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shoul farm kids that are 14 and 15 have there liseonse

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Started: 3/15/2016 Category: Cars
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I think farm kids have a lot of responsible on a farm


While farm kids do have many responsibilities on a farm, law makers, and even farm owner have a responsibility to keep everyone safe. The younger the employee, the more prudent that safety measures should be considered. For an adolescent, making an exception to give them a license to drive on a public roadway does not increase their safety.

Driving laws in general do not allow an adolescent to drive. A sixteen year old is allowed a driving permit and must have that permit for 180 days before getting their license, which is considered probationary until they're eighteen.[1] This demographic, of fifteen to nineteen year old, "has the largest proportion of drivers .. distracted at the time of [a fatal crash]."[2]

The reason for the aforementioned statistic likely has largely to do with the fact that the brain "[does] not fully [develop] until ... age 25."[3] Specifically, the adolescent "brain's reward system becomes highly active ... [making] adolescence ... more interested in entering uncertain situations."[3] Driving can be incredibly emotionally stressful, and a sixteen year old is far more likely to respond poorly to road rage or bad drivers than a twenty five year old, or even make bad driving decisions themselves.

It says in the Child Labor Provisions, that they were enacted "to ensure that, when young people work, the work is safe."[4] Does putting an adolescent into the above mentioned situations seem safe? We do allow children of this age to drive on private farm land and build up their motor skills in that way, but putting them on a public roadway, in potentially hazardous situations goes completely against the entire purpose of child labor laws.

So, are our laws correct? Do to the less refined motor skills and mental abilities of adolescence, and the purpose of our laws being to protect our citizens, yes, preventing an adolescent from driving public roadways is a law that makes sense. And, making an exception for an adolescent simply because they work on a farm does not make sense.[1] [2][3][4] [5]
Debate Round No. 1


yes you do have a point but there are kid that can diver better then people that have had there license. I a farm kid. my young brother can driver better then a lot of people I know. if you can pass the test right a way then kid that are 14 or 15 in Wisconsin we have to be 15 1/2 to get are license do I think 14 isn't that bad to have there license. if you think you know a lot about farming and you don't it funny. kids that have grow up on there family farm have more responsible I think it fine. there kids that don't follow the law of only having one friend not 4 that are on GDL. so farm kids would be able to handle the responsible.


Can some young people handle driving? Yes. Should we give all adolescent kids drivers licenses as long as they work on a farm? That's the discussion being had. That's how legislation works. The responsibilities of a farm kid does not inherently prepare them for highway driving or public roadway laws.

The GDL laws mentioned are essentially drivers permits, not licenses. A person with a GDL is given less allowance than a full fledged driver for very good reasons: statistics showing higher rates of distracted drivers within the age group, and science as to why certain decisions might be made by an adolescent driver. If the counter argument is that the statistics and science are wrong because, anecdotally, certain kids fail to follow the laws outlined by the GDL[1], iit's hardly agreeable that they've earned the trust of more responsibility.

There is a lot of responsibility in farming. And farming is not something I ever claimed to know a lot about. What I do know a lot about is legislation -- how to find it and how to read it. In this instance, the discussion includes the agricultural section of the Wisconsin Child Labor Laws[2]. These laws state that, in the specified instance of family related farm work, the use of "self-propelled vehicles" is okay for 14 to 16 year olds, only under "certain conditions." These conditions being private farm land. This inherently discloses public roadways which requires a license to drive on.

The reason for all of these laws are statistics and scientific reasoning. They are made not only to protect the kids but also the people they share the road with. Granted, Burk may know some very good adolescent drivers. Does that mean we should blanket legislate for all children of this age to have the same driving capabilities as an adult? To reiterate Bruk's argument, many adult, fully licences drivers aren't very good. So how did they pass? They met the requirements of the test. That shows that it's possible to pass without being prepared mentally or physically for the road. It's not proper legislation to allow someone to be hurt or killed before stopping the person from driving on public roads.

To allow kids to be put into dangerous situations based on anecdotal evidence of which admits to the inability to handle the responsibility of the law in the first place is neither reasonable nor careful reasoning to make such legislation. So, no, children should not be govern more opportunity to hurt themselves or others.
Debate Round No. 2


burk1086 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by imnotacop 2 years ago

for round 2 ^
You can discount this if you like, I know, I messed that up.
Posted by imnotacop 2 years ago
Good luck to my opponent btw. ^_^
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
but they don't need their road licenses to drive in cities and on highways. SO no they shouldn't. responsibility and capacity, as well as maturity, are not the same.
Posted by dsjpk5 2 years ago
Should you take grammar and spelling lessons?
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