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religion:a way of living gone wrong?

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Started: 8/20/2011 Category: Religion
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In this debate i would like to discuss two aspects which i think are indispencible to each other;first : that religion is a way of living ,when you adopt a religion you accept certain beliefs and principles(eg;non voilence in jainism) in life . secondly, i think that in today`s world the concept of religion is largely exploited into wrong deeds..people are being brainwashed in the name of religion to carry out henious deeds, for eg;the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks in us believed they would go to heaven (as they have stated in youtube vedios)or the recent shootings in norway by a christian extremist


Alright, I will accept. This is my first debate, so if I make any mistakes, I hope my opponent and audience are swift in correcting them to further increase my skills on DDO.

Given you did not state your rules, I will assume this round is merely for accepting the debate, and in the following round you and I will provide a more solid opening argument. The subsequent and final round should also be used merely for clash and resolution purposes, considering this is only a 3 round debate.

Also, your opening statement seems to be poorly worded. I am a tad confused about what stance you are taking on this debate, so I justly assumed you took the role that Religion is a bad thing to believe and a bad way to live, which is what I expect to contest.

I am eager to hear your reply, and wish the both of us fun and luck while formulating our key points.
Debate Round No. 1


Hi,thanx for accepting my challange:)
I am sorry if you could not interpret my message..(I only joined yeaterday , this is my second debate and none of my college subjects have even the slightest connection to literature,so i am kinda out of practice:)

Anyways,I am afraid you have interpreted my topic wrong. I never said that religion is a bad thing to believe in or a bad way to live..I have not judged religion.In fact,many religions including kuran,bible etc. promote non voilence, truthfullness,good karma etc. which is definately not bad!

But i think that religion is being WRONGLY used as a weapon to create terror among masses and also bring about racial divide,when in reality no bible,quran or bhagvat gita says any religion is superior to other.Also many people practice religious customs blindly without knowing the true meaning of what they are doing.There is an increased lack of awareness among the masses about religion.


Alright. While this is not what I had initially planned to defend, it stills falls under something I oppose.

First of all, both examples you provided are fairly invalid. The shooter in Norway was not a christian extremist, in fact he might as well have been an atheist. He shot those people to stop multiculturalism.

And regarding 9/11, it can be justly compared to the Holy Crusades by King Richard. A leader calls for breaking the commandments on which he leads his warriors, (In Richard's case, the bible) and makes them fight for a purpose greater than anything stated in their religious texts.

Now, if you provided me with an example where a God calls for the merciless killing of all people who were not initially part of the religion would be wrong, and I would call that disgusting and an abomination of religion. But that isn't a real world example (Except in a very few tribal groups) and should not be used as a reason to start a debate. In this case, I am not contending that religion should not be used as a weapon, but rather that there are no real example of this happening on a massive scale without some sort of compromise by Men, not God.
Debate Round No. 2


neon_cookies forfeited this round.


shift4101 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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