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Started: 10/29/2015 Category: Science
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satan is the atheist, the theist must accept the atheist is satan to believe in god, because everything god says is the truth and satan lies, the atheist is satan, which makes god the believer,
the disbeliever has to default be human, because god tells the truth, and so theism is the end of humans

truth, is like the thorns on roses the gardener over long time of having used gloves dismissed by the thought of easily having plucked the roses every day, as he left his gloves at home that day


Okay, I didn't want my first debate to be about religion, but I saw this and just had to intervene. I just wanted to start off my side of this debate by saying that I don't want either of us to let our religions get in the way, I want this to be factual and not too sidetracked.

My problem with your statement is that you are saying that all people who don't believe in god, believe in Satan. I don't want to be too dismissive, but is that really the case? What about all of the other religions? Do we automatically dismiss them? Should we just say that, hey! I don't care about your religion, believe in mine, or you believe in Satan! No, they way the world works these days, there are too many people who think that what they believe in is the "true belief". No body should really think that all other religion are bad just because theirs are better.

If you have anything else to add, I would be happy to reply. I hope this debate goes well, good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


i have no religion

to believe in satan one must believe in god

i am saying, satan=humans, for me to accept god as the truth


Let me say two things.

For one; for you to say that you have no religion, then to say that you are trying to accept god as "the truth" is two contradicting statements. Even for me, I believe in no religion, still means that i am part of a religion, i am an atheist. So there really isn't a such thing as "not having a religion" unless you are too young too understand something as a religion. I mean i guess you can think of it like "I'm not an Atheist nor am i part of a religion", but then, you still have to believe in something, right? Therefore, you are a part of a religion, and you are trying to accept a god or many gods as "the truth".

For two; I very much think that "to believe in Satan, one must believe in god" is a very tentative thing to say. It depends on what you think Satan could be or represent, you could be an atheist like me and still believe that there is some sort of extraterrestrial being that is incoherently evil and only seeks to destroy and torment. Or you could be a Buddhist and still think that if you don't do everything right in your life, you will be in limbo or as a spirit and never gets reincarnated, forever being ravaged by the thought that they didn't complete their life's goal, that would be their embodiment of "Satan". Both religions neither have a "God" nor a "Satan", but both could have something bad, or evil in the way that they might go about their religions.
Debate Round No. 2


i cant accept god without all humans being satan.. i dont believe in god..

muslims believe in the koran.. you are no born a muslim

god tells the truth, therfore the atheist lies, the atheist is human as humans use truth as their only defence against the blind man unaware he dosnt see


Okay, now I don't mean to sound disrespectful or rude, but you are making no sense anymore, you're just contradicting yourself all over the place now. How can you not believe in God, but want to accept him as the truth? if he doesn't exist to you, why is he so important, earlier you said, and I quote "to believe in Satan one must believe in God". So for you not to believe in god but still make such a huge fuss over Satan is ridiculous. This doesn't make any sense at all.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
the snake must represent the possibility in adams mind, for him to be the first.. adam is the first theist..
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Reasons for voting decision: Vi spex made no sense in his rebuttals. Con rode rings around Pros logic