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school uniforms

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Started: 10/19/2012 Category: Education
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Would go to the mall and buy the first thing you see? Everyone has a different style and a way they express themselves through what they wear. What would happen if someone told everyone to shop at the same place? Uniforms should not be required because they take away from your personality, the cost is a lot, and kids would still be bullied. Uniforms would cause more problems then solve problems. When you are at school the freedom you do have will be sucked away if you add uniforms.
Do you express yourself by what you wear? I do and part of who I am is what i wear. When I am sad or am in a bad mood when I get dressed. Sometimes you can tell how I feel by the way I dress. Some people might express how they feel in many other ways like wearing inappropriate jewelry. We are already being forced to go to school why make school feel like a prison by telling us what to wear. If you start to require school uniforms then students would find other mote Why would you change something and then have something even worse come out of it. Why would you do that?
Uniforms cost a lot of money that can cost a lot of money that can be spent on other things. Research shows that it can cost anywhere from $100-$200. That"s a lot of money that could be spent else where. Plus, we are not able to only have one uniform we will need two or three. This is the manufacturers benefit because they will just raise the price of uniforms knowing that people will have to buy them. Plus, what most students don"t understand is why people in charge are requiring uniforms. If we knew then we would do all we can to not have uniforms. Research shows that there was a better attendance record, but not improvements in school performance.Being bullied for the shape of your body is a much more serious offence than bullying some one's taste of clothing style. Why would you change something and not have any changes in academics? Why do we need school uniform if they are no improvements in who we study or how we act?
Uniforms won"t stop bulling!! In fact, it will increase bullying."Overall, there is no evidence in bullying literature that supports a reduction in violence due to school uniforms,"Quoted Tony Volk. Also what we wear doesn"t affect what other people think of us."Some people have the mistaken belief that it"s associated with more discipline, when it really isn"t. Putting on a set of clothes doesn"t change a child." Quoted Tony Volk. Why would you change what we wear if nothing good comes out of it? Kids will find other ways to bully kids even if it means that we are all wearing the same thing. "Bullying is a very complex problem and there is not a single solution that will solve it.. besides.. we understand bullying as a relationship problems school uniforms is not a solution that will change the quality of relationships in the schools."- Anonymous

Finally we are able to shop where we want and not be forced to wear what other people tell us to wear, we can finally shop where we want and not change who you are, you are able to save money and to buy other things,and you are not being bullied for how smart you are. Finally, going to school is fun and something you look forward to going to.
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