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religion is just belief

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Started: 10/10/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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the story of the bible, is the truth of a lier


Firstly, I would like thank the proposition for proposing this argument.

However, I find massive flaws with his logic. To start of with, his statement is only just based on personal review. He has not included any proof, any reason other than he thinks so.

This lack of logic and not providing arguments makes me impossible to rebut him more than what I have done. I shall move on to my points.

1. There are many eye witness accounts of these events happening that have documented their story.
2. People were persecuted to death in the following of Jesus and God. Would any of you die for something that was false?
Even if they only believed it, it would be hard for them to pass on their belief than to pass on something that was true.
3. How can religion only be belief? It is when someone knows that it is true that they follow that religion.

I patiently await my opponent to reply.
Debate Round No. 1


so prove it is not the case.. it is the case when you cant show why, because you failed as con

i can at best believe what others tell me, unless i dont have to imagine it

religion is an unknown proposition for it to exist, you dont see religion and its not seen, religion is unseen

if religion is true it is instantly not religion, and so religion is false for it to exist

any movie is a religion if i believe in it


DebatingRat forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
i already proved god false
Posted by sidah 2 years ago
Vi - some people just love debating - are you one of them or are you trying to find out if there is any truth at all in the Bible? This is an important question because if you simply love debating then debate away but be prepared you will never arrive at a truthful conclusion. If you do want to find out if there is any truth to the Bible then I suggest you ask God to reveal the truth to you. If you're sincere, if you persist, He will reveal the truth to you. The Bible is the revelation of the nature of God Himself so if you go to the source, it's a good starting point!
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
a desperate man can lie to himself
Posted by canis 2 years ago
"The bible" is not the truth of a lier- It is the lie of a lier. The lier lies to him self. And the lie becomes truth.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
i am arguing that the truth to the lier is a lie because he is lying
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
the moon is made of cheese, now i just need people to say it with me?
Posted by KyronTheWise 2 years ago
Surprisingly, an actual true statement. Appeal to masses, that is to say something is right because a large number of people agree to it, is a fallacy.

However, in turn, so are your 'arguments'. For example, this argument you made, you are claiming that the bible is true. You dressed it up in a super-weird way, but if you say that the bible is the truth of a liar, well, that's still arguing it's a truth.

As for Con, I am super sorry that you tried to argue against Vi_spex. They...don't typically make sense. However, for your own benefit for future debating, I'll point out some of the flaws you made in your counter-claim.

First, you made the mistake of appealing to masses. That means you said that since so many people believed/disbelieved something, that attaches true/false value to it. It doesn't They could have been right or wrong, but that means nothing as to it being true or not. Many used to believe that the Earth was flat. They were wrong.

Second, people dying in belief of the religion...well, that also proves nothing. In Christianity, I believe a major point is that man is imperfect, yes? That is the explanation for why we can do right or wrong. Well, hypothetically, that means we could believe a religion as true, even if it were false. That's not an attack at your beliefs, but it's a statement that you can't rely on man knowing what's true.

Also, you didn't provide citations. When you make a claim such as "There were many eyewitness accounts who documented", you need to provide proof that this is a true statement. Also, this is actually one of the largest weaknesses of Christianity; there is actually a dearth of eyewitness reports of the events of the bible. The bible is not an eyewitness account, it was, I believe by its own admission, written later.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
votes prove nothing
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
Once again, vi_spex shouts words that make little sense to humanity. (Bonus Info: vi_spex's "information/arguments" is what he got from losing so much in his 246 debates which he lost. He loses, therefore decides his previous position was wrong and the opponent had the correct position, which is "evidence" that a future claim can be correct. However, it may be irrelevant, or just make no sense.)
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