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Should we look for extraterrestrial life?


We shouldn't look for extraterrestrial life because if they are advanced, they may be deadly and they might try to take over Earth. Lets say we have aliens from another planet right? We try speaking to them but they cannot understand us. Any type of movement we make towards them may be seen as a threat and they may attack us. Even if they don't attack us, how will they help our technology? I mean unless we can translate what they say we can't understand any language they may have. Also on the...

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Google Chrome is better than Internet Explorer


I am pro (for), anyone can accept....

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Pregnancy Begins at Conception - not Implantation. ACOG is wrong.


** For the purpose of screening candidates, this deabate should be near impossible for you to accept. However, if you are interested in accepting the role of defending ACOG's position in this debate, please make yourself known in the comments section. **The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has issued the following statement in response to recent 'personhood' measures by some States in the U.S.

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Evolution disproves creationism


Layout of the debate: Round 1: Intro paragraph, introduce yourself and your position and give a brief opening statement onto why you have chosen your side Round 2: Introduce your points, use EVIDENCE to support your claim. Round 3-4: Rebuttals and counter Rebuttals Round 5: Concluding statement Very simple layout. Evolution itself is accepted by more than 90% of the scientific community. Not only does it make sense and can explain the similarities between different types of an...

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Dinosaurs Lived With People


I will be arguing in support of the following resolution:People saw living dinosaurs at some point in history.I'll be using the colloquial definition of the term, which is basically anything that a layman would consider a dinosaur. Voters should judge whether or not I abuse the word. Using it to refer to an alligator, anole, or bird would be abusive; equivocating it with a pterodactyl, mesosaur, or the Loch Ness Monster would...

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What representation of how life began is true: Religion or Evolution


The question of how we came to be has haunted the human race ever since the dawn of our age. There are many answers to this important question. My view is one in a trillion but I believe it counts, as does every other. My stance is that if there is more evidence supporting and idea, then it is only logical to give this idea more thought. I spent time researching the two major stances going along with this question. I have decided to support the idea that our intelligent species did not just form...

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whites are on average smarter than blacks


intelligence is proportion to brain size. african americans have smaller brains than whites. they also have lower IQs. IQ tests are debatable, but it's still evidence. to be fair, whites are not as smart as most asians. whites are known to have a wider rage of intelligence, but overall be less intelligent. hence, more genius whites, and more retarded whites. ---- "general consensus among scientists as published in the Wall Street Journal in 1994 titled "Mainstream Science on Intelligenc...

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Creationism/Intelligent design should NOT be taught in science classes as a valid scientific theory


This debate is impossible to accept. Comment if you wish to debate. Creationism: The belief that holds evolution to be false and promotes a literal interpretation of the Biblical Genesis creation story. I would like to clarify the resolution. The full resolution will be: "Creationism should not be taught in science classes as a valid, legitimate theory with equal scientific weight to evolution." No semantics will be permitted (this goes on my part too, I will not dismiss creationism simp...

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The Planet Earth will eventually end


I saw this earlier and found it really interesting, and was hoping someone would challenge my point of view, which is that Earth will end one day.Anyway, first round can be for acceptance or clarifying terms or even your beginning arguments if you wish.Earth - This should be obvious, but we are referring to the planet we currently live on, 3rd rock from the sun.End - Cease to exist. Not just uninhabitable, but completely...

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Olivine Geoengeneering


First round is for acceptance.Standard rules apply....

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