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shold grandparents take tech classes

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Started: 1/21/2016 Category: Funny
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really.they are always like:how do you use this new iphone six diamond edition


Thank you for starting the challenge.

I will start by defining key terms"

Shold- This is NOT a word. I am sure that my opponent meant should.
Should- Ought

Grandparents- I don't think that this is the right word. I will hereby be using elderly instead of grandparents

tech classes- Classes taken to teach one how to use a technological device.

Opponent argument:

"really.they are always like:how do you use this new iphone six diamond edition"

But why do they need to use the iPhone in the first place?

Phones are used as a communicate across long distances and the regular burner will do for that.

iPhones are extravagant since they allow you to download apps and etc. But why would a 72 year old elderly woman need to have these extra apps?

She will do just fine with the regular burner phone.

The best part is that the elderly already know how to use those burners. The point of a phone is to long distance communicate not to play games. The elderly can do that perfectly well with the regular burner.

Having an iPhone 6 and tech classes to go with that is completely unnecessary for the elderly women and men.

That leads to my contention that

#1. There is no point.

The only reason one has a phone is to communicate long distance. Burners do perfectly fine. The reason we have iPhones is because we already know how to use them and they provide extra comfort.

The elderly do not know how to use them and there is no point of teaching them if all the iPhone does is provide extra comfort. The elderly are comfortable with the everyday burner.

Vote con!
Debate Round No. 1


you just ruined it bro. you have destroyed the entire purpose of this debate


My opponent has not refuted any of my points and what is this conduct I see?

Vote con.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
"Destroyed the purpose of the debate"? Isn't a debate basically arguing who is right, and why?
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro said that they need to learn how to us that phone and Con successfully showed that phones are unnecessary or at least iPhones. Pro dropped cons only point and con refuted his only point.