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sexuality... Choice?

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Started: 5/13/2015 Category: People
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As a Christian I am told that it is a sin to be gay or have homosexual feeling. After having months of prayer and meditation I have come to the conclusion that YES it is a sin and therefore is a choice.

Reason 1. Any sexual contact is a sin outside of marriage. As a young man temptation is all around when it comes to this. Whether with a man or women. We are told to fight temptation (ref the lords prayer lead us not in to temptation).

Reason 2. The bible says do not sleep with a man as you would a women (Leviticus 18:22) Although this is impossible it relates to homosexual thoughts.

And my final reason which I cannot quote the verse as I have forgotten it, the bible say (somewhere) that any sin that is committed outside the body can be forgiven however any sin committed to the inner body damages the sole and God cannot forgive this. (Lame man terms if you self harm it can be forgiven, if you have a male/male sex session this is unforgivable.

So the debate is on whether a person choices to be gay and then acts upon those feelings or whether a person is born gay.

Choice cast Against votes
Born cast For votes


I accept, although I think you have your stances mixed up. I'll be arguing that it is not a choice, and I would ask that you keep religious texts and such out of the debate as they are not a reliable source.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for excepting this debate. And I will try to leave religious texts out of it.

I would like to firstly point out that I am not homophobic. The fact that I have had feeling towards other males shows this however I have never acted upon them. I have chosen not to act on them and the have disappeared over time due to research and prayer.

Another member of our church had same sex relationships when younger and is now married to a women and has children, he chose to do that. If you were to ask him his sexuality he would state "heterosexual"

When you have people confused about there sexuality, have they not made there choice yet?

I'm not saying take the choice away as that is wrong. I'm saying once a person has those thoughts its there choice to act upon them, likewise to if a person has thought to murder someone that's not wrong but acting upon it is


I'll use this round for my opening arguments, and I'll use the following rounds for rebuttals/defending my claims.

P1) Millions of Americans are against gay marriage, and homosexuality in general. In the christian faith homosexuality is a "sin" and many "Christians" continue to badmouth gays, and even commit crimes against them. If someone knows this, why would he continue to pursue the path of "gayness" if he knows it will only negatively effect him. This is just common sense.

P2) There was a study done that was published in the scientific journal "Psychological Medicine" that studied more than 800 gay participants showed notable patterns in two different regions of the human genome. One of these chromosomes was found on the x chromosome, while the other on chromosome 8. [1]

P3) According to this website [2] the LGBT community shows a higher rate of having "

~Higher rates of major depression, recurrent depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorders and in youth, dependency issues.

~Greater use of mental health services with males and females reporting having same sex partners.

~Greater levels of suicidal thoughts."

Seeing this, you can conclude that very few sane people would purposefully be a homosexual, with all the bad press and the negative effects that it tends to have on your health.

Debate Round No. 2


But what you have forgotten to say is the most specific part of genes investigation, twins. One choices to be gay and the other is straight. Twins have the same genes.

Maybe in many churches across the globe there is a stigma but the church I go to we are tought to love everyone the way Jesus did. Could the higher rate of mental health issues be that the person is unsure of there choice whether to act on the feelings or not.

Yes there is a stigma around sexuality and this does scare a lot of "closet gays" however they make the choice not to come out and act in secret on "gay hookup sites"

Back to the main purpose of this debate, it is a choice to be gay, using my older point of murderous thoughts and not acting on them similar tohaving homosexual thoughts and not acting on them.

Something was pointed out to me by a close friend (who is a lesbian). All Christians are gay for Jesus but with this being said they wouldn't have sex with him. Its the having sex part which makes it a sin but its also a choice


First of all, you don't seem to quite understand what homosexuality is. It doesn't only have to do with sex, it's the attraction of people of the same gender. Just because you choose not to have sex with the same gender, it does not mean that you are not a homosexual. If you are attracted to members of the same gender as you, that classifies you as a homosexual. People are either homosexual or they aren't, choosing not to act on your feelings does not make you any less homosexual.

The study showed that identical twins did NOT both have the same DNA. The homosexual one had the "gay" gene while the straight one did not.

Also, just because your church did not have a stigma towards gay people specifically, it still condemned the fact of homosexuality as a sin, which is often times enough to make the gay person feel bad about them self, and think that something is wrong with them. Plenty of people (mostly southern christian conservatives) have created this stigma towards gay people and that being gay is wrong. There is no reason someone would subject them self to that treatment, unless it was not a choice.

It is a choice to act on your homosexuality, but the fact of you being homosexuality is not a choice. Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3


rychi forfeited this round.


Opponent ff, vote me =)
Debate Round No. 4


rychi forfeited this round.


Con ff, vote pro
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Himans45 3 years ago
I mean yeah he mixed them up, but it's no big deal. I'll just roll with it.
Posted by Biodome 3 years ago
The resolution is "sexuality... Choice?"

Con should argue against it. Pro should argue for it.

It seems that you are arguing that sexuality IS a choice, so you should change your position as a Pro. Please change that, and I'll gladly debate you.
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