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schools should have uniforms

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Started: 11/2/2013 Category: Fashion
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Schools should enforce uniforms for four reasons.

1. Uniforms create unity
2. Nobody gets made fun of for having a poor or different sense of fashion
3. There are less fights in schools with uniforms
4. Kids who go to schools that enforce uniforms get more used to following rules and get into less trouble as adults


I had to wear uniforms for most of my school life and I hated it. There was no unity at all. We were all different and I was even later ignored by my peers. As for not getting fun for having different fashion sense, that can still happen. Someone could say they like Lady Gaga's fashions and get made fun of because of that. As for less fights, I doubt that a uniform would make it so a kid doesn't get into more trouble. Some kids are more prone to being disrespectful.
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Posted by Krieg01 3 years ago
This debate would have been better if it went for longer than 1 round.
Posted by STALIN 3 years ago
interesting debate
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro definitely had more convincing arguments. Con basically just started talking about his personal life and was somewhat able to rebut Pro's arguments. However the main reason that I vote Pro is because Con did not provide any arguments of his own.