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reducage of plastic waste

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Started: 10/28/2013 Category: Economics
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"nature has her own ways of killing herself, why do we kill her?'

should individuals have the moral obligation to reduce plastic waste in their communities?
no, there is nothing an individual can do that the government cant do better, if they would like to they can try but it is just polluting the air which is bad.

my value is Natural Rights in which means that the government can not give you these rights , it is freedom, liberty , and life, you were born with theses values.

my criteria is fairness it is a criterion that can weigh both sides.

My first Contention is why we shouldn't reduce plastic waste. We shouldn't reduce plastic waste because , Sub. 1. when recycled or burned it releases toxic waste or fumes from chemicals inside the plastic out into the environment. Sub 2. recycling takes time which many people say they do not have. sorting and separating household or office trash takes time to separate papers and magazines. plastic bottles contain many things like soda to ketchup, shampoo to peanut butter, which may require different handling.

Contention 2 is why we need plastic bags and why they are helpful . we need plastic bags well for most to carry groceries , sub.1 , they are convenient and durable , they also can be used more than once. they also take up less space in landfills , according to the Society of the Plastic Industry only 9 percent of waste in landfills is plastic , so in other words they take up one seventh of the space paper bags do. Sub 2, It takes 91% less energy to recycle a paper bag . recycling rates are REALLY low with rates 10-15% for paper and 1-3% for plastic.


My opponent has chosen the stance that as a society/species, we DO NOT need to recycle and reuse our plastics. Not only has my opponent touched upon what, they feel, are the benefits of continued use of plastics without a strong system of waste management for a non biodegradable material, but also the the "Natural Rights" of humans to not be subjected to government rule.

Contention 1
Although usage of plastics has greatly improved the quality of everyday life, there are long term effects which, if waste is not handled properly, is a severe detriment to our society/species. Plastic is a non bio degradable material. Not only that but there are several different type of plastics ranging from 1-7. Level 1 - PETE or PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). These are plastic containers that are clear in nature, i.e. soda bottles, water bottles, etc. These plastics are known to allow, not only flavor but bacteria as well.

Also, the smelting of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) which has a density range of density range of 0.910"0.940 g/cm3, is what plastic bags and milk cartons. These types of plastics are safe to use and do not create toxins and are prime resources for melting and reuse.

Other types of plastics release chemicals that can leach into our water supply and our fertile soil.

Contention 2

My opponent here is begging the question. Sure plastics are a boon to society. But my opponent seems to ignore the long term effects of plastics to our environment. Many of the plastics that we use release carcinogens into our bodies, our water supply and our topsoil. Although some plastics can be mixed into compost because they are bio degradable, the majority are not.

Contention 3
Although briefly touched upon, I will also address the "Natural Right" comment. I will be using parts of Benedict Espinoza's political/philosophical view of Sovereign Natural Rights.
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