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Technology advancement is not more important than the environment


The environment is more important to humans than technology advancement....

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love and hate


returning at positive energy of self is love for myself, is love for everyone else, and returning at positive energy of something or some one else is hate for everyone else and myself love=positive emotion+returning at energy hate=returning at energy...

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Should we spend alot of money in space mission or we shouldn't?


We should invest in space too, we need to support the space mission because we need another home, Our mother earth is dying and we need to look another planet that has same capabilities as earth. I know there's alot to work here on earth the problems that we've fihting especially in the matter of environment. But then we could predict that in the near future the earth gonna die, whatever we do, its still gonna die. That lead other to support the space mission , to make another shelter for our ne...

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Humans are still Evolving


Now this debate will obviously have to begin with the pre supposition that Evolution is true and accurate, something I do not even believe to be an opinion at this point due to the massive amount of evidence backing it, but that is besides the point. It is my belief that human beings are still evolving and are still going through a Darwanistic process of evolution, just changed due to our changes of the environment Please if you are to join state that you accept the challenge and post your...

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Black people will slowly turn into a sub-species.


All humans are currently Homo-Sapiens. It is my belief that black people will devolve (depending on how you look at it) into Homo-Africanis. This does not mean they will be gay Africans, but rather they will become a new species of ape. This has a lot to do with natural selection taking place in Africa, where many people are dying from lack of food. Therefore those that can survive while only eating very little will live to pass on their genes. This will make any gene that benefits survival...

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The United States Should Adopt A Carbon Tax


Today I stand in firm Affirmation of the resolve: The U.S. Federal Government should adopt a carbon tax. We have three main contentions to support our case: 1.If nothing is done to lower CO2 emissions, life on Earth will face serious consequences. 2.A carbon tax can lead to a much needed environmental recovery 3. A carbon tax in the long run, can lead to a safer, more stable united states. If nothing is done to lower CO2 emissions, life on Earth will face serious consequences: The mos...

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Climate change is both real and a serious issue


OverviewThis debate session will be 5 rounds with 48 hours to conduct an argument. 10,000 characters are permitted for each response. Open voting will take place over 10 days with comments enabled.Rules Please try to use objective evidence and cite at the bottom of your argument Please try to use proper spelling and grammar...

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Is Human Activity the Primary Cause for Global Climate Change


Good Afternoon I am opening a debate on whether or not humans are the leading cause of global climate change. The definition of climate change is here; Pro will argue that humans are the leading cause of climate change. Con will argue that humans are not the leading cause and must outline what or who is responsible for climate change. First round acceptance only....

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Are man made diamonds better then real diamonds?


I believe that real diamonds are better then man made ones. Imagine you' re buying a wedding ring with man made diamonds. Like all humans we have flaws, and not everything is going to be perfect. Although real diamonds are a little more on the expensive side, why would one spend money on something that could potentially have errors in it....

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Would It be wise to inject AIDs into your balls?


I am not a troll please refer to my previous debate, where I argued that we should raze Detroit to the ground and build a huge wheel in its place, where black people would push this wheel to generate power. I firmly believe there can be exceptional circumstances where injecting AIDs into your balls might be considered wise. Please only accept if you will see the debate through until the end. Defin...

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