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school block to many useful websites on the computers at the schools

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Started: 5/23/2012 Category: Education
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If schools are blocking webpages they should be more selective on what they block for example any pornographic sites, gaming sites, social networking sites and any website where a student could buy or purchase something. There are too many useful resources out there for students to use, and schools should not be limiting that. In some cases schools have programs that can detect and record everything the student does on the computer down to how many times they touch the "A" key.


==Analysis of the "Resolution"==

I doubt that the title of this debate is the actual resolution, because of the inherent disadvantage I would have. However I can formulate one based on what the instigator is trying to say. I think the topic concerns whether or not schools are currently justified in their internet filtering system. To win this debate, I have to prove that filtering systems protect and do more good than harm.


In most cases, internet filtering systems are used to protect the students themselves. CIPA (Child's Internet Protection Act) requires schools to use filtering systems in order to block out harmful content, obscenity, or sexually expletive material [1]. This directly disproves my opponent's claim that schools block "useful resources".

The act also allows adult patrons in some cases to temporary disable filtering for a site [1].

I will finish my case/refutation later


Debate Round No. 1


The useful resources i previously talked about earlier could have very well been off-limit photos of concentration camps during ww2 or of a starving african tribe, or a picture of something that your studying in history and to may it may be considered obscene yet you still have to learn.
Many photos that would make a very good point on a topic that could be as my a adversary stated very obscene in content. In the end my is not that the schools filter their computer (I think that is a good thing as many kids can't be trusted) but that the schools refine the firewalls to allow more material that could be considered to be educational to the student body in a hole.

see Pg 5 section 3
Also i have experienced this many a time as well as my fellow student body



Apparently, my opponent's case is founded on the assumption that filtering systems will block all good sites.

However, this is false. I do not see how photos can be "off-limits", especially when there are plenty of photos of concentration camps or starving children.

Access to google images, which allows you to search up images of the holocaust or starving children, are mostly available.

My opponent also claims that obscene pictures can be "helpful" in learning - however there has to be a limit on what children can access on school. Looking up pictures of gruesome and bloody images are not neccessary to learn.

Furthermore, my opponent drops my argument that adult patrons have the ability to disable filtering for a site if they deem it appropriate in the current circumstances.

Also, my opponent argues that the schools should refine the firewalls and improve, but it is not the school who makes the filtering system, but a third party, who are probably constantly improving.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by vmpire321 6 years ago
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Posted by 1dustpelt 6 years ago
My school is fvcking stupid. Blocks Wikipedia, CNET, MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Skydrive, fvcking idiots.
Posted by X_mitchell 6 years ago
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Posted by vmpire321 6 years ago
goddamit. Why did I not notice the 1,000 character limit?
Posted by YYW 6 years ago
omgz ur grammr sklls b aweome.
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