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removing service learning hours from high school as graduation requirement

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Started: 2/6/2014 Category: Education
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i believe that more students would be graduating on without service learning hours


I accept.

Let's dissect the PRO's thinking.

The obvious assumption of the PRO is this: Students drop out of the school because of the service learning hour requirement. However, if you look at data, this is not the case.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the top four reasons students drop out are:

1. Classes were not interesting (47 percent)

2. Missed too many days and could not catch up (43 percent)

3. Spent time with people who were not interested in school (42 percent)

4. Had too much freedom and not enough rules in my life (38 percent) (1)

You probably noticed, but none of these included "service learning hours". In fact, Service Learning hours could help students graduate by:
1) Making school interesting (counters reason 1). They allow students to spend time on a project they are personally involved in and care about. There is nothing like passion to keep determination.
2) Spend time with motivated people (counters reason 3). By spending time with people who care about something and are motivated to see it though, students could, ideally, pick up some of that and change their attitude towards school.
3) Structure (counters reason 4). One reason students drop out is a lack of structure in their life. But volunteering on a fixed so-many-hours-a-week basis allows for a schedule outside of school--it gives them normalcy. This is especially true for students from dysfunctional homes.

In conclusion, the PRO opening argument is invalid and, in fact Service Learning hours could help prevent dropouts.

Debate Round No. 1


as a student myself I have disagree with my opponent due to the fact that I have ask many educated individuals on what reason was service learning hours has been in any from useful? their so-called educated answer was that students just have to do it so they can graduate. Me personality I believe that's a load of BS. I agree that the info my opponent presented is indeed true but a percent of students are still in school because of not having all of their service learning hours. Some refuse to even get the hours due believing that unwilling serving the community for free is some how suppose to help them in school which makes since because who in there right mind would willing to do free manual labor. True I am speaking for my personal experience and the actions of others but service learning hours has NEVER not one bit was need. Last year 3,030,000 students dropped out of school and 8,300 a day. In 2013 the dropout rate was 7.9 but only decreasing by .2 every year.


First I like to point out that PRO concedes the argument that Service Learning Hours can help students graduate This is a direct counter to her point that students don't graduate because of them. Assuming the numbers are approximately the same (thought CON believes the numbers benefited are greater) we should look beyond simple school to the bigger picture to resolve this tie. (The above argument can be considered Contention 1)

Contention 2: School isn't about School

PRO said this: "Some refuse to even get the hours due believing that unwilling serving the community for free is some how suppose to help them in school..."

Agreed. But what PRO is missing is that the point of Service Learning Hours and school--both--isn't to help them in school.

It's to help them in life.

Serving the community and helping others is not only beneficial to the community and others (which is essential), but it also helps students in life. The PRO's standpoint ("who in there right mind would willing to do free manual labor") is not only extremely selfish but detrimental to society. Under PRO's system, schools would build people who can "do good in school" but are unable to apply it to real life or be active participators in society.

(As a side note, what other people have said the point of service learning hours is irrelevant. What CON says the point is, is.)
Debate Round No. 2


kingofme forfeited this round.


Extend arguments, please consider them conceded.
Debate Round No. 3
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