ground screaming and man this is real you aint dreamin. Yeah and my flows are so drastic I can do anything call me Mr. fantastic and you guys so soft and stretchable like you made out of elastic, and from my hands I will electrocute you all with static and teleport you to a fiery burning pit with my magic and your deaths will be so tragic but for me it will just be well.. Fantastic violates are blue Roses are red, I"m an evil king so off with your head, realist alive and the realist dead I control your life cause I got the needle and thread, and your girl is mental or hrny cause she likes sucking pencil led and she so so dirty she sucks dks from people that are dead.i ma send you to the bottom killin tracks while stealing your girl at the same time call me trigga . Trigga as in trey songz your dks not even a inch long and I am slowly killing your mentality with this random song.


You talk about your flow
while I'm the one running the show,
You have no fun, you got nothin to show
Check out the sun, it's less bright than my flow!

You try to talk crap
about my lack of a Cadillac
I won't take no flak and keep spittin this track
Maybe you should be the one checking out my gun rack.

Now you're braggin' about your army?
You mean your little friends from Arby's?
To win you'll have to starve me,
and even then you can't disarm me!

You can't even see the demon you've unleashed in me
Wanted to be free but now he can run free
right to your feet, check below your knees
He's controlling me and I'm coming at thee
I'll be knockin you off your feet
Landing your back flat on the street
Oh golly gee, you're nothing but a flea
Even you bleed like a 'she'!

You talk about blue flowers, red roses, what?
I must be colourblind, as I can see your verses don't even shine!
I might flip you a dime, for at least tryin'
But really you dyin', quit your cryin'.

Keep on trying, don't give up on yourself
Hold that thought, don't throw up on yourself
And no not gang signs, the acid build up
Let me take a second to wipe your mouth up!

Ain't nothin good been comin from your hood
Or your neck of the woods, and you think you could?
You think you would? Win that is, but you're misunderstood
Like Dagwood, the difference is you've got no wood.

So please be free, forgot about this beat, forget about this sheet, it's far from a feat
of yours, well maybe a piece of sheet if you know what I mean, where's your beat?
I can't see this ending in a defeat for me, maybe you should try to cheat, I'm sure we agree,
or maybe you should crawl back to your fleet since you can't face me on your own two feet.
Debate Round No. 2


you claim you got a gun rack
Keep talking about it and I will chop off your ball sack
Yeah I got a army and we ate your girl that looked like a Barbie at Arbies
Your dk so small even a skinny bish would break it if she sat on it
Which is very sad your flows are very bad, Ima get my army in this bish like we in Bagdad

you claim your a demon well im a angel
I will hit you with holy light
I will make you run in fright
I have power I control day and night
so I will forever watch you in your hopeless flight.

Come at me and I will run over you with a train and mash up your brain
I will cause you to live an eternity in pain with nothing to gain.
Your house is gone because I nuked it while flying over it with a plane.
The explosion it caused was enough to create another great plains

I will kick your fleet with my feet, I am elite, you are an rate so you belong under my feet
I will control your body, call that a minor possession, I have enough power to tax you so bad that you will end up in your own personal Great depression.
I will keep reaching your walls you put up I will keep breachin,

My flow is so deadly that it will rip out your spirit when you hear it.


You talking about my junk now, you say this because you keep getting plowed
you've been disemboweled, ask everyone in the crowd!
And talking about my Moby D!ck now, man you're just getting fowl,
Can't stop talking about men's stuff, you might as well meow, cuz you're a pu$$y.... cat.

You claim to be an angel, yet you're acting like the devil
I know I'm a demon, and I can accept the fact that I can destroy this fellow
I'll knock you down to the bottom of sea level, yeah you're in trouble
Go pray to your God if you're an angel, in your imaginary bubble!

Keep talking this destruction smack, I find it funny, it's so wack
I won't be taking your flack, I've already destroyed this track,
burnt you till you're black, cracked you, and exposed your plaque
hardening under your back, you spineless talentless gutless hack!

You'll control my body? That's like something from the Al-Fatiha Foundation,
Look at all your disinformation, man I'll endorse your humiliation.
This is the beginning of your decapitation, consider it your assassination
And if you know what's good for you don't bring up your castration.
Debate Round No. 3


In a race I would kill you before it even starts, I have god like abilities I can stop your heart.
My flow is so crazy it caused your girl to have babies, I am deadly so I spread diseases like rabies
My lyricism is so advanced, my mind is so enhanced, you are isignificant like a bunch of ants, you claim you can kill me but you freaking can't.

You claim you destroyed this track, but I burnt you so bad I turned you black, In fact in a race I took a step and made you pass out on the track.

These flows coming straight out my mind, I am the a legendary kind, I am so powerful I could rip your arms off with my mind, and then bury you under a shrine.

I will get my ak-47 and load your head with lead, now your dead.
I can get a knife and end your life, I have a crystal ball and in the future I will steal your wife.
I will hit you 12 times with a baseball bat, then run over you with a car and you will end up flat.
If I were to go against you in the game of life, you would be the pawns and I would be the player, in other words I control your movements I control where you go everything you know I know. Your just a pawn and I can use you I can physically and mentally abuse you.
You are so dumb cause you chose to mess with me so now I will rip off your thumb, then after that I will load you with bullets using my chain gun.
You are nothing why are you even year, for you there should be an award for the lamest of the year.


The difference between you and me is you believe in a deity,
If you callin yourself an angel of thee, and you foolishly think your soul is free
when I end your reign of insanity, claiming you know the truth of all that is holy
the truth is you're delusional you see, keep living in your land of make believe!

You consider this a race, that ain't the case,
because I've won before you took a single pace
Craziness doesn't cause babyness, lean basic logicness
I don't use real words because even fake words make more sense than you spewing obsurdness out of your face!

You're copying my rhymes, I burnt you till you were black,
maybe you should get a handle on time, you know you can't turn it back
but I know you don't give a damn, as you're nothing but a hack,
a horrible final stand, your raps mean Jack and sh*t, and I can't find Jack.

Look at all this, all these weapons and guns you need to use,
A rifle and bat and car and knife, don't forget the TNT's fuse too.

You've also got a thing for thumbs, best you can do, since you've got no gums,
just suck it off, no not my thumb, you know what I mean, although I'm not sure cause you're so dumb.

I'll finish this round with a ground and pound, metaphorically yet sound
I've found my crown to throw your A55 down and make you drown
in your words, don't frown, this was soon to be found till you're thrown out of town
while won't be too hard, your head don't even weigh a pound, I've thrown you all around this town!

I'm also too cool for this pool,
Without a doubt I'll make you drool
although you're already looking like a fool

Good getting to know you, have a good one.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Mister_Man 3 years ago
I DO TOO. who would you have voted for?
Posted by Commondebator 3 years ago
I wish I had voted
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