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Jesus Existed


Nobody with a score under 2500 ELO may vote. There is a lot of bias voting in religious debates and hopefully that will minimize that factor.Me and my opponent are going to be arguing which theory fits the evidence better. My theory is that The New Testament of the bible was inspired by a historical Jesus. My opponent will argue that Jesus never existed. Me and my opponent are both atheists and arguing similar things. I'm arguing that Jesus was a real man and my opponent...

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Is Pastafarism a religion?


Pastafarianism, a wonderful religion created by Bobby Henderson in 2005 under the control of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You can try to prove me wrong but you will fail....

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Chistians should be perfectly fine with abortion


i dont understand why Christians are so against abortion, when the soul of the aborted child ,widely accepted by the Christians, goes to heaven. isnt that the whole goal Christians want? having an abortion instead of delivering the child ensures your childs soul will end up in heaven. that 100% reduces the risk of your child growing up and straying from Christianity into sin, and/or actually being an "evil" person. if you say to have an abortion is a sin and a murder, then just ask for forgivene...

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Catholicism is a positive force in the world.


First round is for acceptance, to ensure a fair debate. To clarify, I am arguing that Catholicism benefits the world more than it harms it. Con will be arguing that Catholicism harms the world more than benefits it (or any variation around that). Here's to a great debate!...

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The demonic of the Gospels were derived from human attack


The Pro position, (mine) is that the demon possession found in the Gospels and confronted by Jesus were the results of human planning. It is not demons that attack human beings. It is other humans that attack human beings. Demons and Angels are fraudulent beings. These fake beings are used to provide cover for spiritual terror. As always my main source is the Bible but Con is welcome to use any source, and good luck Con. "The peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when th...

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Anyone can go to heaven as long as they believe their God is equal to Jehovah?


In the Jewish religion, they believe, as individuals and as a majority, that they can be harmonized to God even after sinning.. By sinning they can lose their souls, but can earn their salvation back through repenting and living morally. In Christianity, an individual must believe Jesus Christ is their Lord and savior to enter the gates of heaven. If you didn't already have this understanding, the Jewish God and the Christian God are the same supreme being. Christianity was established after Jud...

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Everything is an illusion.


Bornofgod has a few interesting ideas--make that truths--that I differ (and disagree) on. Foremost is his belief that everything is an illusion, and that that God created that illusion. Bornofgod, can you please restate your arguments that everything is an illusion? Feel free to use Scripture (which will for the purposes of this debate be viewed as the word of God) or any other evidence (although I may be compelled to disprove the credibility of the aforementioned evidence). I hope we ha...

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Does the Bible teach Sola Scriptura?


Definition: Sola Scriptura: The doctrine that every single religious belief a Christian should believe in is found in the Bible. Therefore, the Bible teaches Christians should go by the Bible ALONE on the subject of faith and morals. Rules: 10,000 characters per round 5 rounds 72 hours per round We will use the King James version of the Bible As my opponent is taking the Pro position, first round is NOT for acceptance. He should begin his arguments now. In order to keep the rounds fair...

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Morality does not require the existence of a god


Morality is an evolved concept created solely in the mind of humankind. It does not exist outside of human thought and interaction. The claim that morality was given to men by some god outside of them is disprovable. 1. The concepts of good and evil do not exist outside of human interaction. Where there are no humans, no actions could be described as evil. A lion killing a lamb is not an evil act. A human allowing a lion to kill a lamb could, under the right circumstances be defined as evil...

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Is Mary the "Queen of Heaven?"


Catholicism teaches that Mary is the "Queen of Heaven" and that she is without sin. I will take the position that she is not as the catholics teach but as the scriptures teach, nor is she sinless. As always we should make the Word are final authority in all things. So we will contain our descriptions and discussions within the scriptures of the King James Bible. You may start your debate at any time!...

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