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school should start later and end later.

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Started: 7/21/2015 Category: Education
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Hello, Today there is 1 round of debate. Also there is no forfeiting or you lose.

I believe that School should not start and end later because of 3 main reasons. My first reason is that there is less time to do homework. My second reason is that kids can't grow. My third reason is that we can't go to academies.
My first reason is that there is less time to do homework. For example, if you end in like 7'o clock then you will have about 4 hours of homework.
My second reason is that kid's can't grow. Scientist conclude that if you sleep late you can't grow because growing time is 10- 2.
My third reason is thå† there is no time for academies. Because no one likes going to academies in the morning you usually go to academies in the afternoon to the evening.
In conclusion I think that schools should not start and end later.



Starting school later and finishing later assumes that the amount of time in school is equivalent, thus, we assume that the exact same amount of education is taught to students.

Starting school later would prevent lateness which is a very serious issue. It would also allow children fully wake up, and attend school feeling fresh and energized.
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Reasons for voting decision: Both sides did not have very strong arguments. CON did not use evidence to back up his first or third reason - he only used a source for the second. PRO only posed a counterargument for CON's third reason about academics - he did not address the first or the second. PRO left those arguments unresolved - but he did provide a fact that, since there is only one rounds, cannot be rebutted by CON. Neither side pushed me to believe their claims. They did not present many reasons why their side was the right one to stick with - or why their side was the most beneficial and easy way to time schools. There were many grammatical errors in CON's argument, such as: missing commas and awkward sentence wording. PRO did not make any grammatical errors in his argument. CON was the only side that actually cited a source - therefore, the only fair thing to do it to grant the last section in CON's favor.